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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-17 00:00:00

FWE champion Carlito vs. Matt Hardy vs. Tommy Dreamer

The crowd was bigtime behind both Hardy and Dreamer.  Carlito stalled a lot early.  They then showed respect for each other.   They all did a bunch of spots where they avoided the other. 

Dreamer and Hardy double teamed Carlito.  Hardy went for the Twist of Fate on Dreamer but was shot into the ropes and they each clotheslined the other.

Hardy brought a ladder into the ring but Dreamer dropkicked it into him.   Dreamer nailed Hardy with a bottle of water on the floor.   He tried to bring a table into the ring but both Carlito and Hardy dropkicked it into him.

Carlito nailed Hardy with a chairshot.   Carlito climbed the ladder but Hardy nailed with with a chair then drove the ladder in between his legs.  Dreamer returned to the ring and tied Carlito to the tree of woe.  He went to do the dropkick in the corner but Hardy cut him off with a clothesline.

Hardy whipped Carlito into the ladder.  He then whipped Dreamer into Carlito in the corner.  Hardy went for the Twist of Fate on Dreamer but Carlito cut him off with a clothesline. Carlito nailed a brainbuster on Dreamer.

Carlito suplexed Hardy onto theladder and Hardy bounced off hard.   Dreamer nailed a drop toehold on a chair.  Hardy bridged a ladder between the ring apron and the guard rail.  Carlito nailed Hardy.  Dreamer went to bulldog Carlito off the apron onto the ladder but was sent off into it.

Carlito climbed the ladder but Hardy tipped it over.  Hardy began climbing but Dreamer nailed him with the Singapore Cane.   Hardy tried to fight back but Dreamer nailed him over and over in the gut.   Reby Sky hit the ring but Dreamer stopped before he hit her as well.  She began shoving him so he shot her into the ropes.  She came off with a twisting head scissors takeover.

Sky checked on Hardy but Dreamer grabbed her and piledrove her.   Hardy nailed Dreamer. Dreamer put the ladder in the corner and stood atop it for a superplex but Hardy nailed him and Dreamer fell into the ladder, crotching himself.

Carlito set up a ladder in the corner but Hardy backdropped him on it.  Hardy tried to ascend the ladder but Dreamer lowblowed him  Dreamer set up another ladder and tried to Spicoli Driver Hardy through a table.  Hardy fought back and hit the Side Effect through a table.  The fans chanted "FWE."

Carlito climbed to the top of the ladder and retrieved the belt as Dreamer tried in vain to stop him.

Your winner and still FWE champion, Carlito!

Dreamer cut a promo after putting over the fans, Hardy and Carlito. Hardy said that he can't top Dreamer but he wanted to remind everyone that he was in the first ever TLC match and praised everyone. He said for Carlito, who doesn't do matches like this to work so hard, he salutes him. Hardy said that Dreamer was the life blood of the business and that Dreamer was the heart and soul of wrestling and he never asks to be put over, so Hardy will now. The crowd chanted "Hall of Fame" and then chanted "Dreamer" after Hardy led them in that chant.

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