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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-17 00:00:00

FWE Tri-Borough champion Damien Darling (with Rick Silver) vs. Paul London

They locked up and Darling nailed London and worked him over.  He chopped London hard in the corner but London fired back with a series of cops of his own.   Darling cut him off and choked London against the ropes.  Darling argued with the referee, allowing Silver to choke London as well.

Darling stomped the hell out of London and whipped him hard into the corner.   Darling tried to set him up for a superple but London fought him off and slipped underneath.  He nailed an inverted atomic drop and a rana, sending Darling to the floor.

London hit a dive over the top to the floor.  Darling took control again on the floor and brought him back into the ring, using a surfboard variation for a submission hold.   London fought to his feet and used a mule kick to escape.

London came off the top with a double stomp.   London kicked off Darling and nailed the shooting star press but the ref was bumped.  Petey Williams hit the ring and nailed the Canadian Piledriver on London.   Darling's longtime foe, Johnny Goodtime hit the ring and laid out Darling, nailing him with the FWE belt.

London covered Daring but the Bucks pulled a second ref out of the ring.  Brian Kendrick hit the ring and teased attacking London but superkicked Darling instead.  London covered Darling and scored the win.

Your winner and new FWE Tri-Borough champion, Paul London!

London and Kendrick celebrated in the ring.

FWE Women's champion Maria Kanellis vs. Angelina Love.

Kanellis drilled Love with several kicks but was caught with a clothesline.   Love slammed her down to the mat.  Maria went to the floor, retreating.  Back in the ring, Love worked over Maria's arm.  They went back to the floor, where Maria worked her over and slammed Love's face into the ring apron.

Maria stomped away at Love in the ring and distracted the referee to allow Mike Bennett to choke Love.   Love came off the ropes with a sunset flip on Maria for a two count.  Maria drilled her with a backbreaker over the knee for a two count.

Maria continued to control Love on the mat, using a side chinlock and an armbar.  Love came back with a jawbreaker.   Love exploded with a series of clotheslines while rebounding off the ropes.   Love drilled Maria with a DDT.

Maria grabbed the belt to nail Love but was rolled up.  Bennett distracted the referee.   Maria rolled up Love and hooked the tights to get the pin.

Your winner and still FWE Women's champion, Maria Kanellis!

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