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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-17 00:00:00

Ivelisse Velez vs. Reby Sky

Velez took the mic and told Sky she was fake and wasn't a real Puerto Rican.  She said she was going to do everyone a favor and tell Sky to get out.  Sky told her to shut the hell up.  She said she wasn't born in Puerto Rico but represents her Island.  She told Velez she wasn't born in PR either.

Velez  attacked her and worked Sky over on the floor.  Back in the ring, Sky armdragged her over but Velez kicked her down.  They went into a test of strength but Velez nailed her.

Sky went for a kick but her leg was grabbed and pulled, then slammed down, making her perform a split as she went down.  Velez worked her over and scored several two counts. Velez aggressively worked over Sky and scored several two counts.

Velez took Sky to the mat and worked her over there for some time, trying to force a submission.   Sky fired back with several forearms.  Velez battled back.  They ripped at each other's hair and crashed to the mat.  Sky nailed a rana and nailed a bulldog out of the corner for a two count.

Velez cut Sky off and locked in a front guillotine choke into a DDT for the pin.

Your winner, Ivellise Velez!

Scramble: Jigsaw vs. Tony Nese vs. Petey Williams vs. Wes Draven

Jigsaw and Nese battled back and forth to start.   They had some really nice exchanges eaerly and some good near falls  Nese locked him up in some submissions on the floor.  Draven tagged in, as did Williams.

Nese killed it with some awesome explosive moves and a great dive over the top to the floor.  Nese and Willaims each tried to throw each other into Jigsaw, who was sitting on the top.  He kicked off Nese and came off the top with a big double stomp.

Williams and Jigsaw went back and forth working over Nese, trying to outdo the other.  Nese finally came back with a dropkick on each of them.   Draven tagged in and cleaned house on Jigsaw and Williams.  He nailed a springboard twisting dive on everyone.

Draven missed a dive off the ropes and was worked over by Williams, but came back with a twisting DDT for a two count.   Jigdsaw supleed Draven into the corner and nailed him with a cannonball.  He placed Draven on the top and nailed a rana into the ring. Draven came back with a double suplex on Jigsaw and Williams.

Nese escaped the Canadian Piledriver and nailed a sitdown powerbomb for a two count.   He drilled Jigsaw with a one arm powerbomb in the corner.  Williams caught him with the Canadian Piledriver but Draven broke ir up.  Williams nailed Draven and locked in a Sharpshooter for the submission win.

Your winner, Petey Williams!

Very very good four way with lots of great work.

They introduced viral sensation Stone Cold E.T.  He did his shtick and the crowd didn't seem to know what to make of this.  I think it was popping me and the boys in the back more than the crowd.  He said he was going to enter the FWE Rumble.

Ring announcer AJ Pan came in the ring and said he was insulted ET  saying he almost won the Rumble and who did he think he was.  Stone Cold was going to kick his ass but Pan said he wanted to introduce his new clients, The Exerguys.  They were House of Hardcore students.

ET instead introduced Big Daddy V and Malta the Damager.  The Exerguys attacked them when they came into the ring and their shots had no effect.  ET was doing commentary on the house mic as the monsters destroyed the Exerguys.  They stood on top of them and a referee ran out and counted three.

It died on the vine.

FWE Tag Team champions Adrenaline Express vs. Young Bucks.

VSK tossed The Bucks to the floor early  Adrenaline double teamed Nick and then caught Matt coming off the top.  They whipped the Bucks into each other and then threw Matt back out of the ring.

They doubled on Nick and picked him up for a back suplex, then dumped him rudely on his face.   The Bucks came back with a series of double team maneuvers. 

The Bucks maintained control, working over and stomping the hell out of EJ Risk.   The Bucks grandstanded Risk as they worked over.   Nick nailed a dive to the outside and drilled VSK with a kick to the head.  He went for a springboard splash but VSK pulled his knees up.

Risk tagged in and nailed a missile dropkick on both Bucks.  He cleaned house with a series of kicks and a powerslam.   Matt finally cut him off with a big superkick. 

The Bucks took control again with some kicks but Nick was tricked into accidentally kicking Matt.   They came back and nailed their double tombstone but it was broken up before the pin.   Nick was tricked into kicking his own brother in the head and Adrenaline hit their finisher to win.

Your winners, Adrenaline Express.

Good match.

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