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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-16 18:46:10
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Family Wrestling Entertainment's free iPPV pre-game show. To watch the free iPPV, click the graphic below and sign up for a WWNLive account:

The show opened up with AJ Pan welcomed everyone to the show.

Young Bucks vs. All Money is Legal vs. Diamond Inc vs. Azrieal & Bandido vs. Midnight Sensations for a shot at the FWE Tag Team titles.

Azriel and Bandido came out first.  The Midnight Sensation' Sam Shields came out and said he didn't have his regular partner with him, but had Alex Reynolds with him.

Reynolds and Bandido started out.  Reynolds took him down to the mat but Bandido reversed and grabbed a side headlock.  Reynolds returned with a hammerlock and shoulderblocked Bandido down.  Bandido leapfrogged him and caught Reynolds with a dropkick.

Bandido and Azrieal nailed a flapjack for a two count.   They went back and forth.  Reynolds hit a flying bodypress off the ropes for a two count.  Shields and Reynolds worked over Azrieal.  Reynolds locked in a side chinlock.  Azrieal fought his way out but was snapped back to the mat.

Azrieal escaped a double suplex attempt and made the hot tag to Bandido, who came off the top with a big missile dropkick.  He and Azrieal had some hot offense but Reynolds cut off Bandido with a backstabber.  Shields was sent into Reynolds.  Bandido nailed a driving pair of knees into the corner on Shields.  Azrieal came off with the double stomp off the top to pin Shields.

Diamond, Inc. hit the ring and attacked Azrieal and Bandido.   They worked over Bandido, who came back with a big neckbreaker.  Azrieal tagged in and cleaned house with a series of chops. Diamond Inc.  were wiped out with a double kick to the head.  They hit a great finisher with a hanging DDT as Azrieal came off the top with a double stomp.

Out came The Young Bucks.  They battled back and forth with forearms and punches.  Nick Jackson was backdropped over the top to the back.  They took over with a series of double team maneuvers on Bandido followed by a double superkick.  They nailed a powerbomb into the corner as Jackson drilled him with an enziguiri.  Bandido was pinned.

Out came The House Party.  They cleaned house on the Jacksons.  One of them nailed a swanton on Matt as his legs were held open.  They then drilled him over with a double suplex.   K-Pusha rebounded back and forth across the ring, running over Matt's chest.  Nick finally tripped him.

The Bucks took over with a slingshot swanton into the ring by Nick.  The Bucks took turns working over Pusha.  They scored several two counts and controlled him as he tried to fight out of the corner.   House Party made the hot tag and K-Murda cleaned house.  Everyone battled back and forth with kicks and punches.  it was good, stiff stuff.   The Bucks hit a leaping doubleteam tombstone for the pin.

Your winners, The Young Bucks!

The Bucks will go on to challenge for the FWE Tag Team titles later on.

The crowd chanted, "Young Bucks."

Real good tag gauntlet as there was a lot of hot work, especially with the Bucks, Azrieal, Bandido, and The House Party.

The Bucks took the mic.  Matt Jackson said that Brooklyn was welcome.  They said they aren't weekend warriors like everyone else FWE sent out but real wrestlers who get paid to do this.  He said the belts were going home to the best tag team in the world.  Good promo.

Paul London vs. Brian Kendrick - Winner Receives FWE Tri-State Title match

London came out through the crowd. 

They locked up and Kendrick grabbed a hammerlock.  London reversed and worked over his arm on the mat.  They had some good back and forth wrestling early with London controllig him on the mat.

Kendrick fought to his feet and they battled over a backslide.  London won and they got a two count.  Kendrick monkeyflipped London and nailed him with a leg lariat for a two count.

London nailed a monkey flip of his own and nailed a big dropkick, sending Brian to the outside.   Kendrick pulled himself up to the apron and nailed a shoulderblock.  He went to suplex London to the outside but London reversed it. 

The Young Bucks came to ringside and surrounded the ring as London and Kendrick went back and forth with armdrags and dropkicks.  Kendrick rolled up London off the ropes for a two count.    One of the Bucks nailed Kendrick and London, not knowing what happened, rolled up Kendrick and scored the pin.

Your winner, Paul London!

It will be London vs. Damien Darling later.

Kendrick was upset with London over the interference.  London protested his innocence.  He offered his hand to Brian, who walked out.

FWE champion Carlito came out to have a Carlito's Cabana segment.  He joked that they had a few budget cuts since none of the chairs or palm trees were there.

He brought out Matt Hardy and mocked his use of social media.  Matt Hardy got fans to chant "Retweet" if he said something they liked.  That was pretty funny.

Carlito wasn't happy he had to fight in a TLC match.  They brought out Tommy Dreamer.  He said this was where he started his career and when he lost the FWE title, he asked for his rematch to be a TLC match here.  He put over Hardy and Carlito for their accomplishments and said he just turned 42 years old and wrestles each match as if it's his last.  He said that tonight they were going to take the place to the extreme, hardcore and make it as cool as it can be.  They all faced off to end the segment.


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