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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-18 09:59:00

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Do you know what kind of cell phone Vickie Guerrero has? I'm wondering what type of phone and/or service you need in order to hear a dial tone.

It's a McMahonatronics 2130.  It's top of the line for folks that want a dial tone on their cell. 

I thought "Zeb Coulter" was a reference to the slain navy seal sniper. Do you think WWE would sink so low for ratings?

The SEAL's name was Chris Kyle, so no reference there.  The word is the last name is a nod to ultra-conservative pundit Ann Coulter.  As for WWE sinking low for ratings, I think they would do a lot of things to get the viewers up.  Remember Muhammad Hassan?

I would like your opinion on a long held theory of mine regarding the WWE's current PG era. When Vince took over and amalgamated the various organizations in the States, he created a new product aimed primarily at kids with superheroes such as Hulk Hogan. As they grew up he adapted to the more mature audience by going into more aggressive areas in and out of the ring. Now the children of the original fans are watching, so he's taking the cycle back to the beginning, with superheroes such as John Cena and over the coming years we will see attitude and the like return until the next natural wave of fans appears.

I don't agree.  I think Vince always wanted to do the superhero stuff.  He was forced to adapt because WCW whooped him.  Once he won the war, he went back to what he is comfortable doing.

Ok couple of questions... First off in the words of the Miz... Fandango... Really? Really? Second, is it just me or did the WWE just hand Jack Swagger a completely xenophobic, racist, and completely horrific new gimmick? Doesn't that mean that now he is xenophobic and racist his number one rival should be Antonio Cesaro since he is the US champ? Who's the good guy in that feud? 

Fandango?  Yep, really.  Sadly, really.  Yep, it was purely racist, no doubt.  But Cesaro is from Switzerland.  Zeb was railing on people that cross over from Mexico, where Alberto Del Rio is from. ADR is much more likely who they are aiming for, at least niw.

With Cena's "Sunday" promo and now the Rock's "Crackhead" promo, that's twice in a row now that the last RAW before a pay-per-view ended with a lame speech that has nothing to do with anything related to the upcoming match. My question is, why have the writers been coming up with this stuff lately? It does nothing to help sell the pay-per-view and just leaves the viewer wondering what the purpose of it was.

I agree 100%.  Both guys were horrible in the primary goal, selling the PPV.  Part of it was Cena and Rock having freedom to say things but part of it definitely falls on creative.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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