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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-14 10:00:05
What wrestling personalities on Facebook and Twitter do you find the most entertaining or informative? Personally, I can't get enough Iron Sheik. Pretty lowbrow, but there's just something about a foul-mouthed senior citizen ranting all day while staying in wrestling character.

Two words - Colt Cabana. To me, he is funny, knows how to market himself and is never overbearing or condescending to his fans.

Last week on WWE's Main Event Naomi & Cameron took on Tamina and Aksana. Normally main events are featured at the end of a wrestling program. From Raw to Smackdown. Cameron and Naomi vs Tamina & Aksana. A main event? How?

You answered your own question - it was on WWE Main Event. They aren't going to make that match a main event on one of the marquee programs, but with a secondary show, you can try different concepts.

It was reported that former SHIMMER star Serena Deeb was returning to ring. That she had fully recovered from a serious concussion she had inflicted over a year ago. Its great to read such news. Was it ever reported how she received the concussion? Under what circumstances? Goodspeed to her.

She received it in the ring.

Has there been any response from Kurt Angle over the announcement by the IOC that wrestling was to be eliminated by the 2020 Olympics? What is your opinion over such a move?

You don't read the site much, do you? Angle has been all over the media, from USA Today to ESPN Sportscenter, irate about the move, which is a pretty dumb move, after all.

Is Brodus Clay aka George Murdoch, the son of Dick Murdoch?

Not sure where that one started, but no.

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