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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-09 15:12:36
Niki Nitro, an Australian talent came out.  Her opponent, Silvie Silver was nowhere to be foiund, so she challenged anyone.  Out came Star Man.  He challenged her to a dance off but she kicked him in the face.

Star Man vs. Nikki Nitro

She charged Star Man, who ducked and she went over the top to the floor.  She returned and they went back and forth.  Nitro has a great look and a hell of an Australian accent.  She ducked  a clothesline and nailed a big forearm for a two count, then leapt on his back.  He drilled her backwards into the buckles.

Star Man went to the top for a moonsault but missed.  Nitro covered him for a two count.   She went to the top for a bodypress but Star Man rolled out of the way.  She charged and they double clotheslined each other.  Star Man went for a suple but she slipped out and landed on her feet.

They battled back and forth until Star Man drilled her with a big DDT and scored the pin.

Your winner, Star Man!

Nitro asked for the mic after the bout.  She called Star Man a "pink fairy"  and complained about being booked against him.  She demanded to be booked against a real competitor if she ever comes back.

Becky Bayless vs. Miss Adiva

Bayless cut a promo asking who she pissed off to have to end up booked against Adiva.  She said she feels bad for Adiva and said she is going to save her the embarrassment of having Bayless kick her ass, so Adiva should just lay down and let her pin her 1-2-3.  Adiva slapped her in the face and clotheslined her.

Bayless came back with a bulldog of sorts for a two count and beat Adiva's head into the mat.   She began choking the hell out of Adiva.  Adiva made a comeback but Bayless raked her face and nailed a neckbreaker for the pin.

Your winner, Becky Bayless!

Three Way Elimination to Crown first ever PWS Bombshells Ladies of Wrestling champion Missy Sampson vs. Katie Lea (Winter) vs. Sumie Sakai vs.Sienna Duvall

Duvall came out before the bell and added herself to the main, saying she didn't care what the doctors said.  All four brawled all over.  Duvall hit a big German suplex on Sakai, who rolled to the outside.

Katie worked over Duvall after dispatching Sampson as well.  Lea sent Duvall into the buckles and she crashed to the outside.  On the outside, Sampson slammed Sakai into the apron.  Inside the ring, Katie dropped a knee on Duvall.  Duvall came back with a Samoan Drop on Katie but was attacked by Sampson before she could capitalize on it.

Sampson went for a suplex and dropped Duvall on her knee.  Sakai drilled her and covered Duvall for a three count, eliminating Duvall.  Katie Lee and Sampson worked over Sakai.  Katie Lea tried to capitalize and pin Sampson, who was offended.

Winter grabbed Sakai and began kissing her.  Sakai pulled away and went to kiss her again but got the referee instead, then him up in a small package, thinking she had Winter.  Katie drilled her with a kick and pinned her, eliminating Sakai.

Katie and Sampson went back and forth with Sampson scoring the pin.

Your winner and first PWS BLOW vhampion, Missy Sampson!

That's it from PWS BLOW!  We will be back this evening with more from Pro Wrestling Syndicate's "Thank you Jerry!"

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