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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-09 15:12:36
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Pro Wrestling Syndicate's Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling in Metuchen, NJ.

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Mia Yim vs. La Rosa Negra

Negra works a lot for WWC in Puerto Rico.  Yim works for CZW and has done some Japanese tours.  Negra worked her over with a side headlock early.   Yim shoulderblocked her down but Negra came back with a dropkick and a series of punches in the corner.

Negra monkeyflipped Yim over for a two count and drilled her with a hard chop.    Yim cut her off with a kick to the gut and to the back of the head.  Yim draped Negra on the ropes and kicked her hard in the head and the gut.  She choked Negra, sent her into the corner and drilled her with a hard kick, then a cannonball in the corner for a two count.

Negra came back with an enziguiri.  They battled back and forth while on their knees.  They began slapping each other stiffly.  Negra finally blocked one and nailed a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for a two count.  Negra missed a clothesline and was nailed with a German suple for a two count.

Yim drilled her with a forearm across the chest but Negra came back with a series of clotheslines.  Yim ducked one, snapmared her over and drilled a knee to the back for a two count.

They battled back and forth.  Yim took her down with with a series of right hands and nailed a Lionsault off the ropes for a two count.  Yim went to the top and nailed a moonsault for the pin.

Your winner, Mia Yim!

Bra & Panties Match: Shelly Martinez vs. Amber O'Neal

They ripped at each other clothes.  Shelly ripped Amber's top off, revealing a sequined bea.  O'Neal drilled her Martinez in the corner several times in the corner with shoulderblocks.   She then ripped Shelly's LAX shirt off.

O'Neal nailed a series of back elbows on Martinez and dropped down low with a headbutt.  Martinez grabbed her in a leg scissors, trying to choke her down.  At the same time, Amber pulled off her pants, revealing her panties, so O'Neal was ruled the winner.

  Your winner, Amber O'Neal!

No wait, Shelly pulled them back up so they restarted the match.  Martinez bulldogged her but O'Neal took over and ripped off her pants.  Now O'Neal is the winner!

Martinez said she lost but that's OK because it was her birthday. The Southside Players Club came out and they all hugged it out. Martinez left happily with a bottle of champagne.

Falls Count Anywhere: Amy Lee vs. Amazing Kong

Lee took the mic before the match and said Luna Vachon should be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Lee attacked King as she entered the ring and beat her down with chops and forearms.  She worked over Kong with a series of shots across the back.  

They battled out of the ring and back into the locker room,, then back again.  Kong sent Lee into the ringpost.  She slammed Lee headfirst into another ringpost.    Kong drilled her with shots across the chest.

They continued to battle around ringside and then backstage.  They brawled through the locker room and back out towards the field hockey field and back in through the front door of the arena.  They brawled around the merchandise tables and back towards the ring.  They worked over near a guard rail, which snapped.

They battled back into the ring, where Lee whipped Kong into the corner and splashed her.  She backed up and nailed another running splash.  She called for another but instead dropkicked Kong in the stomach.   Lee had words with the fans and ended up eating a Kong spinning backfist.  Kong splashed her in the ring and scored the pin.

Your winner, Amazing Kong!

The crowd chanted, "You still got it!"  Fun brawl.

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