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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-02 19:13:53

 Hurricane Helms & Matty de Nero vs. Ophidian and Kobald.

Nero and Ophidian started.  Lots of playing to the crowd.  Hurricane tagged in and Ophidian did his break dancing, so Hurricane responded with some silly hoe-down dancing.

Ophidian shoulderblocked Helsm down but was backed off when Helms got into his trademark pose as Ophidian rebounded off the ropes.  Helms tossed him and went into the karate kid Crane Kick pose, which freaked Ophidian.

Kobald tagged in and dropkicked Helms off the apron to the floor, which was a far bigger bump than you'd expect Helms to take.  Helms tricked Ophidian into taking out Kobald on the floor, then hiptossed his partner over the top onto them.  Helms put on his cape and dove off the top onto everyone.

Back in the ring, Nero and Kobald battled with Kobald getting the better of the exchange.  They battled back and forth and at one point, tried to hypnotize Helms.

In the end, the heroes won out.


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