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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-02 19:13:53
A fellow named Sidney Bakabella, who echoed the great Tony Clifton (google it!) cut a promo saying Fritz Von Erich now owned Wrestling Is Awesome and if Vince McMahon Jr. wanted to steal Kerry, they would take his entire territory. Uh.... OK! Wrestling is Awesome! presents Devastation Corporation vs. Proud Oak & Thunderfrog

Devastation are bigger burly guys who were killing their opponents.  Thunderfrog is well, a frog with a big hammer.  Not sure what Proud Oak is but he ate a flapjack.  Thunder frog came off the top with a leaping attack but was laid out.  They werent able to lift his hammer, just like Thor's opponents can't.  They tried to get Thunderfrog to lift it then shoved him away, but it was too heavy to hold.

Thunderfrog was chokeslammed on the apron.  Oak was pressed and dropped.  They splashed Oak and pinned him.

Your winners, Devastation Corporation.


IWC presents John McChesney vs. Logan Shulo

They almost immediately began brawling on the floor.  Shulo drilled McChesney with a series of chops and used the ringpost as a weapon.   McChesney came back with a nice dive through the ropes.  They battled back into the ring.  McChesney drilled him with a backbreaker and locked on a rear chinlock.

McChesney came back with a big throw suplex off the top and a discus punch for a two count.  Shulo used a straightjacket into a backcracker.   Shulo drilled McChesney with a big boot and covered him but McChesney grabbed the ropes.

They went back and forth untl McChesney scored the pin.

Your winner, John McChesney!

Good match.

Shulo attacked McChesney after and hit him with a sitdown powerbomb.  

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