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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-01 10:00:00
It was reported that Miss Tessmacher had recently taken ill while on TNA's overseas tour due to the flu. When wrestling promotions such as WWE and TNA go on tour outside the United States are the wrestlers, male and female, accompanied by medical personel/trainers just in case of injury or illness? Who is looking after Miss Tessmacher while she is fighting the flu? I wish Miss Tessmacher all the best. Godspeed.

No, they send them to back alley doctors in the seedy part of town. No, not really. While WWE has medical staff that goes on tour with them, I believe TNA utilizes medical staff that are local to that area. I am sure Tessmacher was checked out and taken care of. Who wouldn't want to take care of her?

Could there be an more truthful statement then when Cody Rhodes said that his squash match with John "Captain poopy" Cena was "a waste of Cody Rhodes"? Why couldn't they have just brought in a local guy for that? I am against squash matches in general since they don't do anything for either man involved.

No, probably not. WWE isn't going to trust the health of one of their biggest names to a local talent.

I've been wondering this for quite some time now: if Jerry Lawler had his heart attack during his feud with Michael Cole 2 years ago, then OBVIOUSLY the match/feud would have been immediately canceled (much like the way the Mr. McMahon death was canceled because of the Chris Benoit incident). Now, how do you think WWE would have handled it? Obviously, Jerry Lawler was a no-go, but should WWE have scrapped the feud entirely or should they have thrown on a sub? If so, who could they have called upon? Also, if they had continued it, would they have let Cole use it to get heat, much the way he did on Lawler's mother?

Had this happened during the Michael Cole storyline, they would have simply dropped the storyline and quickly changed Cole's character. There would have been no other way to handle it.

Every time I see Ric Flair take a bump, I'm afraid he might get one as well. The problem is, he really needs the money. The other problem is, it looks like he gets off, whenever he gets his ass kicked, especially whenever he gets busted open. I understand that he needs the money, but can't he find a position in upper management where he's not required to come to the ring?

It's possible they could find Flair a role outside of the ring within WWE, but he'd have to work for them full-time. Currently. he's not going that and in the past, when WWE wanted him to work for them in a non-wrestling Ambassador role, he quickly tired of it and requested a release.

I have always been a fan of Saturday Nights Main Event. Why did the WWE eliminate (most recent version)Saturday Night's Main Event in favour of airing a taped highlight reel of Wrestlemania on NBC? Was it that the ratings they were originally getting did not justify the cost of producing original content?

Pretty much. You have to remember during the early days of SNME, the shows were unique attractions with top names wrestling. Now, you get that every week on TV so they had basically become just another wrestling show. There was nothing unique about them and they aren't ratings draws, so better to do the highlight specials, etc.

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