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By Dave Scherer on 2013-01-27 19:55:03

They ran a great promo package on Rock vs. Punk. We needed a little come down.

Rock promo time. He talked about how all he wanted in college was to go to the NFL. No one called. A year later, he had 7 bucks in his pocket. We all go through adversity. His mom got stricken with cancer but she is here (go ATA!). You fight. CM Punk says the fans don't matter. The Rock disagrees. He extends his hand. You get knocked down, you get back up. Just bring it. Everyone counts and he is ending 434 days of Punk tonight. If you smell.....and hell yeah, I do. Excellent impassioned promo.  

Punk comes out first. PARTY TIME!

My wife, who knows this biz folks, said Punk is awesome. He can be a face or a heel, because he believes what he says. She said they are lucky to have him and they should cheer him. And many of the fans did. He is great, he truly is. WWE kind of knows it, but they need to REALLY know it. ... The Rock is out next. The fans like him too. As they should.

This feels BIG TIME. The crowd is into both guys. If I don't type much for a while, it's because I am just watching. Dueling chants. This is great!

Rock is giving Punk a ton early on. Cole is selling that Punk's knee is hurting so if/when Rock wins, at least there is a reason. He has dominated it. JBL gets what Cole is selling. The guy that doesn't Smackdown doesn't seem to get it. Yep, Punk is still in control but his knee is hurting now. At least they will keep him strong when he loses. This is good so far.

Sorry for the delay, I was eating dinner! I was fine with how they ended it. Punk stayed strong. I wish Vince wasn't in love with Rock-Cena 2 but Vince is so if they were going to get us there, the way that they booked Punk at least kept him strong. Thanks for reading!

Please check back throughout the evening for updates of the blog!

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