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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-27 19:21:40

WWE champion CM Punk vs. The Rock

Great promo from Rock, saying that like his mother when she had cancer, he would not give up.  They showed his mom in the crowd.

The ring entrances had a really big time feel to them.  This may be the last real dream match in pro wrestling, folks.

They immediately began brawling at the bell.  Punk got the better of the exchange nd worked him over in the corner.  He whipped Rock into the corner but Rock came out charging with a clothesline.  He went for the Rock Bottom but Punk slipped out.  Rock clotheslined him to the floor and followed.  He slammed Punk's face into the ringside table and then slammed him into the barricade.  He went to use the Spanish table but Punk nailed him and tossed Rock back into the ring.  He placed the lid back on the table and bowed to the announcers.

Punk returned to the ring where he and Punk battled back and forth.  They ended up back on the floor, where Paul Heyman slapped Punk.  Rock turned to him but was attacked by Punk from behind.  Punk again put the lid back on the Spanish announce table and picked up Rock for a suplex on the floor, dropping him chest first across the guard rail, trying to "re-injure" Rock's Raw injuries.

Back in the ring, Punk worked over Rock and locked him in body scissors.  Rock elbowed his way out of it but Punk nailed him in the mid-section to cut him back off.  Punk locked in a triangle choke. Rock fought his way out but Punk cut him off with a clothesline.  Punk acted like he was kicked dirt on Rock while he was down.   Punk pulled Rock to the ropes and nailed him with a series of right hands and choked him against the ropes.

Punk continued the assault on Rock's mid-section.  They claimed it looked like Punk may have hurt his knee again.   Punk kept working over Rock on the floor, but missed a dive to the floor.  They returned to the ring, where Rock began working over Punk's bad knee with stomps.  He nailed a Side Russian Legsweep for a two count.  Rock set up for the Rock Bottom but Punk nailed him with a series of elbows to the head.  Punk went for GTS but Rock blocked the knee and took out Punk.  Rock went for the Sharpshooter but Punk rolled it into the Anaconda Vise.

Rock fought his way out and nailed a DDT on Punk.  He locked the Sharpshooter on Punk who battled and finally fought his way to the ropes.   They went to the floor, where Rock laid out Punk with a clothesline and again tried to set up the Spanish Announcer's table.  Punk tried to escape back into the ring but was stopped.     Rock slammed his head into the table.  Punk caught Rock with a kick to the head and set up for a GTS through a table.  Punk was set up for the Rock Bottom but the table collapsed before the move could be executed.  Rock grabbed at right knee  Man, the last thing they need is for THAT guy to get hurt.  Rock nailed the Rock Bottom on the floor.  Both men fought to recover as the referee counted them down.

Rock tossed Punk into the ring and covered him for a close two count.   Both men were down on the mat trying to recover but got back to their feet.   Punk began drilling Rock with kicks but wobbled on his bad leg.  Rock and Punk battled back and forth.  Rock nailed a flying clothesline as he rebounded off the ropes and hit a spinebuster on Punk. 

Rock went for the People's Elbow but the lights went out.  The Shield attacked Rock but no one could see it.  The announcers still said it was the Shield.  They superbombed Rock through the other announcing table.  The referee was apparently knocked silly during all this.  Punk sat up in the ring smiling and acting like he didn't see anything.  Punk tossed Rock into the ring and covered him for the win.

Your winner, CM Punk!

Punk stomped Rock out of the ring and celebrated with the title and Paul Heyman.

Out came Vince McMahon, looking pissed.   He told Punk that his celebration was over.  He told him that if the Shield got involved, Punk would be stripped of the title.  Vince said that no one could see the Shield but they aren't stupid.  He was about to strip Punk but Rock, down on the floor, grabbed a mic and told Vince McMahon they weren't ending the night like that.

"You don't take it from him.  I am.  We start the match now."

Punk protested but McMahon restarted the match.    A beaten Rock rolled into the ring.  They rang the bell and Punk stomped the hell out of him.   Punk waited for Rock to get to his feet and nailed the running knee in the corner.  Punk nailed the Macho Man flying elbow for a two count.   Punk called for the GTS.  Rock slipped out, hit the spinebuster and the People's Elbow, then pinned Punk.

Your winner and new WWE champion, The Rock!

Rock celebrated with the belt to close the PPV.  They showed his mother celebrating and cheering in the first row.

A very good main event to close a really good PPV.  No bad matches over the entire three hours.   Great kick off to 2013 and Wrestlemania.


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