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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-27 19:21:40

They aired the always awesome Rumble stats video.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Kane were celebrating their win.  Vickie  Guerrero showed up and handed them their Rumble entrance numbers.  Bryan showed Kane his and Kane said "No."  Bryan said that was the rules - "I show you mine, you show me yours."  Kane told him he would feel inadequate.  Kane said he would see Bryan out there.  Bryan said, "Not if I see you first."  Kane said it was, "highly unlikely."  Good bit.

The announcers discussed the Royal Rumble fanfest and showed highlights of their weekend.

They aired the always awesome Rumble stats video.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Kane were celebrating their win.  Vickie  Guerrero showed up and handed them their Rumble entrance numbers.  Bryan showed Kane his and Kane said "No."  Bryan said that was the rules - "I show you mine, you show me yours."  Kane told him he would feel inadequate.  Kane said he would see Bryan out there.  Bryan said, "Not if I see you first."  Kane said it was, "highly unlikely."  Good bit.

The announcers discussed the Royal Rumble fanfest and showed highlights of their weekend.

The Royal Rumble!

We will update as often as possible!

Dolph Ziggler was number one.  He cut a promo saying the spotlight was on him and at the end, he would be again.  He said he didn't care who would be number two so send him out.

Number two was the returning Chris Jericho and holy sh** , what a pop!  Jericho had a huge smile on his face.  Of course, all this plays into Ziggler having run Jericho out of the company.  Jericho has a new tattoo on his left arm.

They locked up and started going back and forth with a hot pace.  Jericho came off the ropes and nailed Ziggler, then tossed him over the top to the apron.  He tried to nail Ziggler and toss him to the floor, but Ziggler fought back.  They battled on the top and Jericho superplexed him into the ring.

#3 was Cody Rhodes.  Rhodes clotheslined Jericho.  He and Ziggler doubled up on Jericho and tried to toss him out.  Ziggler was kicked off.  Rhodes tried to kick him low but Jericho took down Cody and tried to turn it into the Walls of Jericho.   Ziggler clotheslined Jericho and choked him against the ropes.

#4 was Kofi Kingston.   He came in with a big springboard clothesline on Rhodes and peppered him with fists in the corner.  Ziggler went after him but Kingston rebounded and went for Trouble in Paradise.  Ziggler ducked and tried to toss Kingston out of the ring.  Kingston bounced off the ropes and tossed Ziggler over.  He landed on the apron.  Everyone battled in the ring.  Ziggler was almost tossed over again by Kofi but scissored his legs around Kingston.

#5 was Santino Marella.  JBL said, "Don't blink." Santino tried to toss Jericho out but failed.  He pulled out the Cobra but was quickly tossed.  Marella is the first eliminated.  Everyone else battled.

#6 was Drew McIntyre.  He drilled Kingston with a hard kick to the chest.  Rhodes worked over Ziggler in the corner.  Jericho tried to force Kingston and Drew out.  Jericho was tossed out but held onto the ropes, dangling above the floor, before pulling himself in.  Lots of Jericho chants.

#7 was Titus O'Neal.  He drilled everyone with shoulderblocks but was doubled on by Cody and Kingston.  He clotheslined them both as they rebounded off the ropes.  Titus drilled Kingston with a backbreaker and flung him down hard.  Jericho hit a springboard dropkick off the buckles, sending Drew to the floor and eliminating him.  Ziggler tried to toss Jericho, who saved himself and tossed Ziggler over the top.  Ziggler again saved himself.

#8 was the returning Goldust.     Cody Rhodes was immediately waiting for him and they battled in the center of the ring.  Dolph got involved and was nailed.  Dust hit the ring sliding uppercut on his brother and kicked away at Rhodes.  Big "Goldust" chant.  

#9 was David Otunga.  He clotheslined Jericho in the corner and used his boot to choke him.  Ziggler tried to toss Kingston over the top.  The Rhodes brothers worked over Titus.  Titus was tossed over the top but landed on the apron.  Rhodes used that chance to try and toss his brother but failed.

#10 was Heath Slater.

#11 was last year's winner Sheamus.  Big pop.   He nailed the Irish Curse backbreaker and rolling Samoan Drop on everyone who dared get in his way.  He tossed Titus over the top and drilled him with clubbing shots across the chest.  Otunga tried to attack him but Sheamus tossed him into Titus, who crashed to the floor and was eliminated.  Otunga then got drilled with the shots to the chest and ate a Brogue Kick.  Otunga is eliminated.  Ziggler and Rhodes attacked Sheamus and kicked him in the corner.

#12 was Tensai.  He beat Sheamus in the corner with a series of headbutts as the crowd catcalled, "Albert."   He nailed a series of shoulderblocks in the corner on Sheamus but turned his attention to Jericho.  Sheamus tried to toss out Slater.  Kingston worked over Ziggler.  Jericho chopped away at Tensai.

#13 was Brodus Clay, who danced his way to the ring.    Sheamus beat Ziggler all over the place and on the apron.  Ziggler is working his rear off here.   Goldust tossed his brother over the top but Cody landed on the apron.  Goldust was pulled over the top as well and they battled on the apron.  Rhodes was clotheslined back into the ring and ran his brother into the ringpost.  Goldust crashed to the floor, eliminated.

#14 was Rey Mysterio.  He hit the ring with  ton of hot offense, nailing 619s on Ziggler and Jericho.   Rhodes grabbed him or a Fireman's Carry, trying to toss him over.  Sheamus and Clay doubled on Tensai.  Slater battled with Clay and teamed with Rhodes to try and toss him

#15 was Darren Young. Everyone battled in the ring.  Slater and Kingston battled back and forth.  Ziggler ended up on the outside again as Jericho tried to force him to the floor.  Otunga clotheslined Goldust down. Everyone worked to toss Clay.  Kofi used a rana over the ropes to take out Tensai.  He ended up on the apron and Dolph shoved him off.  Kingston landed on Tensai's back and then leapt to the announcer's table, so he never hit the floor.  He had no way back and asked JBL for his chair.  JBL said he had to see this and Kingston stood on the chair and bounced it back to the ring.  That is pretty damn inventive.

#16 was Bo Dallas.    Kingston ducked Darren Young and pulled down the ropes, sending him to the floor.  Rhodes nailed the Beautiful Disaster on Kingston and that sends him to the floor.    That Kingston stuff was awesome.

#17 was the Godfather, who we broke would be in the Rumble during today's Elite-only Hot News Hotline.  He had a couple of lovely ladies with him.  He hit the ring and Ziggler immediately dropkicked him over the top to the floor, eliminating him.  Godfather put his pimp hat back on and strutted back out with the ladies.  Ziggler and Dallas battled in the corner.

#18 was Intercontinental champ Wade Barrett.  He caught Sheamus with the Black Hole Slam and tried to force him over the top.  Jericho joined in on the assault but Sheamus held onto the ropes.  Rhodes dropkicked Rey. 

#19 was John Cena.  All the heels lined up waiting for Cena, agreeing to take him out  Everyone except Rey and Sheamus, who were recovering, jumped Cena.  He battled back and tossed Slater and Rhodes.    Cena grabbed Jericho and tried to toss him but Ziggler saved him, then began battling Jericho.  Dallas paired off with Cena and tried to toss him out.

#20 was Damien Sandow.    Barrett tossed Rey out but Rey recovered.  Barrett then wiped him out and sent him to the floor.  Cena and Jericho reprised their battles.

#21 was Daniel Bryan, who went right to work on Sandow.  Ziggler attacked him but was drilled with a series of kicks in the corner.  Wade Barrett then ate a series of kicks as the Arena exploded with "Yes" chants.  Bryan tossed Jericho over the top but he saved himself.  Bryan and Sheamus battled.  Cena and Barrett battled back and forth.

#22 Antonio Cesaro slowly stalked his way to the ring.   He immediately went after Bryan and then Sheamus.  Lots of dueling Cena chants.  Dallas and Ziggler battled in the corner.  The announcers pushed that Dallas even lasting the ten minutes he's been in the ring has been a victory for him.   Sandow worked over Jericho in the corner.

#23 was Great Khali.   Cesaro battled Sheamus in the corner as Khali chopped everyone else down in the ring.   Cesaro almost tossed Sheamus.   Khali chopped Dallas in the corner.  

#24 was Kane.  They noted this was his 14th Rumble in a row.  Kane tossed Ziggler out but Ziggler held onto the ropes and saved himself again.   Kane and Bryan briefly worked over Khali but he nailed them both.  Sandow almost tossed Sheamus over but he survived.  Cena worked over Dallas in the corner.

#25 was Zack Ryder.  He charged the ring and nailed Ziggler with the Rough Ryder.  Khali tossed over by Kane.  Bryan then tossed his own partner over, eliminating Kane.  Cesaro knocked Bryan out into Kane's arms.  Bryan asked Kane to put him back in and they argued yes and no.  Bryan pulled himself towards the ring but Kane dropped him to the floor.  That was funny. Ziggler and Ryder battled back and forth.

#26 was Randy Orton.  He laid out a ton of people and tossed Ryder.

#27 was Jinder Mahal.  Cesaro tried to use a gut-wrench suplex to toss Cena but Cena out-maneuvered him and tossed Cesaro.  You could hear the Arena booing that one.  Jericho and Ziggler battled back and forth,  Mahal battled with Dallas.  Cena hit a catapult on Ziggler, who went over the top but saved himself.  Cena and Mahal worked over Dallas.

#28 was Miz, who began brawling in the aisle with Cesaro before heading to the ring.  The announcers claimed Miz hurt his ankle during the pre-show.  Sheamus eliminated Mahal.   Barrett attacked Sheaus and they battled back and forth.  Miz nailed Censa with a neckbreaker and began battling with Jericho.  Barrett worked over Sheamus' bac and tried to toss him.  Orton worked over Ziggler, who again saved himself.

#29 was Sin Cara, making his return from his knee injury.   He was cut off by Miz but nailed him with several kicks.  Barrett and Dallas fought.  Sheamus tossed Cena over the top but he landed on the apron.  Dallas grabbed Barrett in a facelock and flips Barrett over the ropes to the floor.  Sheamus tried to toss sandow but failed.  Orton and Ziggler battled in the corner.   Cena joined the fray and Ziggler aired off with him.  Barrett grabbed Dallas from the floor and eliminated him.  Barrett nailed him with the Bullhammer on the floor.

Miz was worked over Jericho

#30 was Ryback.  He wiped out Cara and tossed him to the floor.   Jericho nailed the Lionsault on Sheamus.  Jericho tossed him over the top and nailed the springboard dropkick on him.  Ziggler sent Jericho to the floor and finally kicked him to eliminate Jericho.  Jericho was awesome here.  Orton clotheslined Sheamus down, RKO'd Ziggler and Cena.  He ducked a Brogue Kick and nailed Sheamus with another.  He then nailed the hanging DDT on Ryback.  He went to RKO Ryback but was sent into the ropes and clotheslined over the top to the floor.  Sheamus and Ziggler battled back and forth until Sheamus nailed the Brogue Kick and wiped out Ziggler.

We are down to Ryback, Sheamus and Cena.  They jumped Ryback and nailed a double suplex.  Sheamus escaped Shellshock and hit White Noise on Ryback.   He went for the Brogue Kick but Ryback ducked and backdropped him over the top to the floor.  Sheamus is eliminated.

We are down to Cena and Ryback.   They went nose to nose.  The crowd began chanting, "Feed me more."   Ryback nailed a spinebuster on Cena.   Ryback went for the Meathook but Cena dropped down and locked in an STF following a drop toehold.     Ryback fought his way out but Cena backed Ryback to the ropes.  Cena was shoved off and Ryback came down with a Thesz Press.  He worked over Cena but in the end, Cena tossed him out.

Your winner, John Cena!

That was an awesome Rumble.  Ziggler, Jericho, Rhodes, Kingston, Barrett, and Dallas all had really good showings.  Loved this match.

While you are waiting, check out the Rumble discussion at

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