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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-25 11:13:44
TNA is taping two weeks of Impact today in Manchester, England at Manchester Arena, followed by another two weeks of TV tomorrow in London, England at London Wembley Arena. If anyone is attending the tapings, we are seeking live reports. In many ways, these will be the most important TV tapings of the year since the company will be in front of so many fans live.

So far, all signs are the UK tour has been good for the TNA talents as morale is way up. A number of talents have noted that the way they are treated overseas is night and day between there and the United States.

I had a chance to watch the first season of British Bootcamp and man, they packed a lot into 22 minute episodes. I thought the show was very well done and for TNA's first real foray into "reality TV", they showed the characters develop and did a nice job with the reality drama aspect of the show. I would have liked more focus on the physicality of wrestling but when you only have so much time, the personalities and the conflict are more important to the general viewing audience. I wasn't surprised to see Rock Star Spud end up winning, although obviously since the others are working the current tour, they are in the company's plans as well. Overall, well worth going out of your way to check out. Anything that has Mark "Rollerball" Rocco in it is awesome.

Set for the 1/31 episode of Impact Wrestling is Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson in a steel cage, Open Fight Night, Joseph Park's first match on Impact Wrestling and more.

Sonjay Dutt has launched a new website at

WCIU TV in Chicago featured an interview with Tara, who noted she is opening a restaurant in Chicago titled "The Squared Circle." She discussed getting into the business and a lot more. Thanks to Greg Davis for passing along the video:

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