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By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-20 08:00:00

January 20th

On this day in history in ....

1937 - Sandor Szabo defeats Billy Hanson to win the San Francisco Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title in Oakland, California.

1948 - Gypsy Joe Dorsetti defeats Billy Hickson for the Pacific Coast Light Heavyweight Title in Eugene, Oregon.

1955 - Al and Tiny Mills win their fifth NWA Canadian Open Tag Team Title in Toronto, Ontario, defeating Paul Baillargeon and Whipper Billy Watson.

1959 - Joe Christie defeats Pepper Gomez to win the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title in Dallas, Texas, ending Gomez's 10th reign.

1961 - Pepper Gomez and Hogan Wharton defeat Jet Monroe (subbing for Rocket Monroe) and Sputnik Monroe for the NWA Texas Tag Team Title in Houston, Texas. At the same event, Dan Manoukian wins the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title from Ciclón Negro.

1962 - Fritz Von Goering defeats Billy White Wolf for the NWA PAcific Northwest Heavyweight Title.

1963 - Curtis Thompson, best known for his time in WCW as Firebreaker Chip, is born in Charlotte, North Carolina.

1964 - The WWWF holds an event at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The results:
- WWWF United States Tag Team Champions Chris and John Tolos defeated Pedro Morales and Miguel Pérez in a two out of three falls match.
- Roy Heffernan defeated Gino Brito.
- Tony Marino defeated Al Costello.
- Don McClarity defeated Klondike Bill.
- Pancho Lopez and Tiny Tim defeated Fuzzy Cupid and Sky Low Low in a two out of three falls match.
- Vitorio Apollo and Bobo Brazil defeated Killer Kowalski and Gorilla Monsoon. Kowalski fell on top of Monsoon, with the referee counting the three, and awarding the match to Apollo and Brazil.
- WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Dr. Jerry Graham.

1964 - A tournament is held for the vacant Vancouver NWA Canadian Tag Team Title in Vancouver, British Columbia. the teams of Dory Funk, Sr. & Dory Funk, Jr. and Don Leo Jonathon & Kenji Shibuya received first-round byes. The tournament's results were:
First round:
- Bad Boy Shields and The Viking defeated Enrique Torres and Whipper Billy Watson.
- Roy McClarty and Tex McKenzie vs. Gene Kiniski & Mike Sharpe ended in a draw.
- Dory Funk, Sr. and Dory Funk, Jr. defeated Enrique Torres and Whipper Billy Watson.
- Don Leo Jonathan and Kinji Shibuya received a bye to the finals as a result of the previous draw.
- Don Leo Jonathan and Kinji Shibuya defeated Dory Funk, Sr. and Dory Funk, Jr. to win the vacant Vancouver NWA Canadian Tag Team Title.

1969 - The WWWF holds an event at the Boston Garden in Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The results:
- Johnny Rodz defeated Bob Harmon.
- Ricky Sexton defeated Pete Sanchez.
- Bull Ramos defeated Ron Sanders.
- Antonio Pugliese defeated Carlos Colón.
- Donna Christianello and Barbara Owens defeated Patty Neilson (subbing for The Fabulous Moolah) and Toni Rose in a two out of three falls match.
- Spiros Arion and Victor Rivera defeated Lou Albano and Tony Altimore.
- Gorilla Monsoon defeated Haystacks Calhoun by disqualification in a $2,000 Bodyslam Challenge match.
- WWWF United States Heavyweight Champion The Sheik defeated WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino by disqualification. Sammartino retained the World Title, and the United States title was not on the line.

1972 - Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens defeat Red Bastien and Crusher Lisowski for the AWA World Tag Team Title in Denver, Colorado.

1973 - Lennie Hurst and Dan Kroffat defeat Danny Babich and Michel Martel to win the Stampede International Tag Team Title in Edmonton, Alberta, ending Babich and Martel's second reign.

1973 - Earl Maynard wins the NWA Beat the Champ Television Title for the second time, defeating Ripper Collins.

1975 - The WWWF holds an event at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The results:
- Dean Ho defeated Bill White.
- Tony Garea defeated Hans Schroeder.
- Butcher Vachon defeated Joe Nova.
- The Wolfman defeated Johnny Rodz.
- Spiros Arion defeated Larry Zbyszko.
- Pedro Morales and Victor Rivera vs. Bobby Duncum and Killer Kowalski ended in a draw.
- WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino and Chief Jay Strongbow defeated WWWF Tag Team Champions Jimmy and Johnny Valiant in a two out of three falls match.

1975 - Guy Mitchell defeats Gene Kiniski to win the Vancouver NWA Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title in Vancouver, British Columbia. This ended Kiniski's fourth reign and began Mitchell's second.

1976 - Lanny and Randy Poffo defeat The British Bulldogs (Jonathan Foley and Edward Heath) for the NWA Gulf Coast Tag Team Title in Mobile, Alabama.

1978 - Carlos José Estrada (Jose Estrada, Sr.) defeats Tony Gara to win the vacant WWF Junior Heavyweight Title in Uniondale, New York.

1978 - Animal Hamaguchi and Great Kusatsu win their second International Pro Wrestling World Tag Team Title, defeating The Samoans (Afa and Sika) in Tokyo, Japan.

1979 - Thor the Viking (Scott Irwin) defeats Terry Funk for the Florida NWA Southern Heavyweight Title in St. Petersburg, Florida, ending Funk's second reign.

1980 - Raul Mata defeats Alfonso Dantes to win the NWA World Light Heavyweight Title in Guadalajara, Mexico, ending Dantes' fourth reign.

1981 - Brad Armstrong wins a tournament for the vacant Southeast NWA United States Junior Heavyweight Title in Mobile, Alabama.

1984 - Killer Khan defeats Archie Gouldie in Calgary, Alberta to win the Stampede North American Heavyweight Title, ending Gouldie's 10th reign.

1985 - The Maoris (Tudui and Wakahi) defeat Rick Casey (Wendell Cooley) and Jerry Oske for the Southwest Championship Wrestling Southwest Tag Team Title in San Antonio, Texas.

1987 - Bad News Allen wins the NWA Florida Heavyweight Title from Ron Simmons in Tampa, Florida.

1987 - The Rock 'n' Roll RPM's (Mike Davis and Tommy Lane) defeat Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis in Memphis, Tennessee for the AWA Southern Tag Team Title.

1989 - Unified World Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler, who held the AWA, CWA and World Class Titles, is stripped of the AWA title when CWA and the AWA end their relationship.

1989 - Joe Malenko defeats Masanobu Fuchi to win the AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Title in Fukuoka, Japan.

1990 - The WWF holds an event at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The results were:
- Earthquake defeated Mark Young.
- The Red Rooster pinned Conquistador #1.
- Bret Hart defeated Bad News Brown via disqualification.
- Greg Valentine pinned Ronnie Garvin.
- WWF Tag Team Champions The Colossal Connection (André the Giant and Haku) defeated Demolition (Ax and Smash) by countout to retain the title.
- Randy Savage pinned Jim Duggan in a Crown match.
- WWF Intercontinental Champion the Ultimate Warrior pinned Dino Bravo to retain the title.

1995 - Pierroth, Jr. defeats La Parka for the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Title in Mexicali, Mexico, beginning Pierroth's third reign and ending La Parka's second.

1995 - The New Breed (Ric Austin and Mike Legacy) defeat Purple Haze (Chris Pilon and Tommy Wonder) to win the vacant Border City Wrestling Can-Am Tag Team Title in Oldcastle, Ontario.

1996 - Billy Joe Eaton defeats Frankie DeFalco for the Mid-America Wrestling Heavyweight Title in West Allis, Wisconsin.

1997 - The Monday Night War continued, with WCW Monday Nitro defeating WWF Monday Night RAW 3.7 to 2.2 in the ratings.

WCW Monday Nitro aired live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. The results:
- Chris Jericho defeated Alex Wright.
- Scotty Riggs defeated the nWo Sting by disqualification.
- Arn Anderson and Steve McMichael defeated WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Eddie Guerrero and Jeff Jarrett.
- WCW Cruiserweight Champion Ultimo Dragon defeated Dean Malenko.
- WCW World Television Champion Lord Steven Regal defeated Jacques Rougeau by disqualification.
- Kevin Sullivan defeated Chris Benoit.
- Jim Duggan defeated Carl Oullette.
- Masahiro Chono defeated Dave Taylor.
- WCW World Tag Team Champion Scott Hall defeated Booker T.
- Lex Luger defeated Stevie Ray.
- In a dark match after the show, Lex Luger defeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan by disqualification.

WWF Monday Night RAW was live from the Beaumont Civic Center in Beaumont, Texas, and featured Bret Hart "quitting" the WWF because he didn't feel he would get a WWE Title shot and not stop getting cheated by the company. The match results were:
- WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart and The British Bulldog defeated Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon, when Bulldog pinned LaFon with a powerslam.
- Faarooq pinned Bart Gunn.
- The Undertaker defeated Steve Austin by disqualification.

1997 - Mitsuharu Misawa wins his third AJPW Triple Crown Title in Osaka, Japan, defeating Kenta Kobashi.

- Three titles are unified in All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling in Tokyo, Japan. WWWA World Champion Kyoko Inoue defeats International Wrestling Association and AJW All Pacific Champion Takako Inoue (no relation) to unify the three titles. This began Inoue's third reign as All Pacific Champion and second as IWA Champion. Kyoko held the belts until she vacated them on May 11, dissatisfied that a match between her and Kaoru Ito ended in a 60-minute time-limit draw. At the same event, Kumiko Maekawa and Tomoko Watanabe win the WWWA World Tag Team Title from Mima Shimoda and Manami Toyota.

1998 - Bobo Brazil, one of professional wrestling's most influential black athletes, dies due to complications of a stroke in St. Joseph, Michigan. He was 74 years old. Brazil was born Houston Harris in Benton Harbor, Michigan in 1924. The name Bobo actually came about due to a promoter misprinting the name "Boo-Boo Brazil", and the name just stuck. He became the first black NWA World Champion when he defeated Buddy Rogers in 1962. Brazil is also well known for his decades-long feud with The Sheik, mainly in Detroit's Big Time Wrestling, which was run by The Sheik. Brazil held titles worldwide, in most every major territory in the United States, and in Japan and Canada as well. He was inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame in 1994, and will be inducted to the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2008.

1998 - At a RAW is WAR taping in Davis, California, Owen Hart defeats Goldust, who was dressed as Triple H, to win the WWF European Title. Despite Hart not pinning the champion, WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter awarded the title to Hart, considering Goldust as a substitution for Helmsley, who actually was injured.

1998 - Gutterboy and Randy the Violator defeat Flex Fenom and Shorty Smalls in Hagerstown, Maryland to become the first House of Pain Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions.

1999 - Robby Royce defeats champion Hysteria and Vance Nevada in a three-way match for the NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Title in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2000 - Chris Michaels defeas Sean Casey in Jeffersonville, Indiana for the OVW Light Heavyweight Title, ending Casey's second reign.

2001 - Danger defeats Terri Gold in Los Angeles, California to win the Women of Wrestling World Title.

2001 - The Boogaloo Crew (J.C. Dazz and Scotty Wrenn) defeat champions 3 Count (Shane Helms and Shannon Moore) and Suicidal Tendencies (Adam Jacobs and John Phoenix) in a three-way match, to win the NWA Wildside Tag Team Title in Cornelia, Georgia, to begin their second reign. 3 Count held the title just one day.

2001 - The Luminous Warrior defeats Griz for the World League Wrestling Heavyweight Title in Eldon, Missouri, ending Griz's second reign and beginning Warrior's fourth.

2001 - Billy Fives defeats Pat McGuire to win the Future of Wrestling Heavyweight Title in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, ending McGuire's third reign.

2001 - The Power Company (Dave and Dean Power) defeat Gino Caruso and The Equalizer in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, to become the first NWA Jersey Tag Team Champions.

2001 - Two Canadian Wrestling Federation titles change hands in St. Boniface, Manitoba. El Diablo de Jesús defeats Bobby Collins for the CWF Junior Heavyweight Title, ending Collins' fourth reign, and Team Impact (Darren Dalton and Robby Royce) defeat Assisted Suicide (Hurricane Tatum and Rawskillz) to win the CWF Tag Team Title.

2002 - The WWF held the 15th-annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view, the last under the WWF initials, in Atlanta, Georgia at the Philips Arena. The show saw a Ric Flair vs. Vince McMahon streetfight, WWF Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho defeat The Rock, and Triple H win a Royal Rumble that also marked the return (at least temporarily) of Curt Hennig and Goldust to the WWF. Triple H was also the "ironman" of the rumble, lasting in the ring the longest, for 23 minutes and 14 seconds.

Here is Tim Whitehead's original report on the show:

WWF's Royal Rumble (1/20 from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta) turned out to be an excellent show, despite having match endings which were somewhat predictable. The Undisputed WWF Title match between Chris Jericho and Rock was outstanding, and the street fight between Ric Flair and Vince McMahon was great fun. The Rumble itself was stacked heavily towards the upper end, with Undertaker being the only real star power in the early going. They did a really good angle with him and Maven. Unlike most Rumbles, there was no wrestler who made any impression for longevity, as everyone who went in early was eliminated before long. The eliminations were spread out so that there were rarely large numbers of wrestlers in the ring. Commentary from Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler was strong, though they got off on tangents a couple of times. The live crowd was hot.

SPIKE DUDLEY defeated THE DUDLEYS in 5:06 to retain the WWF World Tag Titles. The Dudleys had announced a strategy to isolate and destroy. Thus, they laid Tazz out on the floor early and began doubling on Spike. Spike was wearing a neckbrace to sell an injury from Smackdown. Bubba Ray tore the neckbrace off and they worked on his neck. Spike mounted a brief comeback but ended up getting double flapjacked. Tazz finally hot tagged in. He suplexed both Dudleys and briefly put the Tazzmission on Stacy Keibler. They all began brawling. Bubba manhandled Spike but Tazz surprised D-Von with the Tazzmission for the submission win. Decent opener.

WILLIAM REGAL defeated EDGE in 9:43 to capture the IC Title. Referee Nick Patrick searched the ring for brass knux, and eventually found them by reaching way down into Regal's tights. That was a good source for jokes from JR & Lawler. Lawler mentioned Regal's nose injury and surgery about 834 times. The match was about average. In a sense, Edge deserves a singles push but he has so much more charisma as a team with Christian. They did one neat spot where Edge DDT'd Regal on the apron. Each hooked an STF, but in both cases there was a rope break. Edge went for a spear but Regal pulled Patrick in front of him and he took the blow. Regal then revealed a second pair of brass knux from his tights. He KO'ed Edge and got the pin as Patrick revived. Afterward, Regal claimed to have been blessed with the "power of the punch" and looked heavenward as if thanking God for his gift.

TRISH STRATUS beat JAZZ in 3:42 to retain the Women's Title. Jackie was the special referee. She wore a revealing top, and
Lawler wished all refs dressed like that until JR brought him back to sanity by noting what Earl Hebner would look like in that outfit. Trish's hand was bandaged to sell Jazz's recent assault on her, where she slammed a heavy lid down on her hand. Not too bad for a WWF women's match. They seemed to get confused during one spot but otherwise went at it non-stop and did a lot of reversals. They put over Jazz pretty well while giving Trish more of an edge as a tough competitor. The finish saw Trish win clean with the bulldog.

RIC FLAIR defeated VINCE McMAHON in a street fight in 14:54. Flair's son Reid and daughter Megan were in the front row. Vince came out looking huge. I guess he's been working out with his son-in-law. Vince actually got the better of Flair early with power moves, after which Vince would pose and strut. Vince did one chop and let out a "whooo!". Flair responded with a series of chops. Flair got a pop for doing his face-first bump and upside down flip into the corner. Vince went on big time offense on the floor. He hit Flair with a sign and a garbage can. He posted Flair and rammed him into the stairs. Flair juiced a gusher. Vince bodyslammed Flair on the floor right in front of his kids. He grabbed Megan's camera and took a photo of her bloody dad for her. Vince wrapped Flair's leg around the ring post. Lawler put Vince over like crazy. Vince hooked the figure four but Flair reversed it. Vince got a pipe but Flair low blowed him and sent him to the floor. He hit Vince with a monitor, knocking him across the announcers' desk. Vince juiced, and Megan took his photo. Back in the ring, Flair pounded Vince with fists and another low blow before clocking him with the pipe and winning with the figure four. Technically a gimmick match, but loads of fun!

Michael Cole asked Nick Patrick if he planned to review the tape of the Edge vs. Regal match. Patrick, being a heel, acted evasive. He was rescued by Stephanie, who took over the interview. She began boasting that her husband Triple H would destroy everyone in the Rumble, especially Steve Austin. She wished Debra was there so she could kick her ass. Austin arrived and gave her the "what" treatment until she screamed and ran off in frustration.

CHRIS JERICHO defeated ROCK in 18:48 to retain the Undisputed WWF World Title. Rock quickly sent Jericho to the floor. Jericho came back with a flying forearm. Jericho hit a series of chops and a spinkick. Rock responded with a flurry of punches. Jericho removed the padding from one turnbuckle, which would come into play during the closing sequence. Rock escaped a walls attempt but Jericho hit a perfect missile kick. Jericho got crotched and Rock hit a superplex. They did some really good brawling here and the crowd was red hot for the match. Jericho hit back-to-back lionsaults but only scored a two count. Rock came back with a sharpshooter. Jericho tapped but referee Earl Hebner was distracted by Lance Storm and didn't see it. As Hebner argued with Storm, Christian sneaked in and attacked Rock. Storm & Christian were eventually escorted out. Jericho made the cover but again only got two. Jericho tried for a People's Elbow but Rock hurled him out to the floor. Jericho got Rock Bottomed through the broadcast desk. Rock rolled Jericho back in but Jericho kicked out at two. Jericho hooked the walls but Rock made the ropes to a huge pop. There was a major ref bump. Jericho hit Rock with one of the title belts but only scored two when Patrick ran in as substitute ref. Rock DDT'dJericho but Patrick refused to make the count. Rock gave Patrick a Rock Bottom. Rock laid Jericho out and hit the People's Elbow but there was still no ref. Jericho gave Rock a low blow and sent him into the turnbuckle exposed earlier. Jericho then scored the pin using the ropes as Hebner revived. They still won't give Jericho a non-controversial win, but I guess that's the WWF. It was still an excellent match.

Shawn Michaels appeared at WWF New York and predicted either Austin or Undertaker would win the Rumble.

TRIPLE H won the ROYAL RUMBLE in 1:09:18. The time intervals were announced as two minutes, but they were actually a little
longer. The first two in were Rikishi (#1) and Goldust (#2). Rikishi nearly dumped Goldust twice. Big Bossman (#3) came in, followed by Bradshaw (#4). Rikishi backed his ass into Bossman's face, leading to his elimination. Lance Storm (#5) and Al Snow (#6) arrived. Bradshaw killed Storm with a lariat. Billy Gunn (#7) came in. Storm and Bradshaw were both ousted. Storm gets no respect. Undertaker (#8) came in as the first big star. He cleaned house, eliminating Goldust, Snow, Rikishi, and Gunn to be left alone in the ring. Matt Hardy (#9) came in, accompanied by Lita even though she was not part of the Rumble. Lita gave UT a low blow to give Matt a brief flurry of offense. Jeff Hardy (#10) was next to arrive. The Hardys and Lita all hugged to finish off their failed break-up storyline. They tripled on UT, including a twist of fate and a swanton but he shook it off and eliminated both Jeff and Matt in succession. Maven (#11) came in. He appeared to be a lamb being led to UT's slaughter but the Hardys & Lita illegally went back in. UT dumped them all back out, but it distracted UT enough for Maven to hit him from behind with a dropkick, which sent UT over the top, eliminating him. There was a huge pop for Maven. UT was furious. He grabbed a chair and busted Maven open with it. Meanwhile, Scotty 2 Hotty (#12) arrived but UT laid him out in the aisle. UT threw Maven over the top rope, which was not a legal elimination since UT was not legally in the ring, but it ended up counting because Maven was destroyed. UT pounded Maven through the crowd to the concession stand. He smashed Maven head first through the popcorn machine. Maven was left laying in a bloody heap and was unable to continue. Back at the ring. Christian (#13) came in and went at it with Scotty, who had recovered. Dallas Page (#14) arrived. Scotty hit the worm on Christian but then got eliminated by Page. Chuck Palumbo (#15) came in. The returning Godfather (#16) arrived and took forever to get to the ring because he brought 12 hos and kept dancing with them. Page got eliminated. Albert (#17) arrived and was immediately eliminated. Godfather got eliminated after missing a ho train. Perry Saturn (#18) came in. Steve Austin (#19) arrived and business picked back up. He eliminated every remaining wrestler, namely Christian, Palumbo, and Saturn. There was still over a minute until the next entrant, so Austin threw Christian and Palumbo back in, gave them stunners, and eliminated them a second time. Val Venis (#20) came in, doing his old porn gimmick. He held his own with
Austin until Test (#21) arrived. Austin then rallied and ousted both Venis and Test. Triple H (#22) was next. He and Austin had a staredown before going at it. Hurricane (#23) arrived. He grabbed both Austin and HHH as if he would toss them both out. They just looked at each other, threw Hurricane out, and went back to brawling. Faarooq (#24) came in. Austin and HHH stopped fighting each other long enough to throw him out, then returned to fighting each other. Four big names then joined the brawl as "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig (#25), Kurt Angle (#26), Big Show (#27), and Kane (#28) all went in. Hennig looked good, and given his positioning I'm assuming he's back full time. Kane got a big pop for literally throwing Big Show out. Angle then ousted Kane. Rob Van Dam (#29) went in and gave Angle a frog splash, kicked Hennig (it looked painful), and gave Austin the rolling thunder. HHH stopped RVD with a Pedigree. Booker T (#30) came in, having drawn the coveted final spot. He threw RVD out and did the spinaroonie in celebration, only to be caught with a stunner from Austin and eliminated. Angle hit an Olympic slam on HHH. He then gave Austin a series of German suplexes. Austin came back and was trying to oust Hennig when Angle came up from behind and dumped Austin over. Austin was furious and went back in illegally, hitting Angle, HHH, and Hennig with stiff chairshots. Austin was escorted out. Hennig revived and hit a perfectplex on Angle but was ousted by HHH. This left Angle and HHH. Angle sent HHH over but HHH held the ropes and his feet didn't touch the floor. Angle thought he had won but HHH nailed him and sent him over the top. HHH was declared the winner and will get the Wrestlemania World Title shot. A great Rumble!

2002 - Cibernético defeats Canek for the UWA World Heavyweight Title in Salamanca, Mexico, ending Canek's 14th reign.

2003 - WWE holds a live RAW and tapes the January 26 edition of Sunday Night Heat at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. The results were:
Sunday Night Heat:
- Rico pinned Aaron Stevens after a spin kick.
- Christian pinned Spike Dudley with his feet on the ropes after Spike missed the Dudley Dog.
- Maven pinned Christopher Nowinski after a missile dropkick.
- Rob Van Dam pinned Jeff Hardy with a backslide.
- William Regal and Lance Storm defeated World Tag Team Champions The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) to win the title, beginning their second reign and ending the Dudleys' seventh. Bubba Ray was put through a table before the match.
- The Hurricane and Trish Stratus defeted Steven Richards and WWE Women's Champion Victoria, when Trish pinned Victoria after a bulldog.
- Booker T and Goldust defeated 3-Minute Warning (Rosey and Jamal (with Rico)), when Booker pinned Jamal after a scissors kick.
- Chris Jericho and Test (with Stacy Keibler) fought to a no contest after Jericho hit Stacy accidentally with a steel chair.
- D'Lo Brown (with Theodore Long) pinned Tommy Dreamer in a Singapore Cane match, with the Sky High.
- Scott Steiner defeated Batista (with Ric Flair) by disqualfication when Randy Orton interfered.

2004 - WWE tapes the January 22 edition of SmackDown! and the January 24 Velocity at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The results:
- In a dark match, Paul London pinned Lenny Lane with a springboard into a roll-up.
- The World's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) defeated Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi, when Benjamin pinned Scotty after a superkick.
- WWE Tag Team Champions The Basham Brothers (Doug and Danny) defeated Funaki and Ultimo Dragon, when Danny pinned Dragon with a roll-up and a handful of tights, after the Bashams switched illegally.
- Orlando Jordan defeated Matt Longtime.
- WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio pinned Chuck Palumbo by reversing a Samoan drop into a sunset flip.
- Tajiri defeated Billy Kidman in a Royal Rumble Qualifying match.
- Albert defeated Shannon Moore in a Royal Rumble Qualifying match.
- Chris Benoit and John Cena defeated WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, Matt Morgan and Rhyno in a handicap match, when Cena pinned Rhyno after the FU. WWE United States Champion The Big Show was to have been a part of Lesnar's team but was locked in his locker room by a forklift.
- Bradshaw defeated Akio and Sakoda in a handicap Royal Rumble Qualifying match.
- Chavo Guerrero, Sr. and Chavo Guerrero defeated Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero, when Guerrero pinned Eddie after a frog splash.
- In a dark match after the show, Eddie Guerrero defeated Chavo Guerrero.

2006 - Rocky Romero defeats Tommy Williams in Los Angeles, California to win his third CMLL World Super Lightweight Title.

2006 - Chill Town (Scotty Mac and D.K. Roc) defeat Hot and Bothered (Cole Bishop and Kurt Sterling) for the ECCW Tag Team Title in Vancouver, British Columbia.

2006 - Blackbird Ice defeats Blackbird Jazz to win the vacant NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title in Humboldt, Tennessee.

2006 - The Mountain State Wrestling Tag Team Title changes hands twice in Bud, West Virginia. Big Bad John and Joe Simon lost the title to Johnny Blast and Kris King, who then lost to Derek Billings and Chad Cross.

2007 - Super Delfin defeats Hajime Ohara in Tokyo, Japan to win the NWA World Welterweight Title.

2007 - Noriega and José Rivera, Jr. defeat Terror, Inc. (Black Pain and Hannibal) for the WWC World Tag Team Title in Manatí, Puerto Rico.

2007 - Lightning defeats Mr. Big for the IWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title in Levittown, Puerto Rico, ending Mr. Big's second reign.

2007 - Pro Wrestling Unplugged holds "Cuffed and Caged: Last Man Standing", in conjunction with Juggalo Championship Wrestling, at the New Alhambra Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The results were:
- The show began with a ten-bell salute to Bam Bam Bigelow, who died the previous day.
- Joker and Ricky Reyes defeated PWU Tag Team Champions The S.A.T. (Joél and José Maximo) and All Money Is Legal (K-Murda and K-Pusha) in a three-way match to win the title.
- Drew Blood defeated C.J. O'Doyle.
- Amy Lee defeated PWU Unified Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez to win the title.
- Aramis defeated Quiet Storm.
- Luke Hawx and Z-Barr defeated The Angus Brothers (Billy and Danny).
- Teddy Fine defeated K.J. Hellfire.
- PWU Heavyweight Champion Devon Moore defeated Ian Rotten by disqualification to retain the title.
- A War Games-style Elimination Cage match between Team JCW (2 Tuff Tony, Mad Man Pondo, Nosawa, Raven and Violent J (with Shaggy 2 Dope)) and Team PWU (Trent Acid, Pete Hunter, Johnny Kashmere, Corporal Robinson and Gary Wolfe (with Tod Gordon)) ended in a no contest. Shaggy 2 Dope and Tod Gordon were handcuffed to the cage outside the ring during the match. The match was down to 2 Tuff Tony and Violent J against only Corporal Robinson, with Raven having not yet entered. Raven came out and gave all three in the ring Evenflow DDTs and stated that he was the biggest star in the business.

2007 - Mike Free and Jason Justice defeat The Urban Assault Squad (Shadow Jackson and Nemesis) in Cornelia, Georgia for the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Title, ending the Urban Assault Squad's third reign.

2007 - Kid Cade defeats Devan Payne in a tournament final Salt Lake City, Utah to win the vacant Ultra Championship Wrestling Zero Ultra-X Title. Also, David Young wins the UCW-Zero Heavyweight Title.

2007 - The Iron Buddah defeats Jimmy Flame for the NWA Oregon Television Title in Milwaukie, Oregon. At the same show, Exile defeats C.W. Bergstrom to win the NWA Oregon Heavyweight Title, ending Bergstrom's third reign.

2007 - Steven Rampage defeats Overkill to win the Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation Television Title in Jackson, Tennessee, to begin his second reign.

2008 - WWE Raw ran Binghamton, NY.  Aaron Waymire filed the following live report:

I just got back from attending the Raw house show in Binghamton, NY. I'd say the place was 3/4 full, maybe a little more. One thing about Binghamton is that the crowds are always loud, and today was no different. 

Brian Kendrick beat Charlie Haas with Sliced Bread #2
Haas thankfully didn't do the mask gimmick. Hopefully that's been buried. Good opener.

Snitski beat Super Crazy with a pump handle slam
This lasted about a minute. Total squash. I cheered because it meant we didn't have to sit through a long Snitski match.

Vladimir Kozlov beat Hacksaw Jim Duggan
I don't even know what his finisher was called, but picture picking up someone for an FU and just dropping to your knees. Looked kind of weak. Hacksaw is still super over. I was disappointed that we didn't hear the "Double Double E" line from Kozlov. That still cracks me up!

DH Smith beat Trevor Murdoch with a small package
Murdoch was actually very entertaining with his antics. He was introduced as "one half of the Red Neck Wrecking Crew," but I've never heard them referred to that on Raw before.

World Tag Team Championship: Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly beat Santino Marella and Carlito when Holly hit the Alabama Slam on Carlito
Santino was great before the match. He said that last week he was sick and Maria wanted to go dancing. Since Carlito is such a great partner, he ended up taking her out. Santino then said that Carlito did such a great job that they got home at 7 in the morning and she could barely walk. Good match with Rhodes being worked over for most of the time.

Chris Jericho beat JBL by countout
JBL said before the match that Jericho could either kiss his feet and admit that he's the better wrestler or get beat. End came when both guys were on the ring apron at the count of 9 and Jericho punched JBL back to the ground and barely beat the count back in the ring.

After intermission, Ashley came out to throw some shirts into the crowd.

Women's Championship: Beth Phoenix beat Mickie James with a delayed cradle supplex
Entertaining match. I was glad to see Mickie wrestle and not Ashley.

Shawn Michaels beat Umaga with Sweet Chin Music
I knew Michaels was advertised to come, but was still a bit surprised to see him work a house show. He genuinely seems like he's having a great time, though. Umaga caught the first attempt at Chin Music, went for a clothesline that missed, then got nailed.

WWE Championship: Randy Orton beat Jeff Hardy with the RKO.
Orton said that "Jeff Hardy is a suicidal circus freak" before the match. Both started brawling in the aisle to begin. This didn't last too long like I thought it would, but they were probably selling the injuries from last Monday as Orton was taped in the waist and Hardy was holding his hip throughout. End came when Hardy went for the Twist of Fate, but it was reversed into the RKO. Orton went to kick Hardy in the head after, but Hardy swept his feet as he went by. Hardy then nailed him with a chair to close the show.

2010 - WWE broadcast Raw.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We begin tonight’s show with the annual footage from Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech to commemorate Martin Luther King Day.

We are live from Knoxville, Tennessee and your announcers are Michael ‘Vintage Lane Kiffin’ Cole and Jerry ‘Rocky Top’ Lawler.

We begin the action in the arena with the man in charge, Vince McMahon. We see footage from two weeks ago when Bret Hart changed one half the face of wrestling and when Vince kicked Bret.

Vince talks about decisions and that some are good and some are bad. Vince says that he decided to bring Raw to this god forsaken community and he hopes he does not regret it. Vince says that he decided to allow Bret Hart to return. He also decided to kick Bret in the guts as hard as he could. Last week, he decided to make sure that Bret wouldn’t appear any more in the WWE. He tells the fans that he did it for the fans. He says that they should remember Bret Hart for the way that he was. He was the Hitman and the Excellence of Execution. Now Bret is an apologetic, broken down, war horse who needs to be put down. Vince says that it is his job and decision to put them down. Vince compares it to chewing gum. There are times when you spit out gum because it has lost its flavor. Vince says that Bret lost his flavor so he spit him out. Vince says that if he let Bret stay, it would have been like a disease. It will get to the point where you have to chop a body part off. He says that the fans can boo and be judgmental all they want, but they are all hypocritical. They want bigger, faster, and stronger. Vince says that the fans made the decision not him.

The Undertaker’s music plays as he interrupts the boss. Taker finally makes his way into the ring and he walks past Vince.

Vince hesitates before addressing Taker. He says that he wasn’t finished with what he was going to say. Vince points out that this is his time and his show.

Taker says that it is his time now. Taker says that he came out here to address Shawn Michaels but since Vince is in the ring, he wanted to tell Vince something that Vince’s ego wouldn’t admit. Taker says that there aren’t many of them left, but he was there twelve years ago in Montreal. He says that he was there and he saw the fear in Vince’s eyes then and he sees the fear in Vince’s eyes now. Taker tells Vince that he screwed Bret Hart. He did it twice. Now Vince is terrified of the consequences as Vince should be. What Vince did was the act of a coward.

Vince says that he disagrees with Taker but he acknowledges that it is Taker’s time and Vince leaves the ring and walks to the back.

Taker says that stubbornness, anger, and denial are not just descriptions of Vince, but they are in the soul of Shawn Michaels. Last year, Shawn said that he would break the streak. Shawn proved that he is Mr. Wrestlemania, but the streak is still intact. For more than a month, Shawn has been trying to get his attention by challenging him to a rematch. Taker says that he is ready to give Shawn his answer and it is an answer he wanted to give personally.

Shawn Michaels comes to the ring. They stare at each other and then Shawn says that he is in the ring for the Dead Man and he is anxiously awaiting Taker’s answer. Shawn says that he is all ears.

Taker tells Shawn that he did come closer than all of the others, but he still failed. Taker says that a rematch will only result in more bitter disappointment for Shawn. Taker tells Shawn that he has nothing to prove so his answer is no.

Shawn says that Taker has the audacity to look him in the eye.

Taker says that if Shawn thinks that he can beat him, he will give Shawn the opportunity tonight.

Shawn tells Taker no because he wants to beat Taker, but he wants to do it on the grandest stage of them all (nobody points to the imaginary Wrestlemania sign). Shawn says that he realizes what he has to do. Shawn says that he will enter the Royal Rumble and when he wins, he will challenge Taker for the World Title.

Taker says that he will be the champion at Wrestlemania, so the win at the Royal Rumble will be Shawn’s only chance at salvation. Shawn says that after he wins the Royal Rumble, he will see Taker at Wrestlemania. Shawn tells Taker that his streak, his title, and his soul will be his. Taker leaves the ring as we go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: The Triple Threat Match from last week when Randy Orton defeated Kofi Kingston and John Cena with help from Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes.

Match Number One: Sheamus versus Evan Bourne

They lock up and Randy Orton comes out to watch. Sheamus runs Bourne into the turnbuckles and punches him. Sheamus sees Orton and that can’t be good news for Bourne. Sheamus with a clothesline and then he rakes the eyes. Sheamus goes to the apron and Bourne hits Sheamus from behind and hits a jumping side kick and then hits the double knees from the top turnbuckle for a two count. Sheamus with a uranage back breaker on Bourne and then he hits the bicycle kick. Sheamus pulls Bourne into the corner and then he hits the Celtic Cross for the three count.
Winner: Sheamus

Orton walks into the ring as Evan Bourne disappears into the Tennessee night. Orton gets in Sheamus’ face and not a nary a word is spoken. Sheamus gets his title belt and he holds it up for Orton to see. Sheamus then leaves the ring.

Shawn is walking in the back and Hunter asks him what is going on. Hunter says that he saw what happened in the ring and Don Johnson arrives. He says that he is a big fan of theirs and they reciprocate. Don asks if Shawn or Hunter have seen Jon Heder. Shawn says that he doesn’t know who Jon is but he will tells Don that he is looking for him.

Hunter tells Don not to worry about Jon and he calls Jon an idiot. He tells Don that he should host the show by himself. They shake hands. Don thinks he saw Jon but it ends up being Carlito with a ‘Vote for Pedro’ shirt. We go to commercial.

We are back and we take a look back at the All American (to the nth Power) Challenge that was met by Santino Marella and won by Santino.

Jack gets on the mic and he says that last week was a fluke. He says that he is an All American American American Amercian American. He says that he will throw anyone out of the ring at the Royal Rumble. He makes another All American American American American American American American Challenge for Santino Marella.

Santino comes out in his best Miami Vice clothing and he says that there is nothing more that he would like to do than throw him over the top ropes again. Santino says that he is the president of the IDJFC (Italian Don Johnson Fan Club) and since Don is here tonight, he is pretty busy. Santino says that he has a more than suitable substitute.

Match Number Two: Jack Swagger versus Mark Henry in an All American American American American American American Challenge

Swagger circles Henry as he tries to figure out a way to get an advantage. Swagger hits Henry in the back with a forearm and then Henry presses Swagger over his head and sends Swagger to the floor.
Winner: Mark Henry

A limo arrives at the building and it is Jon Heder with the official arm candy twins. He tells the person in the limo to wait for him and Don to get to the ring to come out. He then gets the name of the city wrong before being corrected by the Bellas.

We go to commercial.

We are back and with a Royal Rumble did you know.

It is finally time for the two guest hosts to come to the ring and they are accompanied by the official arm candy of the WWE guest host series. Don welcomes everyone and says that they are happy to be hosting Raw. Jon mentions that everyone is here to see movie stars. Don mentions that Degeneration X will be in the main event. Jon is not that happy about Degeneration X. He says that DX are okay but he wants something new. They are both from Southern California and they have a new football coach who is awesome. He mentions Lane Kiffin (who was the Tennessee coach until last week). Jon wants to bring out a close friend, The Miz.

Miz and Heder hug and then he shakes hands with Don. Miz thanks Jon and Don and he is happy that there are actual celebrities on Raw as guest hosts. Miz thanks Jon for entering him into the Royal Rumble match. Miz says that it is his duty to let Jon know that Triple H thought that Don should be a guest host by himself. They talk about the box office for Jon’s movies. Miz says that he has respect for Don Johnson and he says that Don Johnson was what Miz is today, the hottest thing on television. Everyone wanted to be Sonny Crockett, but then there was the guy nobody really remembered. Don says that everyone remembers Tubbs. On Raw, there is another name for Tubbs and that is MVP. He is a guy who thinks that he can compete on Miz’s level. Miz says that MVP needs to realize . . .

MVP’s music plays and he comes out and he is dressed for a fight. Porter says that he is from Miami and he feels a kinship with Don. He apologizes to Don for being mixed up in the nonsense. MVP apologizes to the WWE Universe for Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro. MVP says that he is in the Royal Rumble and he will do anything to eliminate the Miz. Porter suggests that they do it right now. He says that he will throw Miz and Don out of the ring.

Miz comes out and before they can do anything, Big Show’s music plays and he comes out. MVP attacks Miz but Show with one punch to Porter.

Show enters the ring and he high fives Heder. Jon says that since he has the same agent as Big Show, he wanted him as an insurance policy. Heder suggests that Show and Miz face DX tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a message about the Haiti relief efforts.

We see the footage one more time from last week’s Triple Threat Match and Jerry Lawler lets out a slip and calls Randy Orton ‘Randy Savage’.

Match Number Three: John Cena and Kofi Kingston versus Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes

Cena and Rhodes start off and they lock up and Cena with a hip toss but Rhodes tags in DiBiase as the Marines square off. Cena with a waist lock and punch before he sends DiBiase into the turnbuckles and hits a bulldog for a near fall. Cena punches DiBiase but DiBiase with a kick to Cena and Rhodes tags in. Rhodes kicks Cena and then DiBiase chokes Cena while the referee deals with Kofi and Rhodes. Rhodes gets a near fall. DiBiase tags back in and he punches Cena. Cena punches DiBiase and follows that with an Irish whip but DiBiase moves when Cena charges and DiBiase with a clothesline for a near fall. DiBiase with fist drops to Cena but he misses a third and Cena tags in Kofi who hits a clothesline and chop followed by a drop kick and leaping clothesline. He also knocks Rhodes off the apron. Kofi with the Boom Boom Drop with a twist. Kofi misses Trouble in Paradise but he punches DiBiase in the corner. Rhodes tries to distract Kofi and that allows DiBiase to hit a clothesline and then Rhodes is tagged back in as we go to commercial with Rhodes kicking Kofi.

We are back and DiBiase continues to work over Kofi. Rhodes tags back in and Rhodes hits a drop kick for a near fall. Rhodes kicks Kofi while Cena tries to give Kofi moral support to make the tag. DiBiase chokes Kofi while Rhodes distracts the referee. Rhodes with a slam and then Rhodes misses the Ric Flair knee drop. DiBiase tags in and he waits for Kofi to try for the tag but Kofi moves out of the way. Rhodes stops Kofi from making the tag by knocking Cena off the apron. Rhodes and DiBiase with some double team moves while the referee deals with Cena. DiBiase tags back in and they double team Kofi. DiBiase with a reverse chin lock. Kofi with a jawbreaker and DiBiase keeps Kofi from making the tag. Kofi with a belly-to-back suplex and he is able to make the tag to Cena. Cena with two flying shoulder tackles followed by the Blue Thunder Bomb and it is time for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena gets Rhodes up but Rhodes with elbows to get out of the hold and Rhodes with a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Cena charges into an elbow but Cena sends Rhodes into the turnbuckles and hits the Attitude Adjustment but DiBiase makes the save. Kofi tags in and he hits a cross body on Rhodes for the three count.
Winners: John Cena and Kofi Kingston

After the match, Ted helps Cody up but Cody pushes Ted away and Cody stares at Ted before leaving the ring alone.

Jon is in the back with Miz and Show and they are talking about tonight. They are interrupted by Hornswoggle who has a step ladder. Triple H is behind Jon. Hunter tells Jon that Hornswoggle doesn’t like Jon. Hornswoggle challenges Heder to a match tonight. Miz says that Jon doesn’t want to wrestle Hornswoggle tonight. Hunter suggests that it be a six man tag with Heder and Hornswoggle added to the match. Hornswoggle grunts and does crotch chops before leaving. Miz and Show tell Heder that everything will be fine.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the WWE Rewind: Eve defeating Katie Lea Burchill last week to meet Maryse in the Divas Tournament.

Match Number Four: Maryse and Alicia Fox versus Gail Kim and Eve

Gail and Maryse start off and Gail with a rollup for a near fall. Gail with an Irish whip and cross body into the corner. Gail with a missile drop kick for a near fall. Alicia pulls Gail by the hair but Gail hits Alicia and Maryse sends Gail to the floor. Alicia attacks Gail on the floor and rolls Gail back into the ring. Maryse with a forearm and then she hits a back breaker for a near fall. Alicia tags in and Gail with an elbow but Alicia with the tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Alicia misses the ax kick and Eve tags in and she hits a forearm and kick while Maryse poses. Eve with an Irish whip but Eve hits a few drop kicks followed by a clothesline. Eve with a flip senton for a near fall. Alicia runs into an elbow and Eve hits a rolling cross arm breaker from the turnbuckles and Alicia taps out.
Winners: Eve and Gail Kim

We see footage for next week’s episode of Chuck featuring guest star Steve Austin.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Don is with Kelly checking her nails while Jon is hyperventilating. Jon suggests that Don take his place and Don says that there is no way he would do that. Jon says that they are friends but Don says that they aren’t in any scenes in the movie. Miz and Show tell Jon there is nothing to worry about. Show says that he is working better with Miz than his former partner. Don tells Jon that they are actors and have others to do what they are doing. Miz talks about some mistakes in Don’s life. They give Jon his ring robe and it is emblazoned with ‘The Flame’.

It is time to talk about the Royal Rumble and run through the card.

Vince is with Triple H and he is talking about Montreal. He says that he is not a coward and he says that he might call Taker out next week. Hunter says that Vince can’t let things go. Vince could have let things go, but he had to get in the last shot and he has backed himself into a corner. Hunter tells Vince that if he brings Bret back, he will make Bret a bigger star. If he doesn’t call out Bret, Vince will be a bigger coward. Vince walks away.

Shawn asks Hunter if they are ready and Hunter is going to tell Shawn something and Hornswoggle has his ladder and grunts. Hunter says that he will talk to Shawn later. Hunter gives Hornswoggle a piggy back ride.

Randy Orton is walking as we go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that if you ignore the presale, the Hall of Fame sold out in 35 minutes.

Match Number Five: Randy Orton versus Chris Masters with Eve

Before they lock up, Sheamus’ music plays and he comes out to watch the match.

They lock up and Orton with a side head lock but Masters with a shoulder tackle. Orton with a kick to Masters followed by European uppercuts. Masters tries for the Master Lock but Orton with an elbow. Orton with punches to Masters. Masters with an Irish whip but Orton with an elbow. Masters with a power slam for a near fall. Orton with a back breaker and then he slithers into RKO push up position. Orton tries for the RKO but Masters puts Orton in the Master Lock. Orton tries to fight out of the hold but Orton falls into the ropes. Masters waits for Orton to get back to his feet and Orton hits the RKO from out of nowhere for the three count.
Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Sheamus comes into the ring and he hits Orton with the bicycle kick and then he poses over Orton.

We go to commercial.

We are back and our guest hosts next week are James Roday and Dule Hill from Psych.

Match Number Six: Big Show, The Miz, and Jon Heder versus Degeneration X and Hornswoggle with Don Johnson

The match is joined in progress and Michaels with a flying forearm and kip up followed by a reverse atomic drop to Miz. Miz with a series of neck breakers for a near fall. Miz punches Michaels and then he kicks Michaels. Show tags in and he punches Michaels in the ribs. Show with a head butt followed by a side slam for a near fall. Show tags Miz back into the match. Miz stomps on Michaels and chokes him. Miz sets for the running clothesline but Michaels does not get up so he kicks Michaels. Michaels with chops to Miz but Miz with an Irish whip. Michaels and Miz each with clotheslines and both men are down. Hornswoggle tags in and he hits a drop kick but he is taken down by a clothesline from the knees. Heder wants to tag in and he does. He takes off his robe and he plays up the crowd and they don’t care. Heder with a kick to Hornswoggle’s chest. Heder misses a charge into the corner and Hornswoggle bites Heder. Triple H tags in and Heder tries to escape but Johnson forces him back in. Hunter with a punch but Show grabs Hunter by the throat. Shawn with Sweet Chin Music to Show and Show falls on Heder. Michaels with Sweet Chin Music to knock Miz off the apron. Hornswoggle with a frog splash onto Show and Heder and then Hornswoggle gets the three count.
Winners: Degeneration X and Hornswoggle

After the match, Hunter tells Shawn that he has been trying to tell him something and they need to talk. Hunter tells Shawn that he needs to figure out another way to face Taker at Wrestlemania.

John Cena interrupts and comes to the ring. Cena tells them that it is a night of major announcements and he has a major announcement to make before Hunter’s major announcement. Cena says that it has been two years since he was in a Royal Rumble match and he will be in this year’s match. Cena reminds everyone that the last time he was in the Royal Rumble, he won it. He will win again this year.

Hunter is interrupted by Big Show who comes into the ring and grabs a mic and announces that he is in the Royal Rumble match as well. Show attacks Hunter and Michaels but Cena punches Show and hits a flying shoulder tackle that sends Show out of the ring. Hunter and Michaels throw Cena over the top rope. Hunter throws Shawn over the top rope and then says that none of them will win the Royal Rumble because he will win it.

2010 - Then-TNA personality Bubba the Love Sponge apologized for his comments on Haiti earlier this week, writing on his twitter account at "I am going to say this one time and one time only. First of all a real man sometimes has to take a step back and maybe look at something.  They said or did so that being said I would like to apologize for my comments regarding Haiti in the world of live radio that I operate.  Sometimes u say things that u can't take back. So I'm man enough now to say I'm sorry for those I offended. Bubba."

2011 - TNA broadcast Impact Wrestling.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:


Welcome to the TNA Impact Report here on!

We start out with a recap of last week's Jeff Jarrett-Kurt Angle confrontation that saw Karen Jarrett (the former Karen Angle) return to TNA and tell Kurt that she'll be on Impact next week (meaning this week) with her side of the story.

From there we head to the garage as Kurt Angle arrives at the Impact Zone and tells the sound man that he wants his music played. Mr Music Man hits the button and out comes Kurt, and he's got something to say before his ex-wife and her new husband come out here and tell lies about them. He says Karen was lying about it being about the two of them, it was about Kurt and Jarrett, and he came to TNA and told them that she'd be an asset to the company, but in a short period of time, she'd be hanging out with Jeff Jarrett whenever he turned his back. She claimed it was just about business and he had no evidence that there was anything going on while they were married, but Jarrett stuck it in his face every chance he got, and the one thing Jarrett and Karen can't take away from him is his character. Kurt tears up and says he was a great husband and an incredible father, and if he's guilty of anything, it's that he didn't spend enough time with his family, not because he was a bad father or husband, but because he wanted to get his family everything they dreamed of having. (crowd starts an Angle chant) He tells Karen they can do it the easy way (making amends, going their separate ways, and getting along for the kids) or the hard way (by provoking him and continuing to provoke him, in which case he will pull out every skeleton in her closet. He asks Karen what it's going to be, and Jeff Jarrett's music hits: Team Jarrett comes out and I guess they didn't learn after what happened last week. Mike Tenay says the Jarretts aren't here yet, but Team Jarrett tries to surround Angle and he goes through all of them by himself again, then yells at Jarrett and asks him if that's all he's got.

Okay, you knoew this was coming: here comes Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair looking really smug. They just stand at the top of the ramp and wait patiently while Orlando's finest local indy workers impersonating cops come out to escort Kurt Angle out of the ring. Angle gives Bischoff and Flair a death stare, but leave quietly and of his own accord as Bischoff and Flair wave goodbye. Tenay informs us that as Kurt Angle is being led out of the building, Jeff and Karen Jarrett are about to arrive. Sit tight and we'll find out what happens...after this commercial!

We're back as the Jarrett's arrive at the Impact Zone and the Unknown Cameraman informs them that Kurt Angle has been ejected from the building, to which the Jarretts feign disappointment and Karen says the real Kurt Angle will be revealed to all his fans tonight.

Time for our opening match...

Sarita vs Velvet Sky vs Mickie James vs Madison Rayne

Velvet & Mickie fight over who gets to start and they end up going after each other...for about five seconds until they each go after their respective archrivals. They all spill out to the floor briefly until Mickie takes Madison into the ring and smacks her around until Madison tags out to Sarita. Mickie with a spinkick to the midsection of Sarita and a flapjack. Velvet tags herself in and spears Sarita, then starts ramming her head into the mat before just screeching in her face. Madison grabs at Velvet from the outside and Velvet piefaces her, but Sarita nails her from behind and chains together several hiptosses. Velvet ducks a clothesline and gets a spinning flying headscissors, but Madison comes in and nails Velvet then takes a shot at Mickie. Madison and Sarita try to double suplex Velvet but Mickie blocks and they take them both out. Sarita goes for a wheelbarrow move but Velvet turns it into an armdrag and Sarita goes to the floor as Mickie gets a neckbreaker and then goes to the top rope, but Tara came out of nowhere and knocked Mickie out with her cast. Sarita and Velvet wind up back in the ring and crash head-to-head. Madison is the only one left standing and she preps the glove, but Madison accidentally nails Sarita and Mickie gets an O'Connor Roll for the win.

Winner: Mickie James

Guess who's in line for another title shot? Madison, Tara, and Sarita all stand around blaming each other while Mickie walks off looking victorious.

Beer Money are backstage warming up and saying that they got the last laugh on Anderson and RVD last week, and Roode asks Storm what he's doing. Storm, who has been curling beer bottles, says he's doing 12 ounce curls, but says that even though he acts goofy, they're going to end it tonight with Anderson and RVD.

Kurt Angle is backstage, and he's being...EJECTED!

Samoa Joe is backstage, telling someone I don't recognize that he's been doing a great job and just to keep his eye on him. Whoever it is is carrying a handheld camera and seems really pleased with his camera work.

Ric Flair comes out with Rob Terry (oh God no) and asks if there is any woman in here who wouldn't want to go home with this man, and somewhere in this building Flair knows Matt Morgan is around. He says that there's a new man on campus, and Flair's the college President and he wants Morgan to come out and show that he has something to the Man.

Rob Terry vs Matt Morgan

Morgan rushes the ring, hits the Carbon Footprint, and pins Terry in about ten seconds.

Winner: Matt Morgan

Morgan goes after Flair on the floor and Flair chops him several times, but Morgan no-sells and chases him into the ring. Flair with more ineffective chops, including one off the ropes, and Flair falls on his butt backing away. Abyss runs in and nails Morgan from behind, then beats him down in the corner. Morgan ducks a shot and hits a discus clothesline and then a side suplex on Terry. He turns his attention to Flair and Abyss nails him again and then Terry recovers and joins in the beating as Flair low blows Morgan from the outside, but Morgan wipes Abyss and Terry out with a double clothesline and goes after Flair AGAIN. Terry clips Morgan's knee from behind and he and Abyss again beat Morgan down, and Terry holds Morgan down while Abyss splashes him off the ropes. Flair comes in and stomps on Morgan's groin, then Abyss and Terry hit a double chokeslam, and finally that's enough to keep Morgan down.

We go to Mike Tenay and Taz, who discuss TNA's recent tour of Japan, and Taz talks about how lucky he was to get the chance to work there during his own career. We then go to a video package looking at the tour and the show at the Tokyo Dome, and for more footage of the tour, go to

Still to come tonight: Jeff Hardy faces Tommy Dreamer and Beer Money takes on Mr Anderson & Rob Van Dam.

We go backstage to AJ Styles and Frankie Kazarian, and Kazarian asks what's going on with Bischoff. Styles says that's not important, the X-Division Title is important and tells Kazarian to go out there and take care of business. No sooner has Kazarian left than Crimson comes out of nowhere and chokes AJ from behind, telling him that he's got two more weeks and then THEY are coming.

We go out to the parking lot where Kurt Angle is still meandering around terrorizing the Impact Zone. What will he do next??

I know, he'll send us back to the ring for our next match! (Nice segue, huh?)

X-Division Title Match: Frankie Kazarian vs Jay Lethal

Lethal slingshots Kazarian into the ring before the bell and goes right after him, unloading with chops and hitting the hiptoss/cartwheel/dropkick combo to send Kazarian to the outside. Lethal goes after him and continues the assault on the floor, nailing him with a clothesline and then rolling him back into the ring where he hits a springboard dropkick for 2. Kazarian goes to the eyes and hits a series of spinkicks and a leg lariat, but Lethal with the handspring elbow gets 2. Kazarian tries to escape the ring, but Lethal grabs the ankle and pulls him back in, hitting the Lethal Combination and then going up top for the Macho Man elbow. He hits it and Kazarian kicks out at 2, a feat only ever accomplished by the likes of Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior. Kazarian rolls out to the floor and lethal goes after him, but he's dead weight so Lethal has to haul his limp form back up onto the apron, but suddenly Kazarian reveals that he was playing possum and gouges Lethal's eyes. Lethal comes in with a sunset flip but Kazarian holds the ropes and referee Jackson James doesn't see it and counts 3.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Lethal is understandably distraught with that decision as Jackson James again raises Kazarian's hand on the ramp.

Ken Anderson is backstage and says he's got to face Jeff Hardy in two weeks, he's got to face Beer Money tonight, and he thought that he and RVD had them last week and got cracked. RVD asks how he's supposed to concentrate because he can't even get Jeff in the ring, and Tommy Dreamer says that he's got Jeff for the first time ever tonight and he'll soften him up for both of them. They argue over who's going to take Jeff Hardy out, then they agree they'll all take him out.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett gleefully prance through the back on their way to the ring as Kurt Angle continues pacing around outside...and then someone lets him in. DRAMA!

Okay, it's time for what we've all been waiting for: it's time for Karen Jarrett to spill her guts. I mean tell her story, not actually vomit in the ring, because that'd be really weird and disturbing. Jarrett introduces a loving wife, caring mother, and somebody as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. But we are also witnessing a victim of Kurt Angle, and now he'll turn it over to his wife Karen Jarrett. She gives him a kiss as she takes the mic, and says that she had a statement prepared, but after arriving at the Impact Zone she heard some of the comments her pathetic ex-husband made earlier, and she wants to respond to them. He's right, her husband is part owner of this company, and guess what that makes her? And as for her character, she takes us back to 1997 after he won his Olympic gold medal and he was a lost little puppy who had nowhere to go. He worked his entire life for that moment- oh wait, Kurt Angle comes in the ring and gives Jeff Jarrett the Olympic Slam. Karen goes to hit Kurt with her shoe but instead they just stare each other in the eye and then...SHE SLAPS HIM. She looks like she's been waiting a long time to do that. Kurt continues stalking her and she yells at him as Jeff sneaks up from behind and low blows Kurt. Jarrett continues to rain blows down on Kurt while talking smack to him and Karen stands there mocking him while flipping her hair. What a great heel. Jeff tells Kurt to get up, and when he does Jeff kicks him in the command center again. Finally the Jarretts decide that they're tired of humiliating Angle and leave, with Karen yells "Poort Kurt! Did you like that, Taz?" at the announce booth as we go to commercial.

We see a recap of what just happened with Kurt Angle and the Jarretts, and then we go backstage to Kurt Angle as he again trashes the backstage area.

Back to the ring...

Tommy Dreamer vs Jeff Hardy

Looks like Jeff Hardy's been raiding MVP's closet again. Hardy with a boot to the gut and a series of rights, but misses a dropkick and Tommy legdrops him in the tommy gun, then clotheslines him to the floor and follows him out with a running clothesline off the apron. Dreamer continues working Hardy over on the floor but Hardy armdrags him off the apron and onto the floor. Hardy tosses Dreamer into the ring and comes in with a double axhandle, then does an awesome move I've never seen before where he swung Tommy out of the corner by the legs and dropkicked him in the zamboni on the way down. That was pretty cool! Dreamer comes back with a series of clotheslines and a backdrop, and Hardy goes for the Whisper In The Wind but Dreamer moves out of the way and then comes off the second rope with...nothing, because Hardy kicked him in the gut on the way down and went for the Twist Of Hate, but Dreamer escaped and hit the Death Valley Driver and went for the cover, but Hardy got his foot on the rope and then, as Dreamer stepped over him, rammed the middle rope up into Dreamer's submarine and then hit the Twist Of Hate for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Kurt Angle is wandering around backstage, and for some reason hasn't been kicked out yet. Up next: Beer Money faces Ken Anderson & Rob Van Dam!

Pope is backstage on his cell phone saying he just got home from Abu Dhabi and sees...someone on a laptop and gets off his call. He says he has some overseas transactions he needs to take care of and wants to use the laptop. The guy says as soon as he's done sending his email, but Pope is insistent he needs to make arrangements. He won't get off his laptop, so Pope uses his cell phone to call the guy and make him wander off to take the call, then stole his laptop.

We go backstage to a still choking AJ Styles who tells Ric Flair that on 2/3, THEY are coming. Flair tells AJ once again that THEY are them, and they already are here. He tells AJ to hand him his coat, and AJ picks it up...and there's a Smirnoff underneath. Flair laughs his but off and says he's been waiting six months for this, and tells AJ that he's been iced. AJ has trouble getting it down, and suddenly Kurt Angle walks in and nails AJ from behind with a baseball bat and then goes after Flair, dropping the bat and choking Flair. He tells Flair that he's heading to the Impact Zone and Jeff Jarrett had better meet him there, and it won't be a wrestling match or an exhibition, but Jarrett had better show or he's coming after Flair.

It's main event time!

TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money vs TNA World Champion Ken Anderson & Rob Van Dam

Roode kicked RVD in the gut and started beating him up in the corner, but RVD nails him back and hits a pair of spinkicks and a standing moonsault for 2. RVD with the rolling monkeyflip attempt, but Roode blocks and sits RVD on top, where he gets a leaping rollup for 2. Anderson tags in and runs Roode over with a clothesline for 2, then Roode got a knee to the gut and tagged Storm in, but Storm didn't fare much better as Anderson hit a hiptoss and a back elbow before putting the boots to Storm in the corner. Anderson with a spinning neckbreaker on Storm for 2 then whips Storm hard to the corner, but misses the charge and Roode nails Anderson from the apron and tags in. Roode stomps away on Anderson as Mike Tenay points out that Jackson James is the referee for this match, and Roode gets a running kneedrop for 2. Storm tags in and gouges at Anderson's face, then rakes the eyes, then tries a big charge and gets backdropped to the apron, but hits the ROH Leaping Enziguiri (tm) and tags out to Storm, who stomps on Anderson's gondola while RVD was distracting Jackson. Roode with a stiff right but Anderson responds with one of his own and goes for the Mic Check but Roode escapes so Anderson hits a DDT instead. Anderson makes the hot tag and RVD comes in with kicks, forearms, and a spinkick to Storm, a backdrop to Roode, and then leaps to the top rope and hits a top rope jumpkick on Storm and goes for Rolling Thunder, but Roode grabs the ankle to distract RVD while Storm comes up behind and hits a BIG lungblower for 2. Anderson blocks a double suplex attempt on Anderson and fights to the outside with Roode while RVD and Storm go at it in the ring. RVD with the stepover spinkick and then goes up top for the Five Star Notebook Splash, Roode tries to stop him but RVD kicks him off and hits the splash. He goes for the cover but Jackson Jackson He's Our Man is outside being distracted by Jeff Hardy as Matt Hardy sneaks into the ring and hits the Twist Of Hate on RVD, allowing Storm to cover RVD and get the win.

Winners: Beer Money

The Hardys stand in the aisle looking really pleased with themselves as RVD shoots them a death glare.

Backstage, Brian Kendrick talks about how he knows what it's like to be eaten by anger and calls Bully Ray by his old name Brother Ray, and Ray corrects him. Kendrick says he doesn't need to bully him, and suggests yoga so Ray can learn breathing techniques and realign himself. Ray asks if he did it right, then shoves Kendrick into the lockers and says he thinks he did it right.

We go back to Eric Bischoff's office as Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett freak out over Kurt Angle, but Eric Bischoff says he has them covered and tells Jarrett to go to the ring.

Brother Devon comes out to the ring and says instead of shoving people into lockers, he should bring his big ass down to the ring so he can finish what he was doing by whipping his ass. Bully Ray comes down the ramp, but won't come into the ring and dares Devon to come out after him. Suddenly, Brian Kendrick comes running out from the back in his underwear and nails Bully Ray, then tosses him into the ring with Devon. Ray gets the chain from his wallet and wraps it around his fist, but Devon gets several shots in and Ray drops the chain and goes down. Devon gets the chain and stalks Ray, but once again security runs in and pulls Devon off, opening him up so Ray can nail him, then Ray lays out security and grabs a chair from ringside. He puts Devon's head in the chair Pillman-style, then takes the chain and whips the chair with it. Ouch.

Kurt Angle is backstage, and...that's right, he's...WALKING!

When we come back from commercial, Kurt Angle is in the ring waiting for Jeff Jarrett, and of course he needs music to come down for a fight. Jarrett comes out in his ring jacket, flanked by Gunner and Muffin, and stretches before sending Gunner & Muffin into the ring to get Angle. Predictably, Angle goes through the both of them by himself and continues to lay a pretty lengthy beatdown to both guys until Muffin gets in a heavy shot from behind and chokes Angle out with his boot. NOW Jarrett comes into the ring and starts taking shots at Angle, and has Gunner hold Angle so he can take more free shots. Angle ducks a shot and Jarrett nails Gunner, then Angle tosses both Gunner & Muffin and then grabs Jarrett in a rear naked choke and grapevines the legs, and Jarrett's not going anywhere. Karen Jarrett comes down to ringside and yells at Angle to stop and tries to drag Jarrett out of the ring (unsuccessfully, as you might imagine), and suddenly almost the entire Immortal/Fortune group comes in and beats Angle down 745782134578234758-on-1. Abyss comes staggering out of the back and the rest of the group motions for him to join them in the ring, but suddenly he collapses to his knees and falls on his face...with Janice wedged in his back. Crimson comes out in a fancy mobster suit and warns Immortal that on February 3rd...they're coming. They all spend so much time paying attention to Crimson that Angle pops back up and goes after Flair, putting him in the anklelock until Immortal drags him out to safety on the floor.

2011 - Taz officially opened a dojo and "finishing school" in Long Island, NY.

2012 - Ring of Honor ran Philadelphia, PA.  Joshua Higham filed the following live report:

Ring of Honor returned to the National Guard Armory in Northeast Philadelphia tonight for “Homecoming 2012,” the first ROH event held there since the Respect is Earned II pay per view taping in June 2008.

At the start of the show, Bobby Cruise announced that Eddie Edwards was not medically cleared to wrestle tonight. Edwards came out to explain that he was not a fan of this particular doctor.

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs Future Shock. Paul Turner is your referee. Prior to the bell, WGTT cut the typical “hate the city you’re in to build heat” promo. After Cole was hit by an inadvertent forearm from O’Reilly, he was pinned after a double powerbomb.

"Right Leg" Andy Ridge vs. Grizzly Redwood vs. Tommaso Ciampa w/ Embassy Limited vs. Mike Bennett. Bryce Remsburg is your referee. Ciampa and Bennett teamed up for most of the match to beatdown on Ridge and Redwood before going after each other. Ciampa wins after hitting Project Ciampa on Redwood.

Steve Corino came out to talk about his injured shoulder and how he finally won the battle for respect. Kevin Steen—whose amazing entrance intro is now a wolf being shot—came out saying that Corino shouldn’t have to earn respect especially from someone like Cornette, who Steen said 1. ran a hick company in hick towns until it went broke; 2. managed Vader in a failed run in New York; 3. slapped Santino; and 4. threatened a former coworker with death. Steen then said Corino was respected when he was stabbing people with forks. Steen opened his arms, telling Corino to “hit me or hug me, but do something.” Corino just leaves, and Kenny King comes out with Rhett Titus on crutches.

Kevin Steen vs Kenny King w/ Rhett Titus. Paul Turner is your referee. Steen wins with an F5 after teasing the package piledriver. After the match, Steen put Titus in the sharpshooter after attacking his injured knee.

Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini vs Chris Hero. Todd Sinclair Is your referee. Before the bell, Shane Hagadorn came down to get in Hero's corner to "watch out for Martini." Hero told Hagadorn to return to the back, because he needed to do this himself. Just before the time limit expired, Elgin hit his powerbomb combo to get the win. Postmatch, Hagadorn congratulated Hero on doing it himself, claiming that he was the reason for the Kings of Wrestling's success and that nobody wants Hero anymore. Shane got KOed by an elbow for his trouble.


Roderick Strong comes out wanting Paul Turner to award him the match via forfeit. Adam Cole comes to the ring and says that he respects Eddie Edwards and wants to take his spot in the no holds barred match. Truth takes the mic, saying that with no holds barred, Cole would basically be in a handicap because Truth would interfere liberally. For that, Truth eats a superkick, and the match begins.

No Holds Barred: Roderick Strong vs Adam Cole. Paul Turner is your referee. A back and forth match with multiple chairs being destroyed. Michael Elgin comes down to interfere but is ran off by Eddie Edwards. Strong finally pins Cole after a suplex back breaker. A standing ovation for Cole after the match. I wouldn’t say he was “made” tonight, but he was most definitely elevated. An atmosphere very reminiscent, for me at least, of Take No Prisoners in 2008 where Tyler Black was elevated after an amazing match against Nigel McGuinness.

Proving Ground: The Briscoes (ROH World Tag Team Champions) vs Jigsaw and Hallowicked. Bryce Remsburg is your referee. During the match, the Briscoes (didn’t notice which one) had untied a portion of Hallowicked’s mask and tied him to the bottom rope and then double stomped Jigsaw through a table. This brought out Mike Quackenbush. Quack and Cary Silkin exchanged words at ringside as Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, Green Ant, Saturyne, Dasher Hatfield, Frightmare, and Ultramantis Black all came out and surrounded the ring. As Jay went after Saturyne and was distracted by Dasher Hatfield and Fire Ant, Mark got caught by Jigsaw with a rollup.

After the match, the Briscoes grabbed a mic that Jigsaw and Hallowicked would receive their title shot in Chicago in April. Ultramantis Black then cut a promo saying that since the Briscoes don’t respect the mask, which is sacred to the Chikara roster, Chikara will take what’s sacred to the Briscoes the ROH Tag Titles.

ROH World Championship: Davey Richards (ROH World Champion) vs Jay Lethal (ROH Television Champion). Todd Sinclair is your referee. An excellent back and forth match with the crowd doing the dueling chants thing. Roderick Strong comes out to attempt to distract Jay Lethal, but gets attacked for his troubles. Davey gets the win after his series of kicks. Davey thanks the crowd for supporting ROH and challenges Lethal for a rematch at a television taping soon.

Notes and thoughts:

A Really excellent second half, propelling a good show into a great show. I think this is the first ROH show I’ve been to that clocked in at exactly 3 hours.

As a Chikara fan, the “invasion” was incredible to see, but there were definitely some detractors in the crowd. It was interesting to see them set an angle for a show three months away in a different city, but it makes me want to go to Chicago for that doubleheader.

The Briscoes and Chris Hero did a preshow signing and photo session.

Former WWE star Gene Snitsky was in attendance.

Estimated crowd size: 750-800. No return date was announced.

2012 - Mike Johnson penned the following:

Syd Eick, who was had been with Ring of Honor for its entire run as a backstage official and working the door selling tickets, finished with the company last night. I was told it was a Sinclair Broadcasting decision as part of their transition after taking over the company last year.

Eick started with the company when RF Video formed it in 2002 as a way to sell tapes and DVDs to replace their sagging business post-ECW bankruptcy. When Feinstein was forced to sell his minority ownership and Silkin took over the company, Eick went to work for Silkin and pretty much ran the ROH office day to day. He was heavily involved in business decisions, bookings buildings, paying talent, and other top administrative duties. While Silkin was the owner, Eick was in the trenches of the daily operations.

The reality was that once Sinclair took over the company, it was just a matter of time. They had their own structure and have brought in their own staffing - as someone who has lived through company takeovers, it's not unusual to see the old guard phased out. That's the way the world works.

The firing was not sudden and Eick was aware for several weeks he would be finishing up in Philly, according to sources. I was told he kept it to himself and didn't tell anyone until former ROH owner Cary Silkin brought Eick into the locker room last night before the show, announcing that it would be Eick's final night with the company.

When the locker room was told, the reaction as it was described to me by several of the wrestlers was pretty much shock and disappointment since Eick had been there forever. While there were suspicions Eick was on the way out from the day Silkin sold ROH, no one knew he was done before Silkin's announcement.

Eick gave a small speech saying that he had a good 13 year run working in the wrestling business and that the company was changing and was going more "big time." He said he was proud that he, Cary Silkin and Ross Abrams were able to get it to a point where Sinclair purchased it and said that he hoped to see the company grow forever. He thanked everyone for being there for ROH and helping it grow and said that he wished them and their families well.

A number of ROH personalities, including ROH champ Davey Richards, Prince Nana, Steve Corino and Bobby Cruise all gave speeches, talking about how much Eick did for the company. Richards told the locker room that you never truly appreciate what someone does for a company until they are gone. Several personalities were very emotional.

Within the company, Eick was a polarizing figure as he would play "bad cop" to Silkin's "good cop". There were a number of those who left the company that blamed (and still blame) Eick for their departures. TNA star Austin Aries, who butted heads with Eick while working for ROH, commented on Eick's departure via Twitter without naming him, writing, "Just heard some #GREAT news. About damn time someone got smart. #SeeYaPal #CutTheCancerOut." Eick was well known for saying, "How's it going, pal?" when greeting someone. During Aries' last ROH run, sources noted that Eick had pegged Aries as a "cancer" in the locker room at the time, so this was Aries' receipt on Eick for stating so.

The company made no public announcement at the show last night that Eick was leaving, nor should they have. It's a new world and ROH has to move forward, just as they did when other players who shaped the company in the past left. As I wrote earlier, that's life and the way the world works.





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