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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-01-07 23:06:09
Match Number Five: Santino Marella (with Ricky Steamboat) versus Wade Barrett

Barrett misses a punch and Santino with a Steamboat-esque arm drag. Santino misses a second one and Barrett kicks and punches Santino. Barrett with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Barrett with a reverse chin lock. Barrett with a knee and he sets for a pump handle slam but Santino escapes and hits a super kick and gets a near fall.

Santino with punches and forearms followed by a split and hip toss. Santino for the diving head butt and then it is time to get the Cobra. Barrett goes to the apron on the cobra and Santino is dropped across the top rope. Barrett sets for the Bull Hammer and he connects and gets the three count.

Winner: Wade Barrett

After the match, Steamboat takes off his jacket after checking on Santino and Barrett leaves the ring.

Matt Striker is with Sheamus and he reminds Sheamus that he won the Royal Rumble and World Title last year. Matt asks Sheamus if he can do it again. Sheamus says that he couldn’t do it again. Sheamus says that he can win the Royal Rumble and World Title, but not in 18 seconds.

Sheamus sees 3MB and wants to know what is wrong with them. Sheamus says that Randy Orton kicked their arses.

Slater says that they got lucky.

Sheamus suggests that they go to the ring and sing a song. Sheamus says that whoever is still standing after a Brogue Kick can sing Danny Boy. Sheamus says that he will see him out there.

We see tables, ladders, and chairs in the building because there is a TLC match tonight.

We are back and Miz joins Cole and Lawler at the announce table.

Match Number Six: Antonio Cesaro (with American Flag) versus Great Khali (with Hornswoggle and Natalya)

Cesaro with punches to Khali but Khali with a clothesline to the top of the head. Khali sends Cesaro into the turnbuckles and then connects with an elbow and chop. Khali with another chop and then he clotheslines Cesaro over the top rope to the floor. Hornswoggle wants to interfere again but Cesaro gets up.

Khali brings Cesaro back into the ring and connects with a clothesline. Cesaro drops Khali on the top rope and then pulls Khali’s leg onto the top rope. Cesaro dives into the knee and then he kicks Khali in the hamstring. Cesaro works on the leg and he rubs his elbow on the knee.

Khali with a chop to Cesaro. Cesaro runs into a boot from Khali. Khali with clotheslines and he sets for the choke slam but Cesaro with kicks to the knee followed by a European uppercut and a springboard European uppercut. Cesaro with the Gotch Style Neutralizer on Khali and he gets the three count.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

After the match, Cesaro holds the title over his head as he looks at Miz.

Paul Heyman is in the back and he is on the phone. Brad Maddox stops by and Paul reminds Brad what he said last week. He doesn’t want Brad in his life.

Brad wants to know who Paul thinks he is. Paul will not talk to him that way because he can be of service to Paul and Punk. Brad says that he has his referee’s shirt and he was going to suggest that Vickie put him in the match.

Paul does not want Brad talking to anyone and he tells Brad to slither under that rock he came out from and he tells Brad that if he ever pssssts him again, he won’t.

Match Number Seven: Sheamus versus Jinder Mahal (with Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre)

They lock up and Sheamus with a clean break and side head lock take down. Sheamus puts Jinder in the corner but Jinder with a kick and side head lock. Jinder with a shoulder tackle and he celebrats. Sheamus grabs Jinder by the face and applies a side head lock. Sheamus with a shoulder tackle and then he kicks Jinder in the rear end.

Jinder with a waist lock and Jinder gets offended by what Sheamus was doing to Jinder’s rear end. Jinder has a kick blocked and Sheamus with a slap. Jinder avoids a slap the second time his kick is blocked. Sheamus kicks Jinder and slaps him before sending Jinder to the floor. Sheamus with forearms across the chest.

So Drew does not feel left out, he gives Drew ten forearms across the chest. Slater stays away and Sheamus punches Jinder and kicks him. Heath grabs the leg and Jinder knocks Sheamus to the floor. Drew with a clothesline to Sheamus on the floor.

Mahal with kicks and a near fall. Mahal with a knee drop. Mahal with a neck breaker for a near fall. Sheamsu with two running double sledges and then he runs Mahal into the corner and hits the knee lift. Sheamus gets Jinder up for White Noise but he sees Slater in the ring. Sheamus pulls Slater into the ring and sends him into Mahal. Sheamus with a double clothesline to Mahal and Slater and they go over the top rope.

Sheamus sends Jinder back into the ring and he hits Drew with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to Slater from the apron. Sheamus with an elbow to escape a full nelson slam attempt and then Sheamus with White Noise. Sheamus makes his chest bleed to set for the Brogue Kick and he hits it and gets the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

We see a CM Punk video package and his ability to hold on to the title against Ryback.

The belt is above the ring and for some reason, the official cage lowering music of WWE is playing.

We are back and we take a look back at highlights from the John Cena versus Dolph Ziggler match.

Match Number Eight: Ryback versus CM Punk (with Paul Heyman) for the WWE Championship

They lock up and Ryback misses a punch and Punk with punches and kicks. Ryback with a forearm and shoulders in the corner. Ryback with an Irish whip to the sternum. Ryback kicks Punk and Punk rolls to the floor. Ryback follows after Punk as Punk gets a chair from under the ring. Punk hits Ryback in the back with the chair.

Ryback takes Punk down and punches him. Ryback grabs the chair and Punk tries to get away. Punk moves and Ryback hits the steps with the chair. Punk with a kick and a chair shot to the chest. Punk sends Ryback into the ringside barrier. Punk pulls out a ladder.

Ryback with a forearm to the back and he drapes Punk over the apron. Ryback points to the chair and ladder and he hits a suplex onto the ladder. Punk rolls to the floor and Heyman feels the pain as well. Ryback with a chop and forearm to the back. Ryback picks up the steps and he hits Punk in the shoulder with it and then he tosses the steps aside.

Ryback picks up the rest of the steps but Punk moves when Ryback tries to use them. Punk with a knee off the steps and both men are down. Punk uses the chair on Ryback’s ankle and then his back. We go to commercial.

We are back and Ryback with an Electric Chair Drop in the ring. A ladder is set up in the ring. Ryback sends Punk to the floor and he follows. Ryback slams Punk on the floor and then he looks under the ring for a table and gets it. Punk kicks a chair into Ryback’s knee. Punk sets up a table on the floor and then Ryback counters a hip toss and sends Punk across the announce table. Ryback hits Punk with the hood from the announce table.

Punk goes for the knee when they return to the ring. Punk stomps on the leg. Punk brings a chair into the ring and then he uses it on the calf. Punk hits Ryback in the ankle with the chair. Punk puts the chair on the ankle and Punk goes to the turnbuckles. Ryback moves and Punk appears to have reinjured his knee.

Ryback with a clothesline and he pushes Punk down and then hits a back body drop. Ryback with a spinebuster and then he hits the lariat and Ryback signals that it is over. Ryback with the marching muscle buster set up but Punk gets to the floor and then Ryback tries to spear Punk but Ryback goes through the table set up against the ringside barrier.

Punk returns to the ring and he sets up the ladder. Punk climbs the ladder but Ryback gets back into the ring. Ryback climbs the other side and they fight on the ladder. Ryback punches Punk off the ladder but Punk pushes the ladder over. Ryback press slams Punk onto the ladder and the ladder twists in a way that will not make it operable.

Ryback sets for a power slam but Punk with a round kick to the head. Punk tries to set up the ladder that Ryback mangled and then Punk with a running knee into the corner. Punk tries to fix the ladder but Punk with another knee into the corner but Ryback picks up Punk to counter the bulldog and Punk goes through a table on the floor.

Ryback switches ladders and he sets it up in the center of the ring. Ryback climbs the ladder and the lights go out. The Shield are on the ladder and Ryback knocks Rollins and Ambrose off. Reigns pulls Ryback off. Ryback sends Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose over the top rope to the floor.

The Shield get a chair and they hit Ryback with it. They set for the three man power bomb through a table on the ring steps and hit it.

Punk gets back into the ring while Ryback tries to figure out where he is after that power bomb. Punk climbs the ladder and he sees Ryback on the steps. Punk grabs the belt and he wins the match.

Winner: CM Punk

We are back and Matt Striker wants to get some comments. Punk says that he had nothing to do with Brad Maddox and he doesn’t know the Shield. Punk says that he is going to go out and open his mouth before Rock can go out and entertain the Millions and Millions. It is time to drop a pipe bomb.

Kane asks Daniel Bryan how his knee is. Bryan blames Kane for losing to Cody and Damien. Kane and Daniel blame each other and they go back and forth with yes and no. Vickie interrupts and Kane and Daniel want to know why she is yelling.

Vickie says that she knew about Kane and Daniel’s issues. Next week will be their four month evaluations from Dr. Shelby. Kane calls Dr. Shelby a monster while Bryan calls him a nerd. Kane says that Shelby is a nerd. Bryan calls him a monster.

We see highlights from last week’s World Title Match during Champions’ Choice. On Friday night, Alberto will face Big Show.

Match Number Nine: Kofi Kingston versus Big Show

Kofi with kicks to Show and the referee pulls Kofi away from Show and Show with a punch and Kofi is out. Show gets the three count.

Winner: Big Show

We go back to the last time that Dwayne and Punk were in the ring together.

We go to commercial.

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