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By Mike Johnson on 2004-02-23 21:10:00

JOHNSON: Why should wrestling fans pick up Wrestlecrap? What sets is apart from other wrestling books?

REYNOLDS: As previously stated, I'd like to think it's funny. I know I've had many folks tell me it is the funniest book ever written on the subject of pro wrestling. It looks at all the stupid stuff we had to sit through to remain wrestling fans, and the ideas why those in the back thought that those were actually GOOD ideas. And yes, someone thought a tag team known as the DING DONGS was something that fans would want to see!

JOHNSON: What is some of the wrestling-related stuff you are enjoying now? What do you find yourself mentally noting for a future Wrestlecrap installment?

REYNOLDS: You know, I've really been enjoying going back and watching all the old WCW stuff. The things Eric Bischoff did in the early days of the nWo were nothing short of sensational. It completely shook up the wrestling world, and I think that since WCW collapsed, he's never really gotten the credit he deserves for what he did. I'd love to see something like that happen again, something that just makes people sit up and notice.

JOHNSON: Finally, What do you think was the absolute worst gimmick ever?

REYNOLDS: My answer to that question changes on an hourly basis. But right now, I'm thinking the Red Rooster, if for no other reason than you had a guy, Terry Taylor, who had all the talent in the world, and was dubbed by many in the industry as a future champion. One horrible gimmick later, his career was DEAD, RIP. Plus a guy clucking like a chicken is always funny. [Laughs]

RD Reynolds' book Wrestlecrap is out now from publisher ECW Press. You can find it at many retail and online book stores, including our own Online Store.

You can find out more about RD Reynolds, his future projects, and of course, lots of bad wrestling moments at RD's website

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