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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-08 11:59:00

Joe Gacey came out with Christina Von Eerie cutting a promo mad that he had to sit in the back watching this instead of Masada giving him the rematch he deserved.  They began brawling and VE grabbed Masada's leg, allowing Gacey to wipe him out.  He locked a submission hold on the champ, allowing VE to stab Masada with acupuncture needles.  He then laid out Masada again.

Cage of Death: Matt Tremont vs. DJ Hyde.

CZW outdid themselves this year.  They had a cage that features several panes of glass on one side, two panes of plexiglass wrapped in barbed wire on another, different fencing pieces, more panes of glass inside the ring, several steel chairs wrapped in barbed wire, and outside, a contraption that features three different panes of glass that someone who is tossed off of the cage will fall through.  Outside the ring is a contraption of several chairs with a barbed wire board across them. It takes a lot for me to drop my mouth in awe but this might just be it. 

Larry Legend announced before the main event he would no longer be the permanent ring announcer for CZW.  It was way too late and took way too long to be doing this as a long drawn out deal.

DJ Hyde came out and said he was making it simple, Legend was fired and to get the hell out.  Fans were throwing toilet paper over the cage at Hyde.  He said Tremont was going to die tonight.

They faced off, circling each other.  The crowd chanted "douchebag" at Hyde.    They went nose to nose.  Hyde shoved and spit in Tremont's face.  He said he was the greatest wrestler in the world, so Tremont slapped him. 

They fought and made their way towards barbed wire cage, trying to shove each other into it.  Tremont whipped Hyde into the barbed wire plexiglass cage and it exploded, raining down on the fans.   Tremont grabbed Hyde and dug a piece of metal into his head, before driving it down again and again.

Tremont nailed Hyde with several right hands and ran his head into the barbed wire cage.   He brought a chair down hard over Hyde's back and then over his head.

Tremont pointed at another pane of glass and whipped Hyde at it.  Hyde reversed the whip but Tremont saved himself....only to be speared through the glass onto a piece of railing that was bridged between the ring and the guard rail.  Hyde covered Tremont for a two count on the table.

On the outside and the table, Hyde ripped at Tremont's face and slammed him on the railing.  Hyde nailed a series of headbutts but Tremont fought back.  He picked up Hyde and rammed him through another pane of glass, bringing them back into the ring.  The pane didn't shatter.   Tremont used something and ripped at Hyde's forehead.

Tremont beat Hyde with a chair across the back.   He whipped Hyde into the barbed wire cage and then dropkicked him into it.   He charged Hyde, who backdropped him into a pane of glass set in the corner, shattering it.  

Hyde grabbed a bat embedded with tacks and began beating Tremont with it.   He grabbed a cookie sheet that someone had taped a picture of his face on and slammed it down.  He picked up a chair wrapped in barbed wire and nailed Tremont over the head.  A fan threw a roll of toilet paper in the ring and nailed Hyde.

Tremont nailed a belly to belly suplex through two chairs for a two count.   The crowd chanted for Tremont.  He slammed the barbed wire chair down HARD across Hyde's back.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."   Tremont nailed Hyde across the face with another thumbtack bat.

Tremont then hit Hyde with a shovel embedded with tacks and grabbed another pane of glass.   He placed it atop several chairs and began choking the hell out of Hyde.  He put Hyde under the glass and climbed to the top of the cage.   He hit a frog splash off the top of the cage through the glass onto Hyde.  That was certifiably insane...and it was only good for a two count.

Tremont continued working over Hyde.  He grabbed wire cutters and cut through pieces of the barbed wire fence as a way to send Hyde through it.   He tried to powerbomb Hyde out through a pane of glass that was being  bridged by four chairs, but Hyde fought back and nailed him with a chokeslam through the glass to the floor below.  Beyond brutal.

Tremont was down and didn't get back up so everyone came running.  Hyde went to the floor and threw him back in the cage,  Tremont was bleeding from all over his back.  Hyde covered him for a two count.  Hyde nailed a side slam for another near fall.

Hyde picked up Tremont and gave him a running powerslam into a pane of glass wrapped in barbed wire.  The crowd chanted for Tremont.   Hyde picked him up and slammed him down hard.    The crowd was all over Hyde.

Hyde began climbing to the top of the cage, over the structure that had three panes of glass stacked up.  Tremont followed.  They battled at the top of the cage and Hyde went for a chokeslam off of it but Tremont grabbed him for a Death Valley Driver and off they went through all three panes, shattering them in all directions.

The crowd went nuts, chanting "CZW" loudly and then "This is awesome."  Tremont was the first to rise and  rolled Hyde in.  He covered Hyde for the pin.

Your winner, Matt Tremont!

Absolutely sick, awesome and insane stunt show for a main event.  I can't help but shake my head at the sheer lunacy I just witnessed.

That's all from CZW tonight.  Thank you again for logging in to  We'll be back tomorrow with TNA Final Resolution 2012 PPVcoverage!


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