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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-08 11:59:00

BLK OUT - Jeez and Ruckus vs. Dave and Jake Crist

They all nearly got into it with some fans at ringside.  They battled with a series of nice dives early, followed by a brawl in the aisle  It turned into a deal where Jeez and one of the Crists were really going at it and everyone else started holding them back.    This led to a chaotic, long played out scene before everyone was forced to go to the back.  There were some fans throwing things and there was a near-riot feel to the whole thing.

CZW promoter Maven Bentley came out and apologized and said any fans who were involved could meet him at the ticket booth and the company would make it up to them.

CZW Wired TV champion AR Fox vs. mystery opponent

Fox had issued an open challenge to anyone to come and face him.  Out came Robert Anthony, who's been here before and is the current Resistance Pro champion.

Anthony took the mic and said several months ago, DJ Hyde called him to come here and he told Hyde to suck his d***.  He said he didn't want to come back in front of all these loser fans, but then he saw footage of Fox and realized, he's the man in CZW now.  So, he wanted to come back to expose him as the one dimensional spot monkey that he is.  Anthony promised to take the belt and never come back, then warned Fox to prepare to be embarrassed. It was a good promo. 

So, the story is Anthony believes he is the superior wrestler and wants to outclass Fox. 

They locked up and Anthony grabbed an armbar and said,"This is wrestling, baby."   Fox reversed but Anthony was easily able to escape and preened to the crowd and stalled.

Anthony grabbed a side headlock and controlled Fox on the mat.  Fox reversed it but Anthony slipped out and grabbed another side headlock.   Fox broke free and went for a move but it was reversed into a rollup.  They went into a series of reversals on the mat and near falls.  Anthony bridged out of one into a backslide for a two count and they faced off.

Anthony measured and drilled Fox into the corner, then whipped him across the ring hard.   He charged but Fox kicked him off.  Fox leapt off the top and used his speed to evade Anthony, then nailed a big missile dropkick.  That sent Anthony to the floor, where Fox hit an insane leaping dive over the top to the floor.

As they returned to the ring, Anthony cut him off with some forearms.  They battled to the floor again, where Fox nailed a leaping kick off the apron.   Fox set up Anthony on the apron and came off the top with leaping guillotine legdrop.  That move is going to kill someone, likely Fox, one day.

Fox then returned to the ring and hit a running dive across the ring, over the ring post and wiped out Anthony on the floor.  That was one of the most impressive things I've ever seen in my entire life.

Fox brought Anthony into the ring and nailed a slingshot elbow in for a two count.   Fox nailed a series of palm strikes and went for a multijump springboard move but Anthony caught him and hit a wheelbarrow suplex into the buckles.  He nailed a suplex in the middle for another two count on Fox.

Anthony backdropped Fox over the top to the apron.  Fox rebounded with a back elbow but was caught with a back-cracker in mid-air for a two count.  Anthony began focusing his attack on Fox's back, working him over.  He picked up Fox and slammed him, then cinched in a surfboard maneuver.

They continued battling back and forth until Fox swept Anthony's legs on the apron and sent him to the floor.  Fox then hit a springboard inverted dive to the floor.  They battled on the floor until Anthony drilled him with a big boot.

Anthony grabbed Fox and hit a running powerbomb on the floor, sending him into a group of :fans" standing in a corner in the crowd.  Good spot.  Fox made a comeback, wiping out Anthony on the floor with a cannonball into the corner and then a big swanton into the ring for a two count.

Fox was sent into the corner but kicked off Anthony and nailed a Sliced Bread #2.  He nailed a big bombs away diving knee off the top for another two count.  They battled back and forth.  Anthony wiped Fox out and hit a springboard, twisting moonsault for a two count.

Anthony locked Fox in a bow and arrow, rolling around the ring and then lifting him up again.  Fox escaped and nailed some explosive kicks and a flying swanton off the top for another two count.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."

Anthony caught Fox with a powerbomb for a two count, then turned him over into a Boston Crab.  Fox fought his way to the ropes.  Anthony began jawjacking with the fans.  Fox nailed a big cannonball in the corner, wiping him out.  Anthony nailed a backhanded punch but Fox fought back.  He absorbed a forearm shot and nailed a springboard Spanish Fly for the win.

Your winner and still CZW Wired TV champion, AR Fox!

Another really great match.  Anthony is the real deal and I can see why so many people have praised his work to me in the last few months based on his RP work in Chicago.  This was a really important match for Fox in my opinion as he was forced to really work and not just do awesome athletic stuff.  You can see him growing as a worker and that's a great thing.

This is really a thumbs up show live.

Anthony received a standing ovation and a "Please come back" chant. He seemed really touched and saluted the audience.

CZW champion Masada vs. Drake Younger

They are billing this one as the winner being the greatest CZW champion of all time.  I can see really old school CZW fans taking issue with that one.

They went back and forth with power spots early, using shoulderblocks to test each other.   They traded some wrestling early, going back and forth feeling each other out, as opposed to going right for the blood and guts.

Masada grabbed a side headlock but was rolled into a pinfall combination for a two count.  Younger tried to leapfrog Masada but didn't get all the way over.  Masada wiped him out with a clothesline.   Younger nailed him to the floor and dove off the top onto the champion.

Younger tossed several chairs into the ring while Masada was down on the floor recovering.   Younger hit a flying bodypress for a two count.  Younger slammed Masada with a chair then drove another one down atop of it.  He worked over Masada in the corner and charged but had a chair kicked into his face.

Masada used a broken piece of chair to rip at Younger's head, drawing blood.   He tried to suplex Younger onto a chair but Younger slipped out of the way and used a drop toehold onto the chair.   Younger was then hiptossed on the chair.

Masada fought back drilled him with a chair to the head and powerbombed him against the steel connecting the buckles to the ringpost on the outside of the ring.  He brought Younger back into the ring and set up a chair.  He then placed Younger on the top for a superplex through said chair.

They battled back and forth and finally Masada hit a rana off the top, sending Younger through the chair.   Drake was trapped in a STF but fought for the ropes and finally made it.

Masada beat him with a chair and wedged the chair in the corner.  Younger was whipped hard into the chair for a two count.   Masada charged Younger again but was caught with an overhead throw into the corner and the chair.

Younger grabbed another chair and went to powerbomb Masada onto it but was fought off.  They battled to the top and Young used a sunset flip powerbomb into the ring on the chair.  He began burying Masada under chairs and went to the top again, nailing a double stomp for a two count.

They went back and forth until Younger nailed a full nelson back suplex for another two count.  Masada nailed a frightening looking powerbomb on the remnants of a chair.   He then hit a crazy back suplex and another standard suplex on a chair for another two count.

Masada killed him with a chairshot to the head, then small packed him, chair around the head and all, for the pin.

Your winner, Masada!

A brutal match.

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