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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-08 11:59:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of CZW Cage of Death 14 from the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ! The Cage of Death iPPV can be ordered by clicking the graphic below: iPPV

There were a lot of chants for former CZW stars before the show, including Wifebeater, Zandig and Nick Gage.  There was then a sizeable "Free Nick Gage" chant. 

Ring announcer Larry Legend was introduced and came out to the the theme to the Price is Right, since he won big on the game show.  He got a massive "Larry" chant and a standing ovation.

Ultraviolent Aerial Assault: 4-Loco vs. the Nation of Intoxication

The only way to win is to get the CZW Tag Team belts hanging above the ring.  Everyone just brawled out of the locker room and its immediate total chaos.  Azrieal hit a big tope con hilo to the floor.  Crissy Rivera swung off the top rope using a rope like Tarzan into a rana.

Alex Colon drilled Danny Havoc with a ladder and attempted to whip him into it.  Havoc nailed him and used it like an airplane spin weapon but was lowblowed by Rivera.  Colon used a back suplex while the ladder was around his neck.  Holy hell, that was nuts.

Alex Colon and Bandido worked over Devon Moore, beating him with a ladder.  They brought a table into the ring.   Bandido sent Moore into a ladder in the corner with a suplex.  Nuts.  The table was placed in a corner.  As all this madness was going on, everyone else was brawling outside the ring.

4 Loco worked over Moore, who held onto the ropes when they whipped him across the ring.  He backdropped Colon and Bandido to the floor.  Everyone battled to the floor as Havoc stood atop the box the belts were in and hit a moonsault to the floor on everyone. 

The crowd began applauding in unison.

Thurnteen and Colon battled back and forth in the ring.  Thurnteen used the rope hanging from the ceiling to pull himself to the top and came off with a big swinging DDT.  He then went to the top of a scaffold and was going to leap off, but Colon charged up a table that was leaning against the ropes.  Colon was kicked off and bumped into the ring.  Thurnteen then hit an insane 450 splash off the top of the scaffold to a table Bandido was on below.  The place went nuts.

Devon Moore went to the top of the scaffold.  Rivera followed him and nailed him with a low blow but he no sold it and pulled out a protective cup.  He grabbed her and nailed a Michinoku Driver off the top of the scaffold through a table.  Holy hell, that was insane.  The place erupted.

Someone nailed a cutter off the apron through another table but I missed who.  Azrieal came off the top of the box with a senton.  Havoc was bleeding from the back of the head at this point.   The finish was Havoc pulling someone from the top of a huge ladder and nailing a DVDR through a table that was leaning against the ropes.

Lucky Thurnteen then pulled the belts down.

The winners and new CZW Tag Team champions, The Nation of Intoxication.

Absolutely one of the most insane matches I've seen this year with a dozen insane bumps that would make the highlight reel.   Great, chaotic brawl that the crowd loved.  And that was JUST the opener!

As they cleaned the ring, Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb walked around ringside cutting a promo.  He put her over as his new fiancé and the fans called her a "crack whore."  Bomb said that they feel they may have gotten off on the wrong foot with the fans because they understand how confused the fans are.  They said they are here because they care about them.  They began pointing out fans and telling them how they could better themselves.  It was great.  One woman actually threw something at Cherry.  They found a planted heavyset fan that they had take off his shirt so they could "see how they can best help him."  Parks then told the fans to take his advice, which is that the body is a temple and if you work hard to get a body like his, one day you can treat someone else's like a playground.  It was a hell of a promo.

Shane Strickland vs. Rich Swann

They began brawling back and forth on the floor immediately.   They fought into the ring, where they went back and forth with some crazy reversals.  Swann was cut off with a big clothesline.  Strickland leapfrogged him and avoided a tackle but was caught with a big dropkick.  Strickland came back with a dropsault, sending Swann into the corner.

Strickland and Swann battled back and forth until Swann dropkicked him out of the ring.  Swann hit a running flip dive to the floor.   Strickland tried to nail a sliding kick through the ropes but was pulled through and brought down hard on the floor.

Swann chopped him hard on the floor.   They fought back into the ring where Swann charged Strickland but was kicked down for a two count.  Strickland began nailing a series of kicks to Swann.  He went for a tombstone piledriver and they went over and over with reversals until Swann dropped him down on the back of his head in a nasty looking attempt.

Swann chopped Strickland back down as he recovered and locked in a rear chinlock, but not before spitting down at him.  Strickland fought to his feet but was dropped back down with a back suplex for a two count.  Swann argued over the count.

Swann came off the top with a big measured elbow for a two count.  Swann chopped him in the corner and monkey flipped him out of it onto a chair in the middle of the ring.  That garnered Swann another two count.  Swann beared down on Strickland with an armbar.

They battled back and forth until Strickland elevated Swann into the air and brought him down on his knees.  He charged Swann but was backdropped to the floor.  Swann went for a sliding kick but it was avoided.  Strickland nailed him with a DDT on the floor, with Swann's body making a sickening thud.

Strickland nailed a springboard moonsault to the floor on Swann.  They fought back and forth with Swann being hit with an Electric Chair into a bridge for a pin.   Strickland was hit with a Van Daminator and then a reverse rana for a two count.  Strickland missed a rana off the top and was hit with a double stomp from the top by Swann, then a standing 450 splash for another two count.

The fans began dueling chants.  Strickland sets up a chair and tries for a powerbomb but it was blocked.  Strickland nails him hard in the face and goes for another.  Swann slipped out and nailed a sitdown bomb, dropping Strickland across the edge of the chair.  He then hit a standing 450 splash and scored the pin.

Your winner, Rich Swann!

Someone is going to watch this and say they did way too much and the psychology didn't make sense, but for this audience, it was exactly what they wanted to see - two guy beating themselves and the other guy half to death with insane moves and hard hitting shots in order to win.  My hat is off to them for an insanely great effort.  Swann blows me away every time.


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