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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-08 16:22:12

AR Fox vs. Masada vs. Jon Davis vs. Rich Swann

It was all nuts from the start.  Fox hit a springboard inverted dive to the floor.  Masada hit a tope to Davis.  Fox kicked him as he was coming into the ropes and hit a springboard into a guillotine legdrop as Masada was hanging halfway inside the ring.

They battled and Masada went for a superplex but was fought off.   Fox battled him off but before he could capitalize, Swann returned and attacked Masada.  He nailed big boot to the face.  Fox came off the top and rolled through the ring into a cannonball in the corner.  He nailed Swann and tied him to the tree of woe but was laid out by Davis and powerbombed into the upside down Swann.

This all led to a big Tower of Doom spot with Fox hitting a sunset flip on Davis as he and Masada superplexed Swann.  Fox was caught and hit with the most evil looking back suplex off the ropes ever.  I thought he broke his neck.  Then, he was out there going back and forth with the most insane back and forth reversals ever with Swann until Swann connected with an insane kick and scored the pin.

Your winner, Rich Swann!

This felt a little rushed but the effort was great.

DGUSA champion Johnny Gargano vs. Sami Callihan

Jon Davis tried to attack Gargano during the ring introductions and neither of them were happy about that.   Callihan said this is about the night of the Callihan Death Machine and Davis should get to the back.  He said that with all due respect, he doesn't care about Gargano but it's all about him.  He said that when he beats Gargano when they are both 100%, everyone will know who the best wrestler in EVOLVE and DGUSA is, him.

Davis went to the back, at least for now.

Callihan began trash talking Gargano and shoved him in the face, warning him they are going to war.  They went at each other and rolled around on the mat grappling and fighting before facing off again.

They locked up and Callihan backed Gargano into the corner and choppep him.  Gargano slapped him so Callihan headbutt him stiffly and drilled him with a Facewash in the corner.   He then nailed another one.

He went for a third but Gargano grabbed his leg.  Callihan began slapping him so Gargano spat at him and nailed him to the floor.  Gargano hit a tope that wiped out a railing and then returned to the ring and did it again.

Callihan cut him off with a leaping clothesline as they returned to the ring, then hit a big dive through the ropes of his own.  The crowd loved that and chanted for Callihan.

Callihan drilled him on the floor and charged, chopping Gargano in the corner.   He went for a backhanded shot but Gargano ducked, so Callihan hit the ringpost.   Gargano worked him over and rolled Callihan back into the ring. 

Gargano and Callihan exchanged stiff shots and kicks inside the ring.  Gargano nailed a snap suplex into the turnbuckles.  Gargano nailed Callihan and pulled him up with an armbar, trying to snap the arm like a pumphandle. 

Callihan tried to fight back but was cut off by a Gargano dropkick.  Callihan hit a boot to knock a charging Gargano away but was still nailed.  He went to the top but was cutoff and Gargano attempted a superplex.   Callihan fought back and slipped out, then superkicked Gargano in the back of the knee as he was standing on the ropes.

Gargano went down and looked at his leg, checking his knee.  Callihan pulled him to the center and locked on an Indian Death Lock with an anklelock.  Gargano mae it to the ropes and fired back bur was caught with a Death Valley Driver.  Callihan went for his rebound splash but Gargano pulled up his knees.

Both men were down and fought to return to their feet.  The crowd chanted for each of them with dueling chants.  Callihan and Gargano met on their feet and battled back and forth with chops.   Gargano for the better of the exchange.  He was backdropped onto the apron.  Callihan nailed him with a kick but was caught with a shoulderblock as he charged.

Gargano shoved Callihan over the top to the floor.  When Callihan returned, Gargano spiked him with a big DDT.  Gargano scored a two count.

Callihan caught Gargano with a Dragonscrew legwhip and cinched in a figure four leglock.  Callihan and Gargano went back and forth with a series of stiff shots until Gargano nailed a big clothesline.  The dueling chants began again.

Gargano drilled Callihan in the face and shot him like a rocket into the middle turnbuckle face-first.  He locked on a Crossface on Callihan.   Callihan grabbed the ropes to force a break.  

Gargano went to grab Callihan, who caught him with a side suplex out of nowhere for a two count.  They battled to a corner where they battled back and forth on the top.  Gargano pulled Callihan through the ropes so he was exposed and nailed a superkick.  He tried to powerbomb him off the apron to the floor but Callihan fought back. 

Gargano drilled his leg onto the apron, screamed at him that Callihan was dead and slammed him hard, backwards into the guard rail.  Callihan cut off Gargano when they returned to the ring and hit a splash off the buckles for a two count.  He went for the Stretch Muffler but Gargano cinched him in for a pinfall attempt.

Callihan kicked out and nailed a clothesline, then a powerbomb over his knees for another two count.  Callihan tried to work Gargano into the Muffler again but was kicked in the face.  Callihan stomped him in the face and went for the move but it was turned into a Crossface.  Callihan escaped and went for a Samoan Drop but it was turned into a Crucifix.  Gargano began drilling knees to the face of Callihan, who was trapped and couldn't defend himself.  The referee then called for the bell.

Your winner and still Open the Freedom Gate champion, Johnny Gargano!

Good, hard fought main event.  A very good and entertaining show from top to bottom.

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