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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-08 16:22:12
Rich Swann vs. Jigsaw

Some fans were yelling "Rubix" at Jigsaw, based on his TNA appearance.

They went back and forth with some nice matwork early.  Jigsaw drilled Swann with a stiff shot.  Jigsaw followed that up with a standing backbreaker.  They went back and forth with some big athletic reversals until Swann scored with a kick for a two count.

Swann kicked Jigsaw across the back and cinched in a rear chinlock.   He slammed Jigsaw  down and went for Rolling Thunder but Jigsaw got up and drilled him to the mat.  Swann rolled out of the ring, where he was hit with a nice tope through the ropes.

They battled on the floor and back into the ring, exchanging chops.  Jigsaw used the ropes for leverage as he kicked away at Swann in the corner.  Swann went down but kept fighting his way out.  He was snapmared over and drilled with a kick to the back.  Jigsaw scissored Swann, then morphed it into a chinlock.  Swann fought to his feet with a series of elbows but was knocked down.

Jigsaw continued nailing a series of strikes and chops.  Swann fought back and whipped Jigsaw into the ropes.  He went to the top but Swann snapped him off.  Jigsaw went to the floor, where Swann hit an awesome twisting dive over the top to the floor.

Swann kept it up with an awesome twisting spike DDT for a two count.   Swann went for a big sunset flip but Jigsaw rolled through and nailed a double stomp.   He hit an awesome Northern Lights suplex on Swann,  The crowd rallied both men.

Jigsaw and Swann battled over for control of a suplex.  Jigsaw won but Swann landed on his feet.  He dazed Jigsaw with a chop and nailed a leaping Sicilian Slice to the back of the neck.   Swann went for a spring board move but was caught in a Torture Race position and then turned into a powerbomb for a two count.

Swann nailed a reverse somesrsault into a leaping cutter and then a standing shooting star press for a two count.  He killed Jigsaw with hard chops.   Jigsaw cut him coming off the ropes and nailed a Stun Gun for a two count.

Jigsaw missed a move coming off the top and was killed with a leaping spinkick.  Swann covered him for the pin.

Your winner, Rich Swann!

Another good, hard fought match.

Jon Davis vs. Chuck Taylor

Davis spent a lot of time glaring at a heckling fan as he got into the ring.  Taylor was accompanied by someone wearing this moss looking outfit.  The fans chanted "Swamp monster" at it.  There was a big Chucky T chant at the bell.

When the bell rang, Davis just sat in the corner.  The fans chanted, "We want wrestling" and nailed a big shoulderblock.  He acted like was going to nail the prone Taylor but stood there instead.

Taylor laid there so the referee checked his arms and after it dropped twice, he acted like he was coming back to life.  He kept trying to hit Davis with moves but Davis shrugged them off.  Davis got angry and nailed a flying shoulderblock, taking Davis down.  That got a huge pop with people leaping out of their seats.

Taylor went for a brainbuster off the apron into the ring but Davis was too big.  Taylor nailed him with a running kick.  They went to the floor, where Davis laid him out with a big clothesline.   Davis worked him over in the aisle and tossed Taylor back into the ring.

Davis continued to drill Taylor with a series of elbows across the back then hit a big back suplex for a two count.  The crowd was into Taylor kicking out and chanted for him.   Taylor made a comeback with a series of rights but was drilled and taken down.

Taylor's entourage distracted Davis and Taylor rolled him up for a series of near falls.  The crowd was into their silliness, playing "hot potato" outside.  Davis nailed a big running powerslam on Taylor for a two count.  Taylor came back and rolled through, trying to grab a one-legged crab.  He was kicked off but nailed a Uranage on Davis for another two count.

The crowd chanted, "Let's go Chucky" as he continued to work over Davis.   Davis missed a clothesline and was hit with a stunner.  But, he came back with a series of clotheslines and finally pinned Taylor.  The crowd did not like that.

Your winner, Jon Davis!

So, later on it will be Davis vs. Fox vs. Masada vs. Swann in a Freestyle

Solid match.  There was a little more silliness and sports-entertainment out of Taylor than we saw at anything else on the show so far.  Davis has really gotten his role as pissed off monster down pat.

DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate champion Johnny Gargano came out and said that he's not trying to get suspended so he just has something to say.  He tells Davis that he's fake and insincere and no one cares about him.  He said Davis is trying to be a bully but just "like everything else in your life, you are mediocre at it."  He tells Davis that despite all he has tried to do, he is still standing and still has the title.  He walked out. 

Davis took the mic and said that he can say what he wants, because the main event is under DGUSA rules, implying that he would interfere since he can't be suspended by EVOLVE for getting involved.

El Generico & Samuray del Sol vs. The Super Smash Brothers

Sol and Player Uno started out, going back and forth on the mat.   Genrico tagged in but was pulled into the Smash Brothers' corner.  Player Dos tagged in and they exchanged headlocks and hammerlocks.

Dos shoulderblocked Generico down but was leapfrogged by the Generico Luchador.  This led to a nice series of back and forth moves which ended in the two shaking hands out of respect.

They locked up again and Generico worked over his arm   Uno and Samuray tagged in and had the most awesome back and forth ever.  Uno got backed into the opposition's corner and Generico tagged in.  Uno was able to drill Generico into the the Smash Brothers' corner, leading to ome nice double team maneuvers on Generico.

The crowd began singing the "Ole Ole Ole" song to rally Generico but was he was drilled with a running shoulderblock in the corner by Uno.   The Smash Brothers continued to work over Generico.  Sol finally made the hot tag and whipped out all this great Lucha stuff I can't even begin to recap.  At one point while crisscrossing the ring, he stopped by running on his hands and turned that into a head scissor takedown.  Just awesome stuff.

Generico tagged back in and cinched in a side chinlock on Dos.  He and Sol hit a series of nice springboard splashes for a two count.   Dos hit a tope con hilo through the ropes on Generico on the floor.  Uno unloaded on Sol for a series of two counts.

Sol drilled Uno with a kick into the corner and stomped away at him.   Generico tagged in and nailed Falcon's Arrow for a two count on Uno.  He shot Sol into the air with his feet, setting up a 450 splash on Uno.  That was friggin' awesome.

Generico hit a big running boot in the corner and went for the brainbuster but Uno turned the attempt into a rana.  That led to a great series of near falls that the crowd popped for.  The Brothers came back, sending Sol into his own partner in the corner.  Uno hit a 450 splash on Sol just as Dos charged under him with a running cannonball in the corner on Generico.  That was another awesome looking near fall.

The crowd chanted, "This is awesome" and they were right.

Generico killed Uno with a running boot to the face.  Sol then hit a reverse Frankensteiner.  They went back and forth with all this insane mad scientist nutty spots until Sol drilled Uno with this awesome twisting move as they came off the top.

Your winners, El Generico & Samuray del Sol!

Just an awesome match.  I am not one to get behind matches that are just big spots but this was just one insane moment after another once they got out of the feeling out process.  Sol is one of the best pure athletic talents I've ever seen.  The Smash Brothers have a great gimmick and work their asses off.  That tope con hilo from Dos was great.  Generico is still the enigma to me.  I look at him and see reasons why people could criticize him and why they would say he's not a top name, but then everyone loves the hell out of him and he blows the roof off with awesome performance after performance.  How can you not respect the hell out of that???  He's going to make a lot of money in this business.

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