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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-07 23:00:00

PWS Tri-State champion Star Man & TDS vs. Reality Check's Alex Reynolds & Devon Moore

TDS and Reynolds started out.  They went back and forth.  Star Man and Moore tagged in,  Star Man hit a big monkey flip in the corner.   He worked over Moore with a series of punches in the corner.  Moore nailed an inverted atomic drop and Star Man paused as if he was trapped in position.

Both Reynolds and Moore worked him over to no effect since he was paused but then he "rebooted" and went to town on them.  Reynolds and Moore cut him off and worked him over.  Moore nailed a double stomp across the chest.

Reynolds tagged in and drilled Star Man with a DDT for a two count.  The crowd chanted for Star Man, rallying him.  Star Man made a comeback and tagged in TDS.  TDS and Star Man teamed with a series of double team maneuvers on their opponents.

Moore and   TDS began brawling outside the ring.    Reynolds elevated Star Man into the air and kicked him low and covered Star Man for the pin.

Your winners, Alex Reynolds and Devon Moore!

Moore drilled Star Man with his own title belt.

PWS champion Matt Hardy (with Reby Sky) vs. Kevin Matthews - Casket Match

They placed a wooden casket in the aisle.  Hardy sent Matthews into the ropes but was backdropped off.  Hardy nailed a series of hiptosses and chased Matthews out of the ring.

Matthews returned to the ring, where he shoulderblocked Matthews down and avoided a series of hiptosses.  He nailed Hardy with one and told him "f*** you!"  Hardy slapped him and threw Matthews out of the ring to the floor.

Hardy and Matthews battled on the floor and whipped each other into the guard rails.  They battled into the aisle and slammed each other on the casket.  Matthews whipped Hardy hard into the railing, almost taking out a lighting rig in the process.

They battled back into the ring where Matthews smothered Hardy against the ropes.  He whipped Hardy into the corner but was kicked off.  Hardy nailed a legdrop and a series of elbows.  Hardy nailed a hangman's neckbreaker.

Matthews rolled back to the outside.  Hardy teased a powerbomb on the floor but Matthews reversed it and catapulted Hardy into the railing.  Hardy was coughing a fit. 

They battled back towards the casket where Matthews tried to put Hardy inside it.  Hardy fought back. Sky took the casket top and brought it to the ring.  Matthews went to nail something but Hardy turned it into a Twist of Fate.

Alex Reynolds drilled Hardy but Sky nailed him with a low blow.  Matthews grabbed her and powerbombed her over his knees.  That was a sick, awesome bump. 

Matthews brought the casket to the ring.   Matthews went to grab Hardy, who battled back.   Hardy placed the casket in the corner and went after Matthews, who lowblowed him.  

Matthews went to whip Hardy into the casket but it was reversed.  Hardy shoved the casket so it went flat and put the top on.

Your winner and still PWS champion Matt Hardy!

Decent brawl.  Sky's bump was INSANE.

I'll have full thoughts on an Elite audio tomorrow.


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