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By Dave Scherer on 2012-12-04 09:59:00

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Do you think WWE fans are to hard on WWE creative?

It depends on which fans.  The ones that cheer stuff like the AJ-Cena storyline are nowhere near hard enough.  Those that complain that WWE's product is repetitive and uncreative are being very fair in my opinion.  Fans don't turn off a show that they are watching if it's good.  But, when it's dull they do and that is what is happening every week to Raw.  That says a lot.

I haven't read anything recently about MVP. Is he still wrestling in Japan? I seem to recall when he left WWE it was on good terms, so if he were to return, do you think he would receive a good push or would he wind up being as badly misused as Tensai was? I have to believe with the skills he already had and his experience in Japan that he could be a top star if he returned.

Yes, he is working Japan and doing things outside of the auspices of WWE.  He did leave on good terms, largely because he wanted to actually wrestle and be a wrestler instead of a Sports Entertainer/Actor.  Nothing has changed in WWE since he left so I don't see him being used well if he came back.  That just isn't what WWE does right now.

How does WWE count Twitter votes when they do the RAW Active voting? Based on Mike's post from Hash Tag Battle, Bryan clearly won the voting over Kane, but WWE didn't acknowledge it. Why even have votes when this proves that this whole thing is a work anyway? Do they believe that their audience is that naive?

Hashtags only tell part of the story.  WWE uses a third party accounting firm to tabulate votes and I have been assured by numerous sources in the company that the voting is legitimate.  I don't know why so many people were surprised Kane won last week anyway.  He is the true babyface of the group.

Now that Linda McMahon is most likely done with politics do you see her returning to WWE?

I don't think she will even consider a return until she decides for sure that she is done with politics and I am not sure she has done so yet.  Beyond that, I can't say.  I think the only way she would absolutely return is if the company's financials got really bad.  She has shown in the past that she is very talented in handling the financial end of the business so if needed, she could come back and do that, once she decides she is done with politics.  Beyond that, I could definitely see her spending the rest of her life doing things outside of WWE.

I'm a big fan of Bobby Lashley. Is he planning a return to pro wrestling or is he hooked on MMA?

His career is kind of in a state of flux.  He wants to do MMA but it hasn't worked out that well.  So now he is looking to take bookings in pro wrestling.  The fact that he is receptive to wrestling again, sending out a press release in July saying he is taking bookings, but neither TNA nor WWE has reached out to him says a lot about what they think about him.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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