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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-22 23:47:41
For a brief few minutes, there was an article up sent in by Eric Sturrock about a Brad Maddox show featuring alleged "nude" shots of WWE Divas in the locker room on Youtube. The story was pulled several minutes later. This is why.

Upon further investigation, The Maddox "shows" were not legitimate and were made up of "locker room shots" edited into the older episodes of a Youtube series Maddox posted months before joining the WWE's main roster. Whoever posted the videos is also responding as if they are Maddox in the comments section on Youtube.

The confusion over whether the Youtube episodes were real or not was derived from Rosa Mendes, on her Twitter account, believing the videos were real and posted by WWE's Maddox.

Writing Maddox' Twitter, Mendes commented, "@BradMaddoxIsWWE nice move to get more followers. You are a nobody and you will always be a nobody! If ur going make a fake video find "@BradMaddoxIsWWE someone hotter!! I look nothing like that!! You are such loser! You burned bridges with the wrong Diva!"

While Mendes' reaction to the videos were legitimate and she wrote publicly to Maddox' real Twitter account, Maddox was not responsible for the videos that were posted.

So, that's the story there. I apologize for the earlier incorrect story being posted.

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