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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-20 13:25:01
Entertainment Weekly broke the news today that Chris Jericho would be returning to Syfy, but not for WWE Smackdown.

Jericho has signed on as the host of the new Robot Combat League series, which will feature robotic boxers being controled via their the movements of their operators.

Sound familiar? It should - that was the basis for the plot of the Hugh Jackman film "Real Steel", which featured a world where robotic combat had replaced combat fighting sports because it was safer for the (human) combatants.

The series will premiere on 2/26/13. It will feature a tournament setting with a fighter from different backgrounds athletically and a team of designers and technicians assisting them. The final winner will garner $100,000.

Jericho will be the host of the series as well as handling play by play.

Thanks to Kevin.

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