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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-18 20:02:11

The three way is up next. They talked about who Rock will work against at Rumble. They are playing Touts from some serious wannabe freaks. Can't blame them for using their own service.

Cena came out first, in his new gear. Maybe that means Punk will come out last, which the champ should do. Nope, he is second. Oh, Michael Cole said that TLC will take place a month from tonight. On December 16th. Today is the 18th. Wow, WWE now has changed how we measure time. That is serious chutzpah. ... Wow, Ryback came out last and unlike the first two, he got the worst reaction and I heard some boos. They sent him out last to get a reaction. He got a mediocre at best one.

The main event was a really good match that saw Punk retain his title after he and Cena worked together to lay Ryback out. When Ryback came to, the NXT Strike Force attacked and destroyed him. The announcers made it clear that they were not unknown goobers, instead identifying them by name, so I expect to their attack of a former guy in their shoes addressed on Raw tomorrow. Punk then beat Cena and retained the title so he has a year reign on his record. The story was that Ryback got laid out (and given his reaction it wouldn't shock me if Vince sours on him) and then Punk managed to hold on. It is all about tuning into Raw tomorrow night. I say that kind of kiddingly.

Overall, the show had its moments but to pay big money for? Wait for the DVD.

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