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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-18 20:02:11

They recapped the AJ-Cena-Vickie storyline stupidity. Oy, make it stop. I PAID for this show dammit.

Hour two starts with AJ addressing Vickie. She says she is sorry to do this. We are sorry too AJ, believe me. She called her a witch or "a word that rhymes with that". You can't say bitch on PPV? Really? Anyway, she has dirt on Vickie she says. That brings out VG. She has a photo Vickie eating burritos with Ricardo. Vickie also slobberknockered BBQ products with JR. Vickie said I am your boss and watch it. This is not true. But AJ keeps going because that is what all employees would do. Next it was Vickie in a bathing suit with Brodus Clay. Again, I paid to watch this? Really? ... Vickie called her little girl again and said reality won't slap her in the face, she will. But she doesn't. Then AJ said we don't want to fight. If they do, they lose their jobs. So, it's OK for an employee to do what AJ did, but not fight. Got it. Then AJ asked what Vickie was going to do. Suddenly, she was attacked by Superflyess Snuka. The announcers wondered who she was, and finally said it's Tamina! She is the daughter of Superfly Jimmy Snuka. Like we have never seen her before. My guess is Vince saw her in the back today and said, "We have a Superfly on the roster and aren't using her? What is wrong with you people?"

We got a recap of the Sheamus-Big Show feud. Looks like that is next. It is. This needs to be good. ... Early on Sheamus is pounding on the big boy. If they do a bit where he slams him twice and shows that the title loss "woke him up" then it could work. ... Uh oh, Big Show just killed Sheamus with a spear. I hope it's not a precursor of what's to come. ... Show is working Sheamus over now. ... Five minutes later, he still is. ... Finally Sheamus came back with a Sleeper. I hope this is them telling a story where he comes back and wins. Instead, he has speared the the post. Show back in control. ... As an FYI, JBL has been a lot better. Someone must have gotten in his ear. Lawler is not his normal self. I hope he didn't come back too soon. ... And there it was! Sheamus got under Show when he was on the ropes and backdropped him. AWESOME spot! Now, follow it up! .. Sheamus gets out of a chokeslam and hits White Noise but only gets two. They can totally book this right with a Brogue Kick for the win, or the slam. He went for the Brogue but Scott Armstrong got thrown in the way by Show and took it. A bunch of refs checked on Scott and the bell didn't ring. So Show used that to get the win. They BETTER not let that be the finish. Wait, they didn't! Oh but they DQ'd Show. Wonderful. Next month, Sheamus better win, clean, or they will totally blow his momentum. Right now, this doesn't kill it. Do the right thing WWE.

After the match, Sheamus faced off with Show. He has a chair. He is pissed. He says no, and throws it down. Show felt relieved. Sheamus then hit the Brogue. He left looking strong. Now, Show is ready to be slammed and then Celtic Crossed and Brogue Kicked at TLC. It is what needs to happen. .

Time for Team Ziggler vs. Team Foley. The one thing that came out of the intros was that the fans popped for Orton. They shouldn't make him a heel. They should make him a bad ass babyface. You know, like they used to do back in the day. ... The first thing of significance to happen was Sandow tried to leave. Kane brought him back in and pinned him. 5-4 team Foley. Ziggler quickly pinned Kane when Team Foley was dysfunctional. 4-4. They crowd was chanting for Ziggler earlier. Maybe he will listen. Then again, he is a heel so maybe won't. You know, fans can't cheer for those bad guys. ... Arrogant David Otunga got caught in the Yes Lock. It's 4-3 Foley. That quick, Kofi is out. We are tied. ... That quick it's 3-2. Daniel Bryan couldn't get the Yes Lock but ADR could. That means it's Orton and Miz, who comes in for the first time. He wasn't in long before tagging Orton. Cole said VINTAGE. The other two mocked him. ... Jerry Lawler just stole TNA's Jose, Hose B joke. He has become Henny Youngman. ... They may be serious about Miz as a face. He pinned Wade Barrett and is working over ADR. ... Then, he got pinned by ADR. Maybe not. It's Randy vs. Ziggler and ADR. I have a sick feeling he will win here. Ricardo interfered and got Socko from Mick Foley. Uh oh heels. ... RKO on ADR when Dolph got posted. One to go, and Ziggler is hanging on the ropes in the corner. What will WWE do? Right or Wrong? Orton goes for the RKO but Zigg held the ropes. Zig with the two count but Randy kicked out. That is OK if Ziggler wins clean. Orton has blood dripping in his mouth that the camera clearly showed. He hit a DDT on Ziggler. He just looks at him. He doesn't pin him. Ah, he is setting up for the boot. But, he walked into a kick because Ziggler was playing possum. Ziggler wins. If this is the start of a real push for Ziggler, good call. Overall the match was very good. The work was strong here.

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