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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-18 20:02:11

Hey everyone. Thanks for stopping by. As a plea, if any of you have any pull at US Airways drop me a line. Even though we picked our seats for our flight MONTHS in advance, US Air changed them and now we aren't sitting together. And people wonder why I hate flying.

We are live with Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL. We are starting off with a tradition Survivor Series tag team elimination match. Out comes Brodus Clay, wow he still works there! He gets the full entrance with the Funkettes. JBL just ragged on Adele for some reason. I don't think she will be bothered by it. JBL just told his cohorts, "No dancing and no heart attacks". Wow, now near death experiences are pure comedy. Clay is teaming with Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. And their opponents Don't Rentsai, Epico, Primo and The Prime Time Players. Cody Rhodes will be able to go after all!

This is a "bonus" match we are told. Early on, Don't Rentsai came in and got a huge Albert chant. Indy remembers! ... Brodus came in and turned the tide and the people were totally into it. Lots of big babyface spots followed. Fun stuff. That left Clay to face off with Rentsai. They had a big guy power off. Wow, Don't Rentsai pinned Clay. That means Brodus is even further down the ladder than him. That is sad. ... Rentsai is in control now until Gabriel rolled him up, so the two guys that have been depushed are now out. ... Titus was in control so that means he is next to go, and he was. By Kidd no less. ... And then Kidd did it again, using the Sharpshooter on Epico. ... Someone from US Airwarys got back to me so I missed typing. The faces won. It was a solid opener.

Before Eve vs. Kaitlyn, the latter finally realized that Eve is a slug and nailed her. Not like that, get your mind out of the gutter. Now it's time for the match! ... Eve is really aggressive in the ring. I wish she could get to show what she can do. ... As an aside, JBL is on goof street so far. I have no idea what half the stuff he is saying even means. ... Now Kaitlyn is working pretty stiff on Eve (again, mind out of the gutter folks). It was started to go somewhere when Eve kind of won out of nowhere. It was better than I expected.

Team Ziggler were arguing bit. Team Foley is fighting in the back. Foley cut a promo to fire up his team. Orton looks totally disinterested. Foley does a Bang Bang on on three. Orton doesn't do it. Foley asked if Orton is with them and he said he hates him. Foley takes that to mean the Viper is ready.

US Title time. Antonio Cesaro came out first and insulted the US and mocked Thanksgiving. Out comes his opponent, Jimmy Truth. ... It's slow early on, with Cesaro in control. The fans chanted USA. Yes, they did. ... In talking about Rugby, yes they talked about Rugby, they started talking about All Blacks and South Africa. Lawler had to be the voice of reason. He doesn't seem to be all the back tho. JBL is really bad tonight. ... The crowd is dead for this so far. Luckily for them they don't have to listen to the commentary.

We just saw a promo for TLC with lawyer David Otunga. He got hit with a chair by Sheamus. See, Vince doesn't like lawyers!

They are pushing Rock's Twitter talk about how he will win the Rumble. WWE wants to know who we want to see Rock face at the show.

They recapped the AJ-Cena-Vickie storyline stupidity. Oy, make it stop. I PAID for this show dammit.

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