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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-18 20:31:00
Backstage, Team Foley were all arguing amongst themselves.  Foley told them they were all survivors and they needed to work together.  Foley tried to get them to all say "Bang Bang" together and they all begrudgingly did, except Randy Orton.  Foley asked Orton if he was ready.  Orton responded, "I hate you" and walked off.  Ha!  Foley said that meant he was ready.  Really?

WWE United States champion Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth

 They started off strong with some really good near falls.  Cesaro cut off Truth with several headbutts and a clothesline.   Cesaro nailed a running knee in the corner.  He locked in an armbar.  The crowd was really into chanting "USA."

Cesaro cut off Truth's cutoff and nailed a series of shoulderblocks in the corner.  Truth was slammed down and covered for a two count.  Cesaro used a waistlock takedown to ride Truth to the mat and force the air out of him.  Truth fired back but was nailed with a running knee to the mid-section.

Cesaro nailed a series of suplexes and went back to working over Truth with a reverse bearhug.    Truth made a comeback and scored several two counts.  Truth missed the scissor kick and hurt his leg.  Cesaro pounced with a big uppercut and nailed the Neutralizer for the win.

Your winner and still United States champion, Antonio Cesaro!

Nothing much here.  It was more of a showcase for Cesaro than a competitive bout where you believed the champ was in jeopardy.  Still, Cesaro looked good and Truth was fine in his role.  This feels like they are still establishing Cesaro more than anything else.

WWE reviewed the AJ Lee-John Cena scandal video.

AJ came out to cut a promo.  She said that she has been trying to figure out why Vickie Guerrero has been trying to make her life a living hell.  At first, she thought it was because she was a witch. The, she realized Vickie was trying to accuse her of something that she herelf was doing.

Guerrero came out and cut her off, questioning who AJ thinks she is.  AJ said she was a seeker of the truth who was sent this photo - it was a photo of Vickie having dinner with Ricardo Rodriguez.  She then showed one of Vickie and Jim Ross with Vickie having BBQ sauce smeared on her face.  Guerrero told her to stop pushing it because none of this happened. 

AJ said rhat if it didn't happen, why is she so worried.  They showed a photo of Vickie in lingeries dancing with Brodus Clay in what was obviously a photo shopped photo.  Vickie said it was ridiculous.  AJ said that was ridiculous is all Vickie's evidence that proves nothing.  She said she wanted Vickie to feel like she has felt the last few weeks and to feel reality slap her in the face.  Vickie said reality won't slap her, she will.

AJ acted like they were going to fight but then began laughing.  AJ said that she wouldn't put a hand on her because she'd lose her job, but so would Vickie, so she asked what Vickie was going to do.  Out of nowhere, Tamina Snuka returned and laid out AJ with a Samoan Drop and a Superfly Splash off the top.

Guerrero laughed at the beaten AJ and walked off.

WWE Attitude Era DVD. They pushed that it was TV-14.

Josh Matthews interviewed Paul Heyman.  Josh asked if CM Punk had anything left in his tank.  Heyman said that he was the 8th longest reigning champion of all time.  While John Cena is chasing AJ, Punk is busy beating Cena beating him more often than Heyman can count.  When Ryback was busy being a caveman, Punk was making history by being the first man to beat him.  He said that Punk was ready to thrive against them both.   He said Punk was not only the defending champion but the best in the world.  Heyman is freaking awesome and delivers his promos in a way that no one else does today.  So great.

World champ Sheamus vs. Big Show

Sheamus took it right to Big Show early, which was great since the storyline is that he's pissed off at Show.  Unfortunately for him, Show quickly cut him off and drilled him with chops and punches, using his power.

Show nailed a back splash in the corner and rebounded to nail another one but was shoulderblocked by Sheamus.  Sheamus tied him up in the ropes and worked over Show.  He beat Show across the chest.  Good way to set up that spot.

Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but Show rolled out of the ring.  Sheamus tackled him with a leap from the apron to the floor. He worked over Show and tossed him in the ring.  Sheamus went to the top for a shoulderblock but Show speared him in mid-air.  Sheamus rolled out to the floor, hurting.

Show worked over Sheamus on the floor and back in the ring.   He focused on Sheamus' shoulder, beating on it and throwing him hard into the corner.   Sheamus tried to fire back but was cut off with a sideslam for a two count.

Sheamus kept trying to mount some sort of comeback but Show maintained control.   Show whipped him into the corner but was kicked off during a charge.  Sheamus leapt on his back and cinched in a sleeper.  Show backed him into the corner but Sheamus held on.  Show finally tossed him over his shoulder to break it. 

Sheamus, undaunted, continued working over Show with a series of punches and strikes.  He charged the champion in the corner but Show sidestepped, causing Sheamus to hit his shoulder on the ringpost.  Show slammed Sheamus down for a two count.

Show climbed to the middle turnbuckle to attempt a Vader Bomb but Sheamus slipped underneath with the Electric Chair.  The crowd really thought that was the finish but Show kicked up at the last second.  They recovered and battled back and forth on their knees.  Sheamus nailed a high knee and a running clothesline.

Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but it was blocked.  Show went for the chokeslam but Sheamus slipped out and nailed White Noise for a two count.  Good stuff.

Sheamus set uo for a Brogue Kick but the champion pulled the referee in front of him and Sheamus nailed him instead.  Sheamus checked on the official, who was out.  Several other referees and trainers came out to check on him.  Show stalked Sheamus from behind and nailed the KO punch.  He covered Sheamus and another referee made the count.

Another official then decreed that Show had been DQ'd for pulling the referee into Sheamus.  Show began arguing with the official while Sheamus was recovering behind them.  He grabbed a chair and nailed Show with it and began beating the hell out of him with the chair.   Show begged off but Sheamus kept beating him.  He targeted Show's leg and Show begged off.

Sheamus told him he was pathetic and demanded he beg.  Show asked him again to stop.  He threw the chair down and teased walking out, then nailed him with the Brogue Kick in the aisle.  Pretty frenzied scene to build to the next chapter of their feud.

The match wasn't as good as last month but they worked really hard and it was entertaining.

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