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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-17 19:55:41
Extreme Rising Championship Tournament: Homicide vs. Rhino

Homicide said that Jerry Lynn can claim he was hurt, but the truth is he's scared. He said that he's going to take his bye to the next round. He said he challenged anyone to fight him and said there is no one who will face him. Out came Rhino.

They began brawling around the ring. Rhino caught him with a clothesline but Homicide took him to the outside with a head scissors takedown. He nailed an awesome looking tope con hilo to the floor. Homicide grabbed at Rhino's face and rolled him back into the ring. Rhino cut him off and pressed and slammed Homicide.

Rhino teased going for the gore but Homicide ran to the floor. Rhino followed and worked over Homicide and tied him up against the rail. Homicide caught him with a shot and tossed him back in. Homicide was knocked to the floor. Rhino then hit a dive to the floor.

They battled around the floor, where Homicide nailed him with a chair to the gut. Back inside, Rhino blocked a whip into a chair in the corner but was finally whipped hard into it. Homicide nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.

Homicide locked in a rear chinlock. Rhino escaped and they went back and forth with punches in the ring. Rhino caught Homicide with a belly to belly suplex. He went for the Gore but was kicked in the face and nailed with an Ace Crusher for a two count.

Homicide tried to set up for the Cop Killer but Rhino slipped out and nailed the Gore for the pin.

Your winner, Rhino!

So, the semi-finalists in the tournament on 12/29 are Luke Hawx, Rhino, Stevie Richards and Devon Storm.

Shane Douglas vs. Matt Hardy with Reby Sky

Douglas did a long promo putting over Beaver County, PA and trashing WWE and Dixie Carter in the process. Reby Sky looked freakin' awesome.

They locked up and Douglas was backed into the corner. Clean break. The crowd chanted for Douglas. They locked up again and ended up in the corner again. Hardy broke clean again.

They started out going back and forth working over each other's arms. Hardy nailed a shoulderblock that sent Douglas down hard to the mat. They locked up again and Douglas grabbed a side headlock. This time Douglas nailed a shoulderblock.

They locked up again with Hardy grabbing a side headlock. Hardy nailed a series of shoulderblocks but was nailed with a right hand. Pretty slow so far.

Douglas tossed Hardy to the outside and they brawled on the floor. Hardy reversed an Irish whip and sent Douglas into the ringpost. Hardy whipped Douglas into the guard rail. Hardy tried to nail Douglas into the ring apron but Douglas blocked it and beat Hardy into the apron again and again.

Hardy reversed a whip on the floor and Douglas again ate the steel. They brawled into the crowd. They battled towards a section of the bleachers. Hardy was whipped into it. They brawled past a concession stand where Douglas dunked Hardy's head into a trash can full of ice water used for selling cold drinks.

Douglas put a trash can over Hardy and beat it with a mop. Reby tried to help Hardy but Douglas attacked him and they brawled towards the announcers. Hardy nailed Douglas with a chair and slammed it into his chest. They brawled back towards the ring with Douglas dumped over the rail.

Douglas was slammed face first into the guard rail. They brawled back to the ring. Douglas was nailed with a spear and just sort of staggered or something. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but Douglas shoved him off and went for the Belly to Belly. Hardy slipped out and nailed a clothesline for a two count.

Reby Sky dragged a ladder out to the ring and Hardy used it to nail Douglas several times with it. Shane was whipped into it and sort of jumped backfirst on it. Hardy set up the ladder in the center of the ring and ascended it. It was a big ladder. Douglas tipped it over and Hardy took a bump across the ropes throat and chest first. Douglas was bleeding.

Hardy nailed a series of shoulderblocks and a legdrop for two counts. He used a chair but Hardy was nailed and placed in it. Douglas nailed a series of right hands. Hardy used a pair of drop toeholds into the chair on Shane and choked him with it in the corner. Douglas looked like he was really struggling.

Hardy brought a table into the ring with the help of Sky. Hardy went to the top but Luke Hawx hit the scene and shoved Hardy off to the floor. Hawx attacked Shane. Saturn hit the ring for the save. Papadon hit the ring and attacked Saturn. Balls Mahoney hit the ring with a series of rights. Homicide hit the ring and attacked Balls. They tossed Shane from the ring.

Enter Sandman began playing. Guess who?

Sandman walked out of the locker room and circled the ring. They jumped him as he entered but Sandman made a comeback and started caning everyone in sight. He left with Balls and Saturn.

Homicide, who hid away from the cane shots, attacked Shane and kept working over him with a series of rights. He used a stick to rip at Shane's forehead. Sandman's music hit again and he returned. Homicide backed off then faced off with Sandman in the ring. They went nose to nose. Saturn returned and nailed Homicide. Sandman caned him.

Douglas grabbed Homicide on the floor and powerbombed him through a table on the floor.

Hardy appeared to get hurt and was down on the floor for a long time during all this. Douglas took the mic and put over Hardy for being a warrior and a tough man, saying he has the talent to carry Extreme Rising.

The show went off the air with Hardy on the floor with a slew of people around him. Hopefully he's OK. He was sitting up but then laid back down. We'll update when we know more.

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