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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-17 19:55:41
Balls Mahoney and The Blue Meanie, Blue Balls, came out. Out came a team called Da Lost Boys who said they are tired of hearing all about how hardcore they are and dared them to fight. They poured broken glass out of a trash can and dipped their fists in it.

Balls said he doesn't know who they are but 15 years ago, he was in a main event here in this building. He said he came out to have fun but now they are ruining that. He asked if they want a Taipei death match that is fine and asked someone to bring him tape to tape his fists. The fans chanted "Where's the tape?"

Balls ended up drilling both with punches as the fans chanted Balls name. Balls kicked a heavier Lost Boy in the groin. He raked glass across his forehead. Meanie brawled around ringside with the other one. Balls began jabbing the Lost Boy in the head with a spike (I think) and slammed the other one across the broken glass.

Meanie hit a sitdown powerslam on Lost Boy #2. That got an ECW chant. Mahoney headbutt #1 in the head but the broken glass hurt Balls as well. Balls nailed him after grabbing a handful of broken glass. Balls grabbed a steel chair and nailed one of them with a chair, then killed the other one (who didn't put his hands up, Geez).

The Boys were put on top of each other. Meanie came off the top with a big splash and pinned them both.

Your winners, Team Blue Balls.

They lost the momentum of the show when the Lost Boys came out. They had no real look and the second they came out the entire crowd had a collective "WTF?" This was your pretty basic weapons brawl but didn't have any of the frenzied energy of say a New Jack brawl. The crowd loved seeing Balls and Meanie but this wasn't much overall. This came off as something that wasn't needed at all. I'm all for a good bloody death match but this served no purpose in my mind.

Facade vs. Bestia 666

They billed Facade as the Neon Ninja. This is his Rising debut.

They went back and forth with some wrestling and reversals. They had a nice series of near falls early. Bestia took him down with a hammerlock. Facade used a springboard backflip to break it, then nailed a headstand into a head scissor takedown. He teased a dive but landed on the apron. He charged Bestia but had his legs taken out from under him. Bestia nailed a rana off the apron to the floor. Nice spot.

Bestia pulled a table out from under the ring. Facade cut him off. They battled back into the ring. Bestia nailed a cradledriver for a two count. He went to the outside to retrieve a chair but was nailed with a spinkick before he could use it. Facade nailed an inverted atomic drop and followed up with a second.

Facade nailed spinkick to take Bestia out. He went for a kick but was blocked, so he turned it into a spinning roundhouse kick. Facade nailed a springboard into a forward flip to the outside. The crowd chanted ECW for two guys who never worked for the company.

Facade rolled Bestia back in for a two count. He went to use the chair and paid homage to Sabu, pointing to the lights. The crowd rejected that. Bestia cut him as Facade went to the top, throwing the chair into his face. Facade fell to the floor.

Bestia nailed a Skytwister Press over the top to the floor on Facade. The crowd chanted "This is awesome." Bestia slid a table into the ring as Facade tried to recover. Bestia kicked him and went for a suplex but Facade nailed him with a knee while upside down. Facade came off the ropes with a springboard kick to the chest. He followed that up with a running knee to the face for another two count.

Facade set up the table, looking to put Bestia through it. He placed Bestia on the center turnbuckle and nailed several chops. He placed the table in front of the corner, which even the announcers noted would be telegraphing his plans. Bestia and Facade countered several moves. Facade slammed Bestia's head into the table.

Facade went back to the top and pulled Bestia up. They battled back and forth. Bestia caught him with a Spanish Fly through the table and scored the pin.

Your winner, Bestia 666!

Good match with some nice spots. This was a match that really run over the live crowd, who have not been kind to the non-ECW talents. I really liked the dives and the finish. Good stuff.

The FBI, Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke vs. BLK OUT

Jeez and Ruckus attacked the FBI as they were playing to the crowd. They worked over Mamaluke early. Guido pulled Jeez out of the ring and Mamaluke fought off Ruckus. Guido tried to nail them with a dive but missed. They went to work over Guido but Mamaluke hit an awesome forward flip off the top to the floor.

Back in the ring, The FBI double teamed Jeez as Robby Mireno got a few funny lines in asking whether Billy Robinson and The Malenkos would ever do double elbows. Jeez fought back but was cut off with a snapmare. Mamaluke tagged in and kicked Jeez. They continued to control Jeez, tagging in and out.

Ruckus made the hot tag and hit some flashy offense on Mamaluke for several two counts. Jeez and Ruckus now tagged in and out. Jeez tagged Mamaluke with a series of right hands. The crowd chanted for Jeez to pull his pants up, so he ripped them off, revealing his short tights underneath. That was funny.

Mamaluke fired back but was cut off by Jeez. Jeez locked him in a bow and arrow. Ruckus hit the ring and kicked Mamaluke while he was trapped. Guido grabbed Ruckus and took him down with an armbar and a double stomp. Mamaluke almost made a tag but Jeez shot him down.

Jeez whipped Mamaluke into the ropes and drilled him with a knee to the mid-section. Jeez ascended to the top but was distracted ripping on the crowd. He finally leapt off the top but Mamaluke dropkicked him in the chest on the way down. Mamaluke made the hot tag to Guido, who cleaned house on Ruckus and Jeez.

Jeez nailed a leaping Flatliner but Mamaluke grabbed him and drilled him with a move that dumped him on his head. Ruckus nailed the Afterburner on Mamaluke. Mamaluke sent Jeez into the buckles. He went for a tornado DDT on Ruckus but turned it into a front chancery hanging choke.

Jeez grabbed a chair but Guido grabbed it. The referee was distracted by Guido having the chair and took it away. That allowed BLK OUT to double team Mamaluke for the win.

Your winners, BLK OUT!

Jeez took the mic and said it's all about the BLK OUT. This brought out New Jack and Thomas Rodman, with weapons. Jack tossed a trash can into the ring with weapons. Jack tossed Jeez into the crowd and worked him over.

Meanwhile, the FBI worked over Ruckus and threw him into the guard rail. They joined Jack in the crowd and held Jeez for him to work over, then worked him over himself. They placed Jeez on a table.

Jack climbed to the top of some bleachers that were closed and dove off but came up short and the table didn't break. Undaunted, New Jack ran back and killed Jeez with an evil looking diving elbow through the table. That never ceases to be an insane sight.

Jack took the mic and asked how many years it has been since he heard his motherf***ers from Pittsburgh. He said when he hit Jeez the first time, he went back up because he knows the fans paid to see it. He said that in 3 weeks, he'll be 50 and will be the meaning f***ing 50 year old you will ever see in your life. The crowd chanted "Thank you New Jack."

Jack said that they wanted to get what's left of the Extreme back on the road. He said that he'll never short change the fans and he'll carry the company on his back like Shane Douglas did the original ECW because he's New Jack. I think that's what he said. The mic wasn't easy to make out. After all that, Jack brought a young white kid in the ring and had him make the "X" sign with his hands. The man is still charismatic.

Jeez was stretchered out.

The tag match itself was fine but never really got out of first gear. The crowd loved the New Jack stuff.

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