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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-28 20:40:00


by Clint Copenhaver

I just got back to Cincinnati from the ROH show in Dayton. I have seen all of the ROH shows in SW Ohio and while it was very enjoyable, the holes on the roster were a bit noticeable tonight.

Night starts with Homicide v. CM Punk. I love these two and it did not disappoint. Homicide gets the win with help from his ROH world belt and then later a chair. This may have started the night off a little too hot.

Trent Acid v. Matt Sydal was solid with Sydal sneaking a pin in to everyone's surprise after Acid dominated. The crowd seemed unfamiliar with Acid and could not figure out why he got a five minute intro. No more Midnight Express music.

Jimmy Jacobs and Delirious vs. Special K was a fun match to watch. Although there was a lack of top rope action which was a little surprising. Jacobs and Delirious get the win. "Huss" is over huge.

Chad Collyer v. Jay Lethal may have been the biggest disappointment of the night. I had high expectations but it seemed like the match never really took off and the crowd noticed. Lethal taps out to Collyer's version of the Texas Clover Leaf.

Carnage Crew v. Prophecy was the brawl everyone hoped for with an appearance and guest referee spot by a certain hardcore legend (Mick Foley). Prophecy got the win after a con-chair-to after a garbage can was put on Loc's head. Ricky Steamboat came out and said that was symbolic of the "garbage style" Foley encouraged. Steamboat mentioned some of his great matches including the battles with Flair. Foley responded with a funny "Dick Flair" remark and the two agreed to hand pick their teams for tomorrow in Chicago. This was kind of weird since most of the people around me had read that this match was signed weeks ago. Great to see these two in the same ring though.

After the break we start with Roderick Strong v. Matt Stryker v. Josh Daniels v. Nigel McGuiness. Pretty solid but the crowd never got quite into it. McGuiness wins with a hangman's diamond cutter off the top rope. McGuiness is awesome. I don't see his name mentioned on indy's as much as it should be. The guy just oozes charisma and has a fun character. Beyond that his style is reminiscent of William Regal which is cool as well.

Samoa Joe v. who I believe was Rocky Romero was a bit of a disappointment. Homicide was barred from ringside a few minutes into the match. AS always Joe makes his opponents look great. Joe gets the pin.

CM Punk, Ace Steele, and Jimmy Jacobs (with Ricky Steamboat) v. Generation Next. Corino's commitment to Zero-1 kept him off the card so Jacobs took his spot. Everyone loved seeing Huss a second time but I don't know if he was the main event surprise that we were looking for. Where was Colt? He's half the reason the Saints are so cool. Good match with Jack Evans getting the crap beat out of him is sick ways. That guy needs some offense if he is going to stay in the main event scene. On the other hand Austin Aries is the complete package. That guy was just on tonight in every aspect of his game. Saints and Jacobs get the pin after Punk hits the Pespi plunge. One final note to the guy that said "where's Goldylocks" about 300 times every time Alex Shelly got into the ring--I have cable too. I realize he wrestles somewhere else. Please shut up now.

Great night of action but there were so many names that would have been great to see. No Walters to defend the Pure strap. No sign of the tag belts. No Briscoes, Cabana, American Dragon, Low Ki, ect. I know you can't get all of those schedules to coincide but I wish Steve Corino's replacement would have had a bit more impact. Would have ended the show a little stronger.

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