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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-28 20:40:00


by Broadway Bobby

ROH in Braintree, MA at theNational Guard Armory

August 28, 2004

I would say about 500 maybe 600 people in the building. The venue is small and very, very hot. Sweat was pouring down everyone's face within five Minutes of being in the venue.

Before the show begins, ROH made an announcement that Mark Briscoe was in a motorcycle accident so the Briscoes are off the show [Note from Mike Johnson: ROH learned Saturday morning of the accident; Briscoe is shaken up but will be OK. Our best go out to him.] and the Havana Pitbulls will now take on Special K of Dixie & Izzy. Crowd did not take this well and the boos began. They also mentioned that Jimmy Rave will now face Angel Dust.

Alex Shelley defeated Jay Lethal with a roll up and I believe he had the tights. Before the match Shelly worked the Mic asking if Mama and Papa Lethal were in the building tonight. They were and they were loud. Lethal barely got in any offense but it was a solid wrestling match with Alex working over the Knee of Lethal the whole match. Generation Next was ringside for this match.

Jimmy Rave defeated Angel Dust with a Rave's Clash ( Styles Clash). For a match that was not even supposed to happen, these guys delivered. Jimmy Rave bores me to tears but tonight he was on. His new heel Gimmick has somehow given him a personality. He worked the crowd and kept pointing at Prince Nana when he did something right in the ring. The Outcast Killaz and Nana of the Embassy were ringside for the match and I believe Cloudy was ringside for AngelDust.

Ace Steel defeated Roderick Strong with an odd looking submission. Generation Next put the beatdown on Steel after the match until Colt Cabana made the Save. Colt grabs the Mic and tell Aries he does not want to wait to fight him later in the night and says lets get it on like Donkey Kong and hit it up like Cheech and Chong. So....

Austin Aries defeated Colt Cabana with what I believe was The Cattle Mutiliation (Bryan Danielson's finisher). Before the match, Colt put on goggles or sunglasses - it was amusing. Aries wouldn't shake his hand so Colt says, " I'm shaking someone's hand" and goes to a kid a ringside and shakes his hand. Post Match sees Aries hit a 450 splash on Colt while he was sandwiched between two chairs. CM Punk came out and made the save. Punk cut a promo on Shelly, saying some funny stuff about Shelly in TNA. I think the line was you're in Jeff Jarett's pocket.

ROH Tag Team champions The Havana Pitbulls defeated Special K when Ricky Reyes pinned Dixie. Lacy ( IWA Mid-South Women's champion) was at ringside with Special K. This match was good with great work from both teams. J- Train was so funny at ringside that he really is not a good heel. After the match, there was tension with Special K as Lacy yelled at Dixie for being pinned. They pushed each other around the ring and then they all finally shook hands except Becky, who was still yelling at Lacy and told her, "You better get out of my ring b**ch." Lacy is hot and from what I hear can work a great match.

John Walters defeated Doug Williams to become the New ROH Pure Wrestling Champion. In my opinion, this was the best Pure match in ROH thus far. Williams was out of rope breaks and Walters put him into a submission in the ropes. The crowd pooped huge and it was a great surprise for the Boston Area Crowd as Walters is a hometown boy. The timing, Pacing and style of the match was right on the money. The Crowd loved this match. Before the match, ROH champion Samoa Joe came out and cut a promo saying how his ROH championship is the only one that matters in ROH. He then told John not to choke like he always does. I am guessing we will see a Samoa Joe vs. Doug Willaims match at Glory by Honor 3 in September because Walters will choose Williams to face Joe.

Sugar Sean Price announced that Jushin Liger would make his ROH debut in November and the place went nuts.

Homicide defeated CM Punk and ROH champion Samoa Joe in a non-title Three-Way. Punk hit Joe with the Pepsi Plunge, but was then met a Lariat from Homicide. Homicide then pinned Joe. This is the last time Joe will face Homicde in 2004 and at last Homicide scored a clean pin. There was a great sequence in which Homicide hit Punk with Punk's own DDT, then Joe hit Homicide with an Ace Crusher followed by Punk putting the choke on Joe. Not a long match but the length seemed to be perfect. The match was fast and furious from the bell.

Jack Evans defeated Trent Acid to win the first and most likely last Scramble Cage Melee. The big dives included Devito did a moonsault from the top of the cage onto Danny Maff and BJ Whitmer. Maff and Whitmer then brawled with Carnage Crew and would not leave the match. We may have a new feud. Altar Boy Luke hit a swanton onto Maff, Whitmer and the Carnage Crew. Fast Eddie gave Marcos his finisher onto the Outcast Killaz, Dunn and I believe Altar Boy Luke.

After the move, Eddie left the match and was "unable to finish." Jack Evans hit a 1080 legdrop on Trent Acid for the win. After the show I asked Jack how many rotations he did and he said 3 and 1/2 and he told me himself it was a 1080 legdrop. To be honest it looked more like a 900 splash but what does that matter?

Note from Mike Johnson: Despite reports coming out of the show, there were no legitimate injuries coming out of the match.

They announced the return to Boston on Friday NIght 11/5 with the debut of Jushin Thunder Liger, at the Greater Boston Indoor Sports in Revere, MA so once again will have a new Boston home. This was a great show. I would say about 500- 600 people total.

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