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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-28 20:40:00


by Chris From South Bend

I just figured I would send along my review of Ring of Honor's Death By Dishonor 2.

Sadly, we were a bit late, not being from the area, so, we missed the first two bouts, but were in time to catch the tag match featuring Matt Stryker & John Walters vs. Roderick Strong & Jack Evans. The match was good, but went on a little long, and I've been more impressed with Stryker in the past. In the end Strong/Evans picked up the win, but I can't recall how...Ricky Steamboat was involved in this, in some way, but didn't have any physical involvement.

The Six Man Mayhem match was next. I had high hopes for this one, being that I was at least familiar with most of the participants. Sadly, the match never seemed to get a rhythm going, and there were numerous botched spots, that the fans were generally forgiving of. In the end, Trent Acid picked up the win with an inverted DDT.

Low Ki vs. Mark Briscoe was next. It was quite obvious that, up until that point, Ki was the most well known patricipant at the event. At one point there was a lengthy "Let's Go Low Ki; Let's Go Briscoe" set of chants that broke out between two rival sides of ringside fans. Overall, the match was rather lengthy, and saw Briscoe get in very little offense. Low Ki, with some outside help from Julius Smokes, eventually picked up a dominant victory. There was a post match beatdown involving the stable of Ki, Smokes and Romero (not sure what they are called).

Next up was the Pure Wrestling title bout between champion Doug Williams and Austin Aries. This match was fun to watch live, with Generation Next member Aries playing the very effective heel. In the end, however, Aries ran out of ropebreaks, and tapped out, to a bizarre looking submission hold on the top turnbuckle, that focused on his weakened shoulder. Fun, psychologically sound wrestling match.

Intermission: Got my digital camera that I was forced to leave in the car, and came back in. Met Ricky Steamboat who was signing autographs, and bought some merchandise.

Homicide vs. Jay Briscoe was up next. This was a pretty decent match that saw the older Briscoe get in some decent offense, before eventually succumbing to an incredibly devastating clothesline from Homicide. Nothing to write home about, however...

The ROH World title bout was up next. Samoa Joe faced off against Chicago's own Colt Cabana. The match was very even, and rather stiff. Joe was over, but Cabana seemed to be the fan favorite, for obvious reasons. In the end, Joe got the win with a fisherman's brainbuster. The match, although not one of the best on this night was entertaining, despite the fact that Samoa Joe as ROH champ still puzzles me...

Up next was the main event-The Non-Sanctioned Chicago Street Fight between the Second City Saints vs. Dan Maff/BJ Whitmer. Before the match even began, Alison Danger (?) came out in a neckbrace and cut a heel promo saying that tonight would be the end of the SCS. She said that she had weapons of mass destruction that we eventually found out were a ladder, a table, a plank with barbwire attached, as well as a barbwire 2x4. Needless to say, the crowd was incredibly hot for this bout, and thankfully the performers involved did not dissapoint.

The SCS juiced early, but eventually, all 4 men were bloodied, and the ensuing brawl that took place will stay with me forever. At one point, BJ Whitmer was placed in the corner of the ring, with a table lodged under his throat, and a chair held in front of his face. The ladder that was brought to the ringside area was then placed on the table and dropkicked into the chair-into Whitmer's face. Dueling chairshots also occured, and were some of the most violent things I have ever witnessed at a wrestling event.

Punk was the first to use the barbwire 2x4, but was also the first man tossed onto the barbwire board. Eventually Maff was thrown through the barbwire board by Steel as well. However, the match took a historic turn when Punk/Steel made the mistake of asking fans at ringside for chairs, the next thing I know Chicago is the site of "The Chair Throwing Incident 2." Fans from all over the building began tossing chairs into the ring, and complete chaos reigned for a few minutes. It was the single most incredible thing I have ever seen with my own eyes. The ring, now littered with at least 75-100 folding chairs seemed a tough place to complete an already amazing street fight.

However, the men involed in the match would not leave it there. Two incredible spots followed. At one point Maff or Whitmer, I don't remember who, was placed on the ladder that was propped up on the guarails in the entranceway. Punk then proceeded to perform a diving splash off of the rings top turnbuckle, onto the prone opponent, on the ladder. The end saw Steel perform a toprope tombstone piledriver through a table on Bj Whitmer to pick up the victory in what will hopefully go down as a match of the year candidate, not only in ROH, but in the world of professional wrestling.

Needless to say, all four men are to be commended. Everyone in attendance was aware, and appreciative of the performance of all the wrestlers, but of the four men in the main event especially. Tonight's main event was one of the most amazing things any of us in attendance have ever seen.

The happenings after the match were necessary, but, ultimately underwhelming. Generation Next hit the ring and put the beatdown on the SCS, Steamboat and Doug Williams who hit the ring as well. After the event chants of "ROH, thanks, and thank you," were left ringing in many people's ears.


by Ryan Deppa

ROH Death Before Dishonor Part II
Frontier Fieldhouse
Chicago Ridge, IL
July 24, 2004

I want to preface this report by saying that I didn't take notes so if some things are out of order a bit, I apologize. Things got pretty crazy during the main event and I had to drive a few hours so it was a long night. Hopefully someone can e-mail in some of the details.

The show began with Dave Prazak welcoming everyone to Part II of Death Before Dishonor weekend. He would later announced that Ring of Honor would be returning to Chicago in October.

Rocky Romero d. Chad Collyer

Romero was accompanied to the ring by Julius Smokes, Homicide, and Low Ki. We would see the Rottweilers at least three times in the night and they got a ton of heat; especially Smokes. This was a pretty technical match and there wasn't too much interference. Romero ended up getting Collyer to tap out. Smokes got on the mic and riled up the crowd. Low Ki then talked about wrestlers having to earn their respect.

Alex Shelley d. Jimmy Jacobs

This match was made after what happened back in April when ROH debuted in Chicago Ridge. Shelley and Jacobs lost a tag match which led to Shelley turning on Jacobs afterwards. Fellow Generation Next members Roderick Strong and Jack Evans were at ringside for this match. It was actually a more competitive match than you would think. There were numerous close two counts. Shelley got the win and GN attacked Jacobs after the match. This brought out Ricky Steamboat who got a huge response every time he came out. Steamboat ripped into GN for always using the numbers game to their advantage. This prompted Steamboat to bring out Matt Stryker and John Walters for the next match.

Jack Evans & Roderick Strong d. Matt Stryker & John Walters

Strong and Evans worked on Walters for most of the match until Stryker got the hot tag. GN did a pretty innovative move when Strong had Walters up in a Torture Rack position. Evans jumped off the top, off Walters, and onto Stryker. I can't remember the finish, but Evans and Strong got the win.

Trent Acid d. Delirious & Matt Sydal & Danny Daniels & Great Kazushi & Shawn Daivari

Acid was easily the most over wrestler in this match. This was the first time I got to see six-man mayhem and it was pretty crazy. Sydal was over because of Daizee Haize. Delirious was crazy, but had that Willow the Wisp vibe for some reason. Daivari got some heat for having his magic carpet. I was happy to see Kazushi and he even did the green and red mist. I know Acid won, but once again this was early in the night and I can't exactly remember the finish. Maybe someone else can e-mail a report and help me out.

Doug Williams defeated Austin Aries to retain Pure Championship

I believe Aries used up his three rope breaks, but Williams did get warned by the ref for throwing a punch. This was a technical match as you would think, but wasn't that impressive. The finish was unique as Williams made Aries submit to an armbar while he was on the top turnbuckle.

Low Ki d. Mark Briscoe

Ki came out with the usual suspects. Both men were way over with "Let's Go Low Ki, Let's Go Briscoe chants." This crowd absolutely hated Julius Smokes! Low Ki delivered some stiff kicks and the match was back-and-forth for the most part. Ki made Mark submit to what looked like a variation of a Dragon Sleeper. I've seen him use it before, but if it has a name I don't know what it is.

There was a much needed intermission after the match. I think the crowd definitely needed a break at that point.

Homicide d. Jay Briscoe

It was the night of the Rottweilers at this point. The same guys were at ringside. Homicide went for the Cop Killer at one point and Jay went for the Jay Driller, but both were reversed. I believe Homicide won with a Lariat in the end.

Samoa Joe d. Colt Cabana to retain ROH World Championship

Cabana was his usual funny self until the match started. He dropped his tag belt when he got up on the apron which got a funny "You F***ed Up" chant. It seemed to me that Cabana was more over with the crowd in this one, but both men had their fans. Joe tried for the Olay Kick on the outside, but Cabana got out of the way and ended up delivering one of his own. Cabana held his own with the champ. I can't remember if Joe won by pinfall or got Cabana to tap out. The Rotteweilers came back out to go after the champ, but the Briscoes came out to make the save.

CM Punk & Ace Steel d. Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer in Chicago Street Fight

This led to most extreme main event I have ever seen live. Allison Danger came out with a neckbrace before the start to cut a promo on Maff and Whitmer. She ended up sitting behind the crowd as she wanted to see her former Prophecy mates get beat up. Maff and Whitmer came out in Second City Saints shirts and got big time heat. Of course Punk and Steel got a great hometown reaction from the fans.

There's no report that could do this match justice. Everything from barbed wired boards and bats to tables, ladders, and chairs were used. The most insane point in the entire night was when the four wrestlers started throwing chairs in the ring from the outside. This led to the whole crowd throwing their chairs into the ring! Everyone left ringside except the ref who was huddled in the corner of the ring for dear life.

The match turned into a brawl in the ring on top of a sea of chairs. Punk won the match with the Pepsi Plunge on Whitmer onto the chairs. Everyone was bleeding heavily. Punk and Maff both got beaten with barbed wire. Afterwards the crowd was going nuts from the insanity that was the chair throwing incident.

All four members of Generation Next came out to attack Punk and Steel. Cabana came out for the save, but the numbers were too much. This led to the eventual aid of Ricky Steamboat, but he was soon tied up to the ropes. Generation Next continued to beat up the four faces which will probably be the end of the show on the tape release. GN left and the Saints and Steamboat started getting back up. Punk got on the mic and thanked the fans as well as Steamboat saying that he was in ROH because he wanted to be there not because he needed to. All four men left the ring, battered and beaten, but to a standing ovation, to end the show.

Like I said, this was the best show I've ever been to. Ricky Steamboat is a class act and was signing pictures as soon as the doors opened and even during intermission. Him being there was just another whole attraction to the show. The crowd loved everything and the main event hardcore brawl was the most wicked thing to witness live. I can't wait to hear what the reaction was to the chair-tossing.

Other than that I think this night will be remembered for the end of the Prophecy/Saints feud and for the beginning of the Saints/GN feud. Once again I apologize for the lapse in memory, but hopefully someone can fill in the blanks.

by Jim T.

Ring of Honor returned to Chicago Ridge, Illinois last night with the second night of Death Before Dishonor 2. Here are the results:

1. Rocky Romero d. Chad Collyer by submission with an armbar

2. Alex Shelly d. Jimmy Jacobs by submission with a crossface (his variation on the crippler crossface)

3. Roderick Strong/Jack Evans d. Matt Stryker/John Walters after Strong hit a Widow's Peak

4. Trent Acid d. Delirious, Shawn Davari, Matt Sydel, Danny Daniels, and The Great Kazushi in Six Man Mayhem when he hit a reverse DDT (curtain call) on Delerious I think.

5. Doug Williams d. Austin Ares via submission by an armbar on the rops (Ares was out of rope breaks) to retain the Pure Title.

6. Low Ki d. Mark Briscoe via submission with the Dragon Clutch, afterwards Low Ki slapped Briscoe and said that he didn't earn Low Ki's respect.

7. Homicide d. Jay Briscoe after a HUGE lariat. Afterwards Homicide did to Jay what Low Ki had done to Mark.

8. Samoa Joe d. Colt Cabana with the Island Driver to retain the ROH World Title.

9. In an INSANE match, CM Punk/Ace Steel d. Dan Maff/BJ Whitmer in a Chicago Street Fight when Ace Steel hit a tombstone piledriver off the the second rope through a table on Whitmer. This match had EVERYTHING in it, including a repeat of the ECW incident where the fans all threw their chairs into the ring. THe guys started throwing, and the fans jumped right in. There were probably over 200 chairs in the ring when all was said and done! Insane! Afterwards, Generation Next came out and beat down the Saints.

Incredible show from top to bottom, all the matches were great! I've now been to three ROH shows (Reborn Stage 2, and both of this weekends shows) and this was by far my favorite. Go out of your way to get this one on VHS or DVD.

You can order ROH Death Before Dishonor II: Part Two at

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