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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-28 20:40:00


Ring of Honor debuted in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin at the Muellner Building in Hart Park on Friday 7/23, drawing an estimated 400 fans. Complete results of the show saw:

*The show opened with Generation Next confronting Baron Von Raschke in the ring and attempting to attack him. The Second City Saints made the save. Von Raschke ended up putting the claw on Jack Evans.

*Trent Acid won a Four-Way over Ace Steele, Matt Sydal, and Delirious.

*Kazushi Miyamoto defeated Shawn Daivari.

*ROH Pure champion Doug Williams defeated Alex Shelley.

*Low Ki & Rocky Romero defeated Danny Maff & BJ Whitmer. Allison Danger tried to reconcile with Maff and Whitmer before the match but was rebuffed. After the match, she gloated about their loss and was shoved away by Maff. Danger knocked into Homicide, who gave her a Copkiller out of retaliation. The idea is that Danger will blame Maff and Whitmer for the incident.

*Chad Collyer defeated Danny Daniels.

*John Walters & Matt Stryker & Jimmy Jacobs (with Ricky Steamboat) defeated Roderick Strong & Jack Evans & Austin Aries.

*ROH champion Samoa Joe defeated Homicide with a choke. Joe refused to release the choke. ROH officials and wrestlers were unable to get him to break the hold. Low Ki and the Havana Pitbulls stormed the ring and beat down Joe, then took turns spitting on the ROH championship.

*ROH Tag Team champions CM Punk and Colt Cabana defeated The Briscoes, 2 falls to 1 fall.

Notes: Death Before Dishonor 2 will continue tomorrow in Chicago Ridge, Illinois. For ticket information, visit is changing up the lineup for their 8/7 return to Philadelphia, PA. The top matches of the new lineup are now Low Ki & Homicide vs. Samoa Joe & Mark Briscoe, American Dragon vs. Austin Aries - Best of Three Falls, and ROH Tag Team champions CM Punk & Colt Cabana vs. The Havana Pitbulls.

Jim Fields sent in the following notes from the show:

The crowd was hot and cold all night long, they'd pop for the big spots, and for chain wrestling, but then be really quiet most of the rest of the time. In fact, during the main event tag match, CM Punk even yelled out "Come on Milwaukee" to try to pump the crowd up. It worked for a short time. The crowd in Chicago Ridge in April was definatly more into things, so I'm hoping that'll be true tonight.

They spent a majority of intermission getting Allison Danger out of the ring. They ended up stretchering her out on an 8 foot wood table. Strange that since they were planning the angle that they didn't have a stretcher available, but I guess in some way it made it seem more real. However, with both Ricky Steamboat and Baron Von Rashke signing autographs, the fans could have cared less. Gabe was filming it all though, so I imagine it'll be on the DVD.

About Steamboat too, the crowd was, as you'd expect, really into him. He also took the time to make sure to sign for everyone who wanted him to. Even signing a huge stack of photos that one fan brought. He's my all time favorite, and it was great to have the chance to meet him last night, he was extremely nice and a class act.

You can order ROH Death Before Dishonor 2 - Part One at

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