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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-28 20:40:00

By Mike Johnson

Ring of Honor and Jersey All Pro Wrestling promoted a joint event at the Woodbridge Armory in Woodbridge, New Jersey on Friday 1/9. The show was initially conceived to create competition for the then-scheduled debut of Court Bauer’s Major League Wrestling in Philadelphia, but with MLW pulling out and running Florida, it instead became an event with a series of inter-promotional style bouts. Full results of the show saw.

*The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels defeated Dunn and Marcos in 8:46.

*Ruckus pinned Derek Wylde in 5:55.

*In an "Incredible Partners" Tag, The Carnage Crew's Tony Devito and The Backseat Boys' Trent Acid defeated Backseats' Johnny Kashmere and Crew's HC Loc in 12:46. Backseats acted like they didn't want to hurt each other while Crew were having fun beating the hell out of each other. Lots of silliness followed by some good spots and brawling. A really fun match.

*In a Scramble Match, the JAPW team of Jay Lethal(Hydro), Azriel, and Insane Dragon (Izzy) defeated the Special K contingent of Deranged & Dixie & Lit in 9:33. The Special K group couldn't understand why their usual partners were wrestling them. They all had a big rave after the match.

*Shane Douglas pinned Justin Credible in 11:20 with the worst belly-to-belly suplex in the history of wrestling. Douglas did his usual mic work, which came off really dated as he talked about ECW and Vince McMahon. Credible sliced his palm upon badly while being whipped into a guard rail and taped it up to continue wrestling. He went to the hospital for medical treatment after the bout. They brawled into the crowd at one point. The crowd chanted "Don't come back" at Douglas, who was in better shape then he has been in. Special K attacked Credible and the Carnage Crew made the save, setting the stage for K vs Crew in Scramble Cage II on 3/13 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

*April Hunter pinned Sumie Sakai in 8:58 with a rolling neckbreaker in a good match.

*ROH champion Samoa Joe pinned Balls Mahoney in 16:21 of a very good back and forth match.

*JAPW champion Danny Maff defeated Slyk Wagner Brown via DQ in 19:30 when Brown had Maff pinned after a burning hammer but EC Negro of the Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz told the referee that Wagner had used the JAPW championship belt. Horrible finish. Both Brown and Maff looked good here but the booking was really bad (Why would ref Hansen believe Negro after he had already tossed DRS out of the building once and they still interfered?) and there were some mistimed false finishes that made time stand still.

*Christopher Daniels won a Four-Way over CM Punk, AJ Styles, and John Walters. Styles hit Walters with a Styles Clash, but was hit by a Daniels double springboard moonsault for the pin in 25:25. Lots of great innovative stuff here.

The show seemed to draw in the 400-500 range. JAPW will return to the building on 2/28 with Teddy Hart and Jack Evans booked, among others.

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