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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-28 20:40:00


by Josh Niemand

Ring of Honor returned to Dayton, Ohio on Saturday 6/12 at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in front of an estimated 425 fans.

Complete results of the show saw:

*The New Carnage Crew, Danny Daniels and Masada defeated Dunn and Marcos.

*Homicide interupted a tag match between Shawn Osbourne & Armand Hussein vs.TJ Dogg and JC Starr and laid everyone out.

*Jimmy Jacobs pinned HC Loc to win a Six Man Mayhem that also included Rainman, Delirious, Matt Sydal, and Caprice Coleman.

*Generation Next attacked Matt Stryker prior to a Stryker match against Alex Shelley. Stryker was gushing a ton of blood. Jimmy Rave and John Walters made the save and challenged them to a six man tag bout. Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong & Austin Aries defeated Matt Stryker & Jimmy Rave & John Walters with Shelley forcing Rave to tap out. Rave had previously vowed to quit ROH if he had lost his match tonight.

*Special K's Hydro defeated Superstar Steve, Ray Gordy, and Chad Collyer in a Four-Way, forcing Collyer to tap out. Hydro's victory advances him into a match on 7/17 where he will compete towards the vacant Pure Wrestling championship.

*ROH champion Samoa Joe fought CM Punk to a legitimate 60 minute time limit draw, made even more amazing by the fact Punk worked a legitimate 61 minute match the night before against Chris Hero in IWA Mid-South. Joe was presented with a new ROH championship belt by Les Thatcher and they were pushing it was a new "World title belt." The fans chanted "Match of the Year" and "Thank you." The fans asked for 5 more minutes and didn't get it. Homicide came out and stole the ROH belt.

*In the promotion's first-ever "Ultimate Endurance" Tag Match, Danny Maff and BJ Whitmer were victorious over Colt Cabana and Ace Steel, The Briscoe Brothers, and Jack Evans & Austin Aries. The match was an elimination bout with stipulations changing with each fall. The first fall was an I Quit match with Jack Evans tapping out. The Second Fall was a Scramble Match, which saw the Briscoes eliminated. The final fall saw Maff and Whitmer win a Falls Count Anywhere bout against Cabana and Steel, pinning Cabana. Maff and Whitmer became the top contenders to the ROH Tag Team championships with their victory.

by Mike Johnson

There was a lot of praise from those in the company and fans who were in attendance for the one hour CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe ROH title match in Dayton on Saturday night. There were a number of people who regularly attend ROH who called it the best match in the history of the company, which covers some ground. When the match was over, Punk and Joe both held the belt in the air and Punk made a comment about those "Trying to stop the company, but ROH can't be stopped." I have heard the promotion will be using both the traditional ROH belt that Samoa Joe has been carrying and the new "World title belt" that Homicide stole in Dayton in a new storyline twist for their feud.

A number of readers sent word that Akio from World Wrestling Entertainment was visiting at the Dayton, Ohio event this weekend and could be seen watching the show. Akio lives in the immediate area and came by to see friends and say hello.

ROH filmed an angle after the Dayton show was over where Danny Maff and BJ Whitmer announced they were gone from The Prophecy. They are also done with Allison Danger as their manager, which will start a new storyline for all three. With Christopher Daniels gone from the promotion, there was only a matter of time before this was going to happen, although it leaves some storyline possibilities open if ROH can make amends with NWA:TNA.

Although he was supposed to "take it easy" at the Dayton show due to his hand injury, Homicide still ended up tearing open the stitches in his hand. Homicide suffered the injury in an out of the ring incident where he ended up putting his hand through glass. As someone who has dealt with hand injuries before, I hope he stays out of the ring and heals whatever the problem is as you don't want to be messing with the muscles in the hand if you don't have to.

Speaking of NWA:TNA, that situation is still up in the air and I don't expect it to be resolved until ROH deals with its own internal issues regarding last week's split. Representatives from ROH and RF Video are scheduled to talk again Monday, as the verbal agreement they reached late last week still hasn't been signed.

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