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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-11-04 19:54:54
No DQ Match: Chuck Taylor vs Rich Swann

This match is happening because Swann pinned Taylor in the six man on Friday, and Swann comes sprinting out of the back to attack Taylor and jump start the match. Taylor chokes Swann in the corner, but Swann tosses Taylor out to the floor and grinds what looks like one of those fancy corkscrews with the arms you use to open wine bottles into Taylor's groin. Taylor fights that one off quickly and makes Swann regret getting cute by dumping him chest first on the guardrail. Swann reverses a whip and sends Taylor crashing into the guardrail and then he nails him with a charging boot to the face. Now Taylor gets ahold of the corkscrew and gouges it into Swann's forehead, then hiptosses him onto the hard floor. Taylor picks Swann up again and this time dumps him onto the ring apron, but Swann hits a low blow on Taylor and rams his face into the ring apron, but Taylor reverses a whip and now it's Swann who goes crashing into the rail. Taylor smashes Swann's face into the rail, but Swann responds in kind to Taylor before superkicking him for good measure. Swann has the fans hand him a bunch of folding chairs, sliding a couple of them into the ring before using a third to smash Taylor over the back. He tries another chairshot, but Taylor kicks him in the breadbasket and then hits a DDT on the floor, with Swann spiking down vertically on the top of his head right on the concrete. Taylor rolls Swann back inside and picks up a screwdriver, sticking it into Swann's mouth and grinding it into the inside of Swann's cheek. Taylor with a nice back suplex, the first wrestling move of the match, and covers Swann for 2. Taylor straddles Swann on the second rope, and Swann tries firing back with some weakened right hands, but Taylor plants Swann into the mat with a pair of bodyslams. Taylor slaps Swann in the face and takes a jab in the face in response, but Taylor smacks him in the face again and now Swann flips him the bird. Taylor grabs his finger and bites it, then uses a pair of pliers to try and break Swann's fingers. Swann holds the ropes to keep from getting whipped across the ring, but Taylor finally succeeds and Swann catches Taylor out of nowhere with a handspring into an Ace Crusher. Swann rolls out to the floor and goes under the ring, bringing out a metal crutch and using it to nail Taylor in the back. Swann does the same with a chair, but Taylor nails Swann, causing him to drop the chair, and tries to piledrive Swann on the chair. Swann blocks and hits an ax kick that drives Taylor's face down onto the chair, and then Swann sets the chair up in the middle of the ring as the homeless guy from last night gets on the apron to yell at Swann. Swann superkicks the homeless guy to the floor, but turns around and gets Boss Man Slammed onto the chair. Homeless Guy hands Taylor a leather strap that Taylor uses to whip Swann, apparently getting his wish after all, then sets up a chair in the middle of the ring and tries to plant Swann onto it with the Awful Waffle. Swann fights his way out of that one, and Taylor goes to the second rope but Swann gives him a Frankensteiner that drops Taylor right onto the chair. Swann with another chairshot and he hits the triple jump 450 for the win.

Winner: Rich Swann

Now THAT is how you do a no DQ match. This wasn't some garbage match where two guys just bring out a bunch of stupid weapons to grind each other into bits, this was a fight where each man hated the other so much that hurting their opponent was every bit as important as winning the match, and maybe a little more. Great way to blow off the Ronin angle.

Sami Callihan vs CIMA

Callihan takes CIMA to the corner and kicks him in the chest, CIMA, responds with one of his own, and they exchange several more kicks before going nose to nose in the middle of the ring where Callihan connects with a headbutt that sends CIMA careening into the corner. Callihan repeatedly stomps CIMA, who covers up as best he can, but CIMA pops up as soon as Callihan backs off, nailing him and delivering a lungblower. Now Callihan is down in the corner absorbing kicks from CIMA, who then snapmares Callihan and gets him in a leg nelson. CIMA rolls Callihan to his back in a leg cradle that gets 2, then CIMA snapmares Callihan again and slingshots himself in from the apron with a rolling senton for 2. CIMA goes for a surfboard, and Callihan tries to stop him by reaching back and fishhooking CIMA's mouth, but CIMA gets free of that and rolls Callihan up in the full surfboard. Callihan escapes by biting CIMA's hand, and they wind up trading blows in the middle of the ring until Callihan hits a bicycle kick and a Death Valley Driver. Callihan with a slingshot splash that gets 2, and CIMA rolls out to the apron to try and catch a breather. Callihan doesn't let up, knocking CIMA to the floor with a springboard forearm before taking him out with a dive through the ropes. Callihan whips CIMA into the guardrail, then charges in with a chop to the chest of CIMA, whom he rolls inside to cover for 2. Callihan gets CIMA in a standing Indian Deathlock, then rolls CIMA over for the Trailer Hitch version. CIMA tries to sit up to escape, so Callihan sits himself up and fishhooks CIMA's mouth again until CIMA get to the ropes. CIMA is hobbling around on the bad leg as Callihan picks him up for the slam against the ropes and covers for 2. CIMA slips out the back on a vertical suplex attempt and drills Callihan with a dropkick to the face before planting him with a Bizarro Driver that gets 2. Callihan charges CIMA in the corner, but CIMA leapfrogs Callihan and nails him, then hangs Callihan between the top and middle rope before charging in with a dropkick to Callihan's midsection. Callihan dodges a charge and CIMA drives his own knee into the top turnbuckle, and Callihan quickly applies his modified figure four right in the middle of the ring. CIMA reverses the hold, but Callihan reverses back and CIMA is forced to go to the ropes. Callihan gets a running clothesline in the corner, CIMA comes out with a superkick, but Callihan responds with another running clothesline and covers for 2. CIMA drops to a knee to block a powerbomb attempt, but Callihan bicycle kicks him in the face and hits the powerbomb on the second try. CIMA kicks out at 2, but Callihan uses the momentum of the kickout to fold CIMA right into the stretch muffler. CIMA won't tap, so Callihan scissors the body. CIMA still struggles for the ropes so Callihan gets to his feet to really crank on the hold, but CIMA still has the willpower to keep going and finally makes the ropes. Callihan picks CIMA up by the leg and catches an enziguiri from CIMA, who then folds Callihan over with a bridging cradle suplex for 2. CIMA hangs Callihan in the Tree of Woe, then goes to the top rope and hits a Van Terminator, then picks Callihan up and hits the Schwein. Callihan somehow kicks out at 2, so CIMA goes up top for Meteora and connects for the win.

Winner: CIMA

If you put aside the fact that CIMA beat Callihan with a top rope double kneedrop after Callihan spent the whole match destroying CIMA's knee, this was a really good match. Ricochet comes out with a microphone and says that after all they'd been through together and after CIMA got involved in his match with AR Fox on Friday, all he wants to say to CIMA is to stay out of his business.

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