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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-11-04 19:54:54 iPPV

Welcome to's live coverage of Dragon Gate USA's final show of the year, Freedom Fight 2012! You can find information on ordering the iPPV stream of the show by clicking on the poster above.

EITA vs Jon Davis

After taking his time as usual to get in the ring, Davis simply squats in his corner after the bell and waits for EITA to come to him. EITA appears understandably reluctant to do so, and waves Davis to come out to him. Davis finally obliges, and a tie up results in Davis tossing EITA into the corner and choking him with his boot. Gabe Sapolsky himself jumps in on commentary just to thank the fans for coming to this weekend's shows given the conditions after the hurricane. EITA may wish Davis didn't make it to the show, because Davis repeatedly slams him with a lot of velocity, but EITA dodges a legdrop and catches Davis with a low crossbody for 2. EITA with La Magistral cradle for 2, and an attempt at a small package is easily blocked by Davis, who powers EITA into a delayed vertical suplex that gets him 2. Davis plants EITA into the mat with a back suplex and clubs him with a series of forearms to the back, but EITA starts hulking up and no-sells Davis, he tries to get Davis into a chopping match, but Davis won't play ball with him, so EITA dropkicks Davis out to the apron and then baseball slides his legs out from under him. Davis falls down to the floor and EITA connects with a second baseball slide, then moonsaults off the top rope and wipes Davis out by the entryway. EITA sends Davis back in and nails him with a missile dropkick that gets 2, then signals that he's getting ready to put Davis away. Somehow I doubt his plan is going to work, and indeed Davis proves me right by popping EITA into the air for a powerbomb, folds him in half with a release German suplex, then takes his head off with a short clothesline for the win.

Winner: Jon Davis

So now Davis has not only squashed Johnny Gargano this weekend, but he also made short work of the guy who took Gargano to the limit on Friday. I like the way this story is being told, and Jon Davis comes out of the weekend looking pretty damn unbeatable.

The Scene vs Tony Nese & Papadon

Trina is wearing a somewhat less revealing top tonight, so looks like no chance of a repeat of last night's wardrobe malfunction. Nese and Papadon are two regulars from the NYWC, whose building DGUSA is running in tonight, but they're not just on the show as a favor to the NYWC, they're two of the best wrestlers on the independents today and are both guys a lot of people see very bright futures for. Reed and Nese start, with Nese taking control with a series of armdrags. Nese is the first guy in a while I've seen who looks like he can match power with Reed, and indeed he pops him over with a gutwrench suplex that gets 2, then Papadon tags in and fires off several forearms, but Reed manages to get Papadon into his corner so he can tag out to Konley, who comes in and promptly takes a windmill backbreaker before getting caught in the NYWC corner. Nese cartwheels through a hiptoss and ties Konley up in a full nelson using the legs, but Konley gets out and Nese goes to the ropes, but Larry Dallas grabs his ankle from the floor. Nese has words with Dallas and doesn't see Reed come out of nowhere with a clothesline that sends him plummeting to the floor. Marti Belle comes out to ringside and Dallas hides behind Trina to avoid the beating he knows he's in for, and in the meantime the Scene brings Nese back inside and lay a beating on him while Papadon watches helplessly from his corner. Konley picks Nese up for a vertical suplex and holds him so Reed can lay in a couple of chops, then drops him and covers for a 2 count. The crowd starts getting behind Nese as Reed goes for a tornado DDT, but Nese shows a tremendous amount of power by not only blocking the move, but lifting Reed back onto the top turnbuckle and giving him a top rope Frankensteiner. Both men make the tag, and Papadon comes in like a house of fire, pummeling Konley with kicks and suplexing Reed across the ring. Papadon comes off the second rope with a diving European uppercut and makes a cover, but Reed breaks it up at 2. Nese dumps Reed to the floor as Papadon gives Konley a Flatliner into the corner, setting him up for a facewash from Nese. Papadon powerbombs Konley into the corner as Nese nails Konley with a leaping enziguiri, but Reed comes in and dumps Nese to the floor and then superkicks Papadon into a German suplex from Konley that gets 2. Nese comes back in and clotheslines Reed over the top and they both go out together, leaving Konley and Papadon alone in the ring. Konley tries to superplex Papadon and Papadon fights him off, Trina gets on the apron to try and distract Papadon with her boobage, but Marti Belle pulls her down to the floor as Reed gets ahold of Papadon and drags him out as well. Konley is still down in the ring, so Nese quickly capitalizes with a 450 splash and scores the win.

Winners: Tony Nese & Papadon

Terrific showing by Nese & Papadon and a good win for them, but the Scene lay them out and then Reed powerbombs Marti Belle so a shirtless and jiggly Larry Dallas can get on the mat and count three. Sami Callihan & Arik Cannon run in to chase the Scene off, and Callihan carries Marti Belle back to the locker room for medical attention while Cannon demands his opponent come out to the ring to start their match.

Arik Cannon & ACH

ACH rushes the ring and starts brawling with Cannon, who tries putting him on the top rope for some dastardly move, but ACH knocks him off and out to the floor and takes him out with a dive. ACH goes for a split legged moonsault to the floor, Cannon moves but ACH lands on his feet, and he handsprings off the ropes to deliver a flying headscissors on the floor. ACH sends Cannon back into the ring and goes up top, but Cannon casually walks out of the way of the flying bodypress in much the same way Samoa Joe used to, and he starts putting the boots to ACH. Cannon snapmares ACH and dropkicks him in the back of the head, and gets 2 off a cover. Cannon goes to the eyes and then plants ACH with a snap suplex for 2. Cannon is methodically stalking ACH, taking his time to pick him up before drilling him in the face with a forearm. ACH decides to trade punches with Cannon, but Cannon comes out on top of that exchange. He then makes the mistake of playing ACH's game by going to the ropes, and he gets dropkicked for his trouble. ACH hits Paydirt, but takes too long going to the ropes and Cannon tosses him off and kicks him in the breadbasket. ACH tries a flying headscissors, but Cannon catches and powerbombs him, then hits a running clothesline for 2. Cannon's looking a bit frustrated as he picks ACH up for a suplex, but ACH comes out the back and hits an inverted Frankensteiner that gets 2. ACH tries a 450 splash, but the pool is empty and ACH eats mat. ACH charges Cannon and runs into a big right hand, and Cannon finishes him with the twisting suplex.

Winner: Arik Cannon

Solid match, ACH showed some good stuff here but I like how Cannon got past all his fancy moves with a good, old fashioned right hand to the jaw and used his size and power to put him away.

Jigsaw & Fire Ant vs Super Smash Brothers

I already know this match is going to be hell to do play by play for, but I'll do my best. Everyone shakes hands before the match, and then we get Fire Ant and a shirtless Player Uno starting us off. Uno takes Fire Ant to the corner and breaks clean, flexing at his diminuitive opponent. Fire Ant tries a different angle and goes behind Uno with a hammerlock, Uno reverses to one of his own and Fire Ant snapmares him. They then go to a wristlock exchange and Fire Ant is unable to take Uno down with a shoulderblock, so he stomps on Uno's foot and tries a flying headscissors. Uno catches him and does the Ryback march, but is unable to deliver an offensive move. Fire Ant dodges several Hadokens and dropkicks Uno, then Dos and Jigsaw come in and Dos jumps off the top rope for no real reason. Now Jigsaw jumps off the top rope for no reason, and then Dos goes behind Jigsaw and takes him down with a waistlock. Jigsaw reverses and gets Dos in a headlock, Dos rolls Jigsaw to his back for a 1 count, and we're back at a stalemate as then both start marching around the ring. Dos takes Jigsaw down to the mat, rolls him, and gets a side headlock. Jigsaw escapes and gets Dos in a Gory Special, sinking the hold in deep before Dos escapes and gets a pair of flying headscissors. Jigsaw with a flying back elbow to Dos, followed by a flying headscissors and a slingshot suplex into a gutbuster for 2. That was innovative! Jigsaw with a series of hard chops to the chest of Dos, and Dos tries to fight his way out of Jigsaw's corner, but Jigsaw tags in Fire Ant, who connects with a double stomp to the back of Dos, followed by a basement dropkick for 2. Dos escapes a double back suplex attempt and takes both opponents out with a Pelle kick, then makes the tag to Uno, who gets the swinging Flatlines on Jigsaw for 2. Uno rams Fire Ant to the corner and DRILLS him with a chop that was so hard he hurt his own hand. Uno with a charging clothesline in the corner and then whips Jigsaw into the boot of Dos, who tags in and comes over the top rope with a slingshot senton that gets him 2. Dos goes for a snap suplex and has to throw a little extra power behind it to get Jigsaw over, but he does and it gets him 2. Double team by the SSB gets 2, and Jigsaw needs to make the tag to Fire Ant, but Uno boxes his ears and gives him a back suplex for 2. Dos tags in and hits a running kneestrike to the face, but only gets 2, so he connects with a chop of his own and then charges Jigsaw against the ropes, but Fire Ant nails him with a leaping enziguiri to the face and then Jigsaw finally makes the tag. Fire Ant sends both members of the SSB to the outside with a flurry, and then he and Jigsaw take them both out with stereo dives. Uno gets suplexed out to the floor and then Dos gets planted with a double brainbuster for 2. Uno comes in and drills Jigsaw with a bicycle kick, Fire Ant kicks Uno, Dos kicks Fire Ant, Jigsaw takes a Code Red into the corner, Dos suplexes Fire Ant onto Jigsaw, then the powerbomb/backbreaker double team gets 2. Uno goes for another powerbomb, but Fire Ant shifts his weight in midair and gives him a Stunner, then Jigsaw and Fire Ant nail Dos with stereo superkicks. Uno and Dos are both slumped in the same corner, so Fire Ant and Jigsaw hit stereo Van Terminators. Jigsaw goes for a cover on Dos, but Uno shoves Fire Ant onto Jigsaw to break the cover. Uno breaks through a double clothesline from Jigsaw and Fire Ant and plants them both with a DDT/Flatliner combo. The SSB go for the finish, Jigsaw and Fire Ant try to block them, but Uno gets Fire Ant in a Gory Special and Dos comes off the top rope to plant Fire Ant with a rolling Ace Crusher for the win.

Winners: Super Smash Brothers

Terrific match, both teams had very strong showings this weekend and the Super Smash Brothers in particular really impressed me with how good they've gotten since the first time I saw them. I really enjoyed this one a lot.

DGUSA's final show of the year continues on Page 2!

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