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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-28 20:01:15

Sheamus got polite applause as he went to the back. Dolph didn't cash in.

They did a bit with Zack Ryder dressed as a witch, Santino dressed as something and Ron Simmons said Damn. It's Halloween. Get it, they are topical! Sorry, I am still pissed about Sheamus losing.

Punk walks up to Vince and he wants the Cell match called off. Vince asks if he is afraid. No. So go out and prove you are the best in the world. Punk turns and walks away, like what Vince said means something to him. I won't be negative. I will instead quote my wife, who doesn't watch much. "So why is Vince is friend now? Why would Punk listen to him?" And she didn't even see the stuff from when Vince came back or the match they had. So what that means is WWE booking just doesn't make sense to the casual follower. What does that say about those of us who watch all the time?

Time for the three way Divas match. I won't recap all of this because if you care you know already. If you don't, you are the lucky one. ... It was what it was. But at one point there was silence and someone said to JBL he hasn't said anything in two minutes. I found that fitting. Anyway, Eve stole the win at the end. She is an opportunist. It was what it was but they did work hard. I have to give them that.

We got an interview Big Show. Try to take the title from him. Meanwhile, Striker can't get an interview with Sheamus because he is with the doctor and can't talk.

The streak continues. The champ came out first for Hell In A Cell too. It's so wrong. The champ should always be last. Plus, if Ryback came out first to a big pop, when Punk came out after he would get booed a lot. They just don't get it.

Sorry that this is so late. I was having dinner as the main event happened and had to go right into the post game show and meant to update the main event when I was done. Then, I forgot. My apologies.

The main event saw Punk get in a lot more on Ryback than I thought he would. My fear going in was that Punk would just get destroyed, but he didn't. They also kept Ryback strong. The multiple cane shot, with Ryback no-selling it, played him off as a monster. ... The finish of the match was obviously cheap and I had mixed feeling about it. Yes, I don't think it's right to do screw finishes on a show where people spend a lot of money but going in I was afraid that Punk would be made to look bad and at least he won. The finish actually makes Ryback stronger and the end of the finish with him standing atop of the cage over a prone Punk was a great visual. These two are not done yet.

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