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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-28 20:01:15

In the back, Kane and Bryan were bickering. It was funny stuff.

It is US Title time. Justin Gabriel gets the shot due to beating Antonio Cesaro on Raw. So, Cesaro got a bad loss for a last minute PPV match. And Vince wonders why goes lose their momentum. ... The fans are really quiet for this one. Cesaro is in control so far. Honestly, he should just destroy Gabriel. He had a lot of momentum and they should keep it going, especially after pinning a loss on ADR earlier. ... Gabriel has come back a bit and Cole just yelled "upset here". Uh, if the guy won their last match, how is it an upset? ... Anyway, Justin has hit a few nice spots and is control. Then, he botched the 450. ... With Cesaro back in control of a prone Gabriel, he took him in the ring and hit The Neutralizer for the pin. ... Good match but the people don't care enough about either guy to really get invested, which is a shame.

Layla talked about how her mom died at 48 from breast cancer and how she misses her. It was sad. Folks, get all of the cancer tests you should get. They may not be pleasant, but they need to be done. Kudos to WWE for getting involved here.

Paul Heyman came up to Vickie and said she made a great move canceling the Cell match, which of course she didn't do. She said if you have a problem with that, "You know where to go". He smiled and left. Vince anyone?

They sent out get well wishes to Lilian Garcia and asked her to hurry back so that they don't have to put up with Tony Chimel any more. Given Tony blew Cesaro's name, they have a point.

It's time for the "we only announced five matches so here's another one" tag bout with Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. The Prime Time Players. Cole is pushing people to watch Raw tomorrow because he said AJ would be there. Yep, that makes sense, use the show the most loyal fans PAY for to push TV angles they can watch for free.

The PTP are in control. The fans are more into this than I thought they would be as they are trying to rally Cara to tag Rey. PTP are working Cara over. ... Five minutes later they still are. This is kind of dull. ... Oh wait, it's about to change. Titus just talked to the people of Atlanta and told them about how a real football team plays. The Falcons are 7-0. Maybe Abe rubbed off on him. ... Rey made the hot tag finally. He went to work on Darren Cena. ... This led to a 619 and a win for the faces. The crowd wanted to like it and did at the end. That is the best thing I can say about it. It's not the PTP's fault either, they just need to be pushed properly. ... The medical staff is looking at Cara on the floor because he got dropped on his head earlier. Cara then rolled back in so he is OK. He is raising his arms with Rey.

WWE is pushing the Rolling Stones 12/15 PPV show that they are promoting. I will be buying that one. I have to.

Time for Big Show vs. Sheamus. This show has had one really good match. They need more. Can this be it? ... Hour two ends with Sheamus vs. The Big Show. For those wondering, the champion came out first again here too. ... Show is in control early, being a giant and all. Sheamus keeps trying to come back. They better make it so that he can, and soon. ... Five minutes later, Show is still in control. Come on already. This is boring. ... Wait, Sheamus fights back! A few shots and then, damn, bear hug.

Show was going for the pin when Sheamus hit a DDT. Can he take control? ... Well, he is trying and Show is stopping him. Chokeslam. Two count only. Hopefully they go back and forth from here. ... Sheamus gets a two with a Cloverleaf. Cool. ... They are fighting on the floor, back and forth. Sheamus is doing more than he has the whole match. If it's a big finish this will be a "good win" match. Just as I typed that he got a two with White Noise. That was cool! Sheamus goes for the Brogue but Show catches it and hits the KO punch. Sheamus kicks out. Big pop! ... Show sets up for another one, waiting for Sheamus to get up. Sheamus ducks it and hits the Brogue. Two count only. He will have to do it again, or better yet do the slam spots I suggested. This has gotten good. It just took a while. ... Sheamus is going for the Brogue again. Instead, he got the KO punch. Show gets the pin and wins the World Title. Before I could say a word my wife said, "Why did they do that? It's stupid". She is so right. Jesus, this frickin' company, they drive me insane. Hey message board people that say I am negative, if you liked that, God bless you. Show should have been used to put over Sheamus as a monster. Instead, he is the new champ. Jesus, there is no cure for stupid.

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