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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-21 11:00:00


by Mike Johnson

RF Video's Ring of Honor returned to the Murphy Recreation Center last night, drawing 400+ for an event which saw the promotion "throw the script out the window" as they stated prior to the show in press releases, as Spanky and Steve Corino, who were set to be integral parts of the show, were needed to stay in Japan for Zero-One's PPV.

To make up for the card changes, the promotion promised a different slant on the ROH concept, offered the first two bouts of the evening for free, and organized a Fan Fest prior to the event with meet and greets with the roster. The FanFest included an angle where Michael Modest was approached about joining Christopher Daniels' Prophecy but refused.

Complete results of the show:

*In the first round of the ROH Tag Team championship tournament, Christopher Daniels and Donovan Morgan defeated Jose and Joel Maximo in 7:21. During the bout, a woman who got into it with Simply Luscious hopped the rail and hit a moonsault off the top on Daniels and Luscious.

*In the first round of the ROH Tag Team championship tournament, Dick Togo and Ikuto Hidaka defeated James Maritato and Tony Mamaluke. Gary Michael Cappeta came out to interview the former FBI about their issues. This led to an immediate match between Maritato and Mamaluke, with Mamaluke scoring the pin in about 3:30.

*In the first round of the ROH Tag Team championship tournament, American Dragon and the debuting Michael Modest defeated Chris Divine and Quiet Storm in 6:23.

*Da Hit Squad came out for their match with Natural Born Sinners but were jumped and laid out by the Carnage Crew. The Crew stated they had also laid out the Sinners in the back (Sinners were not at the show), giving Modest and Dragon a Bye to the Finals of the tournament.

*In the semi-finals of the ROH Tag Team championship tournament, Christopher Daniels and Donovan Morgan defeated Dick Togo and Ikuto Hidaka in 14:24. This was said to have been a tremendous bout.

*Alex Arion from New England Championship Wrestling made his PA debut for the promotion, defeating Dunn in 1:36. The bout was supposed to be a tag match with Dunn & Marcos against Arion and Prince Nana, but Nana came out wearing protective gear on his head, saying his head hurt, playing off Low Ki "knocking out" Nana at the promotion's 6/22 event. The Christopher Street Connection, complete with ECWA's The Japanese Pool Boy, came out and did a promo, only to be jumped by Alexis Laree.

*CM Punk did a promo in the ring to build to his debut for the promotion in November, only to have long-time rival Colt Cabana come out as well.

*Xavier defeated Low Ki to win the Ring of Honor championship, becoming the second competitor to hold the belt after Christopher Daniels became involved. Xavier joined Daniels' Prophecy. This was said to have been another tremendous bout.

*Pro Wrestling NOAH's Takao Omori debuted, defeating NWA TNA's Sonny Siaki, also making his debut for the promotion, in 7:28.

*In a rematch from the initial Ring of Honor event in February 2002, Jay Briscoe defeated The Amazing Red with the J-Driller in 7:47. Another strong match.

*In a Streetfight, Paul London defeated Michael Shane in a bout that included Tables and Chairs. The finish of the bout saw London do an amazing Shooting Star Press off the top of a 12 foot ladder in the middle of the ring onto Shane for the pin. London had pulled out of the ROH Tag Team championship earlier in the night when London confronted him (since his partner Spanky was in Japan, London was going to team with American Dragon but Shane came out) to get a shot at Shane, who he has been feuding with. This was said to have been an out of this world bout with tremendous spot after spot.

*In the Ring of Honor Tag Team championship finals, Christopher Daniels and Donovan Morgan captured the promotion's championship, defeating American Dragon and Michael Modest in 26:40. This was said to have been a tremendous tag match.

Notes: Gary Michael Cappetta was used as an interviewer in the ring and backstage....The mysterious large African American male who attacked and chokeslammed several wrestlers at the last ROH event in PA resurfaced, with ref Hanson the object of his destruction this time....Ring of Honor returns to The Murphy Recreation Center on 10/5 with "Glory By Honor" an event designed to be one of their showcase events. Scheduled for the show is Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe, Steve Corino vs. Rudy Boy Gonzales in a Texas Death Match, Doug Williams, Ikuto Hidaka, Dick Togo, and more.

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