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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-21 11:00:00


by Buck Woodward

We are live at the third Ring Of Honor event at the Murphy Recreation Center, in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Ring announcer Stephen DeAngelis came out to open the show, which is dedicated to Eddie Guerrero, who makes his final Northeast Independent appearance tonight.

As DeAngelis welcomed the crowd, the Hit Squad came to the ring an interrupted him, bullying him from ringside. The Hit Squad got a positive reaction from the New York fans, which was met with a negative response from the Philly fans. The Hit Squad called out the Christopher St. Connection, who they obliterated at the two previous ROH shows. Buff E. and Mace came out to "YMCA", and for you first time readers. the CSC has an effeminate gimmick. The Hit Squad attacked them on the floor, as Allison Danger, who the Hit Squad have also destroyed in the past, came to the ring. She screamed at the Hit Squad, asking them if they think they are so tough because they beat up on women and gay men. THe Hit Squad were about to go after her, when she announced that instead of the Christopher St. Connection vs. The Hit Squad, it would be the Hit Squad vs. the CSC and Prince Nana & The Servant (Elax) in a Three Way Dance. Nana & The Servant ran down, with Simply Luscious, and attacked the Hit Squad. Despite Mafia hitting a German suplex on two opponents at once, the group managed to actually beat down the Hit Squad. However, they were soon arguing amongst themselves, allowing the Hit Squad to recover, and spear all of their opponents simultaneously. Hit Squad then proceeded to destroy their opponents. Mafia hit a kick to the heat on Mace, and a head and arm suplex on Buff E. Simply Luscious was given a spinebuster. Luscious was finished off with a Burning Hammer and pinned, even though I don't think she was a legal participant in the match. Monsta Mac, after almost slipping on his way up, put Luscious through a table with a top rope legdrop, and the Hit Squad left victorious. After the match, The Hit Squad had the crowd chant "187", which I'm guessing is a message to Homicide, who is currently on his first tour of Japan.

The next match featured Jay Briscoe, accompanied by Mark Briscoe, took on Tony Mamaluke. The two started off mat wrestling, with Mamaluke on top first, but Briscoe managed to get on top and rode him to the ropes, where Mamaluke fell through and retreated on the floor. They continued the mat game, with Briscoe working on Mamaluke's arm. Mamaluke snapmared out of a hammerlock, and hit a hiptoss. He rolled under a lariat, but Briscoe caught him with a leg lariat. Briscoe hit a snap suplex, then a second, before covering for a two count. Mamaluke flipped out of a suplex and applied a Fujiwara armbar. Briscoe made the ropes. Mamaluke went for a jujigatame, but Briscoe made the ropes. Mamaluke continued to work on the left arm, but Briscoe flipped over him in the corner and got a rollup for two. Mamaluke applied a sleeper, turned it into a legsweep, then applied a full nelson with his legs. Mamaluke placed Briscoe in the corner and went for a superplex, but Briscoe kept fighting him away. Mamaluke went for it again, but Briscoe turned it into a second rope gourdbuster. Both men got slowly to their feet, and traded chops. Briscoe hit a flapjack, then a series of reversals on a waistlock ended with a Briscoe cradle for two. Mamaluke got a victory roll for two. Mamaluke went for a backslide, but Briscoe turned it into a double underhook piledriver (Moneymaker) and got the pin. Both wrestlers got a nice ovation following the match, although Mamaluke did not appreciate the fans applause.

Tag team action was next, as Devine Storm (Chris Devine & Quiet Storm), with Brian XL, take on Christian York & Joey Matthews. Matthews started out with Storm, trading armdrags and legsweeps. They stalemated on a nice exchange, and the crowd applauded. York made a blind tag as Matthews leapfrogged Storm, and hit a top rope dropkick for a two count. Storm hit a headscissors and a rana, and followed with a dropkick. Devine tagged in, but York went to work on him with chops and punches. Storm got a armdrag out of a waistlock, but York hit a spinebuster and applied a Rocking Horse. Storm broke it up, and was elbowed by York for his efforts. Devine hit a spinebuster for a two count. Storm tagged back in, and hit a combination dropkick/legsweep with Devine on York for a two count. Storm hit a dropkick, then tagged Devine back in. Devine hit a running forearm in the corner, but York launched himself at Storm as he ran in and hit a lariat. Devine managed to send York to the floor. Referee Mike Kehner held Matthews back, allowing Brian XL to run across the ring and leap into a backflip over the ropes, moonsaulting onto York on the floor. XL headed to the back after his move. In the ring, Devine hit a Tiger Driver on York for a two count. Devine went for a top rope rana, but was caught and given a reverse atomic drop from the second rope. York made the tag to Matthews, who hit a series of lariats on Storm, who also tagged in, and backdropped him. Matthews pounded Storm in the corner and gave him a facebuster. Matthews hit a neckbreaker on Storm, and backdropped Devine to the floor. York and Matthews then applied a double torture rack to Storm and turned it into a double DDT. Devine came back in, but he and York tumbled to the floor, brawling. In the ring, Storm fought back with Matthews, and managed, after a series of suplex reversals by both men, to lock in a leglace and ankle lock on Matthews. Matthews tapped out. Devine Storm are the winners.

A Three Way Dance was next, with the first person to get a pinfall or submission being declared the winner, Scoot Andrews vs. James Maritato vs. Xavier. Xavier got an "A.C. Slater" chant before the match started. All three circled each other, then Maritato and Scoot locked up, kicking and backdropping to keep Xavier away. They traded headlocks, while Xavier watched, until Scoot ran into him while charging Maritato. Xavier hit a dropkick on Maritato, but Scoot hit a headscissors on Xavier. Xavier went for a neckbreaker on Scoot, Guido went to flip him out of it, but Xavier turned it into a DDT on Scoot. Xavier then went on the offense against Maritato, working him over with jumping knees to the head. Maritato was whipped into the corner, but h came back with a second rope dropkick. Xavier blocked the Sicilian Slice, and ended up on the ropes with him. Xavier hit a Ferris Wheel superplex on Maritato. All three men began trading punches, and all three knocked each other out. Maritato went for a slingshot suplex on Xavier, but Scoot caught him and turned it into a Michinoku Driver on Xavier. Scoot hit a powerslam on Maritato for a two count. Mariatato came back with a back suplex for two. Maritato went for a sunset flip, but Scoot pulled him up and hit a reverse DDT for a two count. Xavier was slowly climbing the ropes, but Scoot crotched him. Scoot went for superplex, but Maritato jumped up on the second rope and pulled him down with a side legsweep. Maritato covered for a two count, while Xavier got on the top rope. Xavier dove at Maritato, who sidestepped him and caught him in a Fujiwara armbar as he came down. Xavier tapped out. The winner is James Maritato.

From what I understand, an interview was filmed backstage between Maritato and Tony Mamaluke where Maritato, who has abandoned his "Little Guido" gimmick for Ring OF Honor, is upset at Mamaluke for sticking with the old FBI gimmick. It will be included with the video release of the show, which you can get from

The next match saw A.J. Styles make his Ring Of Honor debut, as he takes on Low Ki. They started on the mat, with A.J. locking Low Ki in a headscissors. They had a test of strength, which AJ controlled, forcing Low Ki to the mat. Low Ki kicked at Styles leg, and Styles released the fingerlock. They went for it again, and Low Ki fired off a series of kicks to his legs. AJ returned fire, but Low Ki got the better of it, kicking him in the head, then locking in a guillotine choke. Low Ki switched to an armbar, but Styles got out and went into a front facelock. Low Ki reversed out again, and the mat game continued. Styles punched Low Ki on the mat, then the two started trading chops. They backed off after a set of chops, then locked up. Low Ki kicked Styles leg, chopped him, and snapmared him. They traded small packages, then Low Ki hit a kick to Styles face. Low Ki hit a kick to the back of the head, then a chop. Low Ki whipped Styles into the ropes and decked him with a kick to the chest. Styles came back with a stiff lariat for a two count. Styles forearmed him in the back, then went for a vertical suplex, which he changed into a neckbreaker, for a two count. Styles charged into a Low Ki kick, then Low Ki hit a backbreaker and hit an elbowdrop for a two count. Low Ki and Styles traded chops, and Styles scored with an enzugiri that sent Low Ki to the floor. Outside, Styles hit a pair of superkicks, then brought him back in for a two count. Styles hit a jumping vertical suplex for a two count. Styles went for a whip, but Low Ki held his hand and hit a forward roll into a kick. Low Ki then landed a hard spin kick that sent Styles flying through the ropes to the floor. Low Ki chopped Styles on the outside, and set up for a Ki Krusher from the apron to the floor. Styles tried to shove Ki back into the ring, but Ki caught him in a Dragon Sleeper, applied Tarantula style on the ropes. Referee Mike Kehner made him break. Ki set up for a fisherman's buster, but AJ reversed it into a DDT. Styles went for a back suplex, but Ki turned it into a forward roll and into a Dragon Sleeper. AJ reversed out of it, and went for a quebrada. He hit a standing Low Ki, and turned it into a reverse DDT. Low Ki kicked out at two. AJ went for a rana, but Low Ki turned it into a powerbomb, then flipped over into a bridge for a two count. Low Ki unloaded with a series of front kicks to the head of Styles. Low Ki kicked until he almost dropped from exhaustion, then covered for a two count. Styles reversed a whip, but Low Ki caught him in a Tiger Suplex for a two count. Low Ki went for a whip, but Styles turned it into a shortarm clothesline. Styles hit a German suplex, rolled through, then hit a reverse powerbomb for a two count. Styles went for a suplex, Low Ki reversed it and hit a gourdbuster. Low Ki covered for a two count. Low Ki hit some chops, then a handspring into a flying kick in the corner. Low Ki went to the top rope and went for a moonsault into a 450 splash, but Styles got the knees up. Styles then went for a crucifix powerbomb, turning it into a brainbuster on the way down. Low Ki kicked out at two, and the crowd went into a standing ovation. Styles went for a twisting somersault splash, but Low Ki moved out of the way. Ki and Styles exchanged punches and chops on their knees, until Low Ki decked Styles with a kick. Low Ki went for the Ki Krusher, but Styles blocked it, and went for the cucifix powerbomb again, but Low Ki reversed it again, rolling Styles into a small package for the pin. Low Ki is the winner in a fantastic match. The two received a standing ovation after the match, and shook hands (which Ring Of Honor has all competitors do after every match).

After intermission, the next match saw the new team of Dunn & Marcos taking on H.C. Loc & Tony DeVito. DeVito and Loc attacked right at the bell, pounding their opponents and whipping them together. DeVito gave Dunn an exploder suplex, and Low catapulted Marcos into a DeVito superkick. Marcos attempted a sunset flip on Loc, but Loc held him by the legs and dropped him on his head. Loc lifted Marcos on his shoulders, and DeVito dropkicked him from the top rope. DeVito planted Marcos with a released Northern Lights suplex, then went for a moonsault, but Marcos moved. Dunn tagged in, and hit a top rope dropkick on DeVito, and followed with a hiptoss on Loc. The match broke down into a brawl, with DeVito hitting a uranage on Don, and Low hitting a full nelson slam on Marcos. DeVito hit a running powerbomb into Loc's neckbreaker on Marcos, and got the easy pin. After the match, DeVito and Loc blasted Marcos and Don with a pair of hubcaps.

The next match saw Donavan Morgan of Pro Wrestling Noah taking on "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. They started on the mat, with Morgan applying a side headlock. He switched into a hammerlock, and Daniels reversed into an armbar. Morgan reversed back into a headscissors with an armbar, but Daniels made the ropes. They locked up, with Morgan applying a waistlock, and Daniels taking him down with a armbar. They traded armbars, until Morgan got single leg takedown and went back to the headlock. Daniels tried to escape, but Morgan would not release the hold. When he did, he hit a shoulderblock and went back to the side headlock. Morgan flipped out of a back suplex attempt and went back to the headlock, but Daniels finally broke it with a backdrop driver. Daniels got a two count with a kneedrop. Daniels stayed in control, getting a two count with a legdrop and applying a chinlock. Daniels hit a backdrop and a back suplex for a two count. A series of reversals ended with a DDT by Morgan, after narrowly avoiding a Northern Lights Suplex. Morgan stretched Daniels between the ropes, pulling back on his head. Morgan hit a snap suplex for a two count. Morgan then went back to his headscissors with an armbar. Morgan snapmared Daniels and dropkicked him in the back of the head. Morgan elbowed Daniels in his neck from the floor. A series of hiptoss reversals ended with Daniels hitting a lariat. Daniels peppered him with punches, then hit a dropkick for a two count. Daniels hit some forearms, but Morgan came back with a sunset flip for a two count. They traded two counts on a series of reversals out of the sunset flip, until Morgan grabbed a leglace. Daniels made the ropes to force a break. Morgan hit a suplex for another two count. Morgan hit forearms to the face, then a back elbow for a two count. Daniels caught Morgan with forearms, then hit a German suplex for a two count. Daniels hit a pair of rights, then when Morgan went to duck a third, Daniels hit a reverse bulldog for a two count. Daniels hit a legsweep, then went to the top for a moonsault for a two count. Daniels placed Morgan in the corner and hit him with a palm blow. Morgan kicked him away, and jumped off the second rope into a DDT for a two count. Morgan hit a back suplex for another two count. Morgan got a flying cradle for a two count, but Daniels rolled through into a Crippler Crossface. Morgan made the ropes. The two exchanged cradles for two counts, then Morgan hit a forearm and lariat for a two count. Daniels came back and went for Last Rites, but Morgan reversed into a neckbreaer for a two count. Morgan then went for a cradle suplex, turned it into a rolling neckbreaker (his own version of Last Rites?) and got the pin. Donovan Morgan is the winner. After the match, Daniels got on the mic and congratulated Morgan for beating him, but refused to shake his hands, saying the "code of honor" was a farce. He did say that if Morgan needed anyone to help him against the likes of Low Ki, American Dragon, and others in the future, he would be there for him though.

The Texas Wrestling Academy "Heartbreak Challenge" was next, in which five students of the Academy face off gauntlet style in four matches.

John Hope vs. Paul London started the series. Hope took London down with a waistlock, and bridged for a two count. London reversed into a headscissors, but London got out and grabbed a side headlock. London grabbed an armbar, then the two went into motion, running the ropes and leapfrogging each other. London got a rollup for a two count. Hope hit a pair of rights, then a series of knees in the corner. London flipped out of a backbreaker attempt and hit a series of armdrags. Hope went for a monkeyflip, but London landed on his feet. London sent Hope to the floor, then dove off the top rope into a somersault senton on the standing Hope. In the ring Hope caught a London kick and flipped him, with London landing gut first on the top rope. Hope hit an overhead belly to belly suplex, slipped going over the top rope to the apron, then hit an awkward slingshot somersault splash for a two count. Hope hit a powerslam for a two count. Hope dropkicked London in the back, then hit a back suplex for a two count. Hope went for a superplex, but London shoved him off and hit a shooting star press for the pin. John Hope is eliminated. The fans chanted "Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye" at him as he left.

Michael Shane was next out. London grabbed a side headlock on Shane early, and went for a powerbomb, but Shane turned it into a facebuster for a two count. London missed a spinkick, and Shane hit him in the face with a jumping kick for a two count. London came back with a rana and a backflip dropkick for a two count. London hit a Northern Lights suplex on Shane for a two count. London rolled up Shane for another two, but missed a lariat and Shane hit a cross bodyblock for a two count. Shane applied a leglace, and yanked back on it, similar to a Texas Cloverleaf, but with the person applying it lying on the mat. London flipped out of a suplex attempt, and hit a facebuster on Shane. London went to the top rope, but missed the shooting star press. Shane hit a top rope elbowdrop and got the pin. Paul London is eliminated. The fans applauded for London as he left.

Spanky was next out. Spanky and Shane refused to release their grips on the pre-match handshake, and soon the two were exchanging slaps and chops. Shane whipped Spanky to the ropes and Spanky slid to the floor for a breather. Spanky shoulderblocked Shane on his way in, then went for a top rope bodypress, but Shane dropkicked him. Shane hit a backbreaker and a lariat, but when he went to the top rope, Spanky crotched him. Shane fell to the floor, and Spanky went after him and whipped him into the rails. Back in the ring, Spanky hit running kick to the face of Shane, who was busted open. Shane came back with punches and clotheslined Spanky to the floor. Shane rammed Spanky into the rails, then back into the ring. Shane charged Spanky, and he pulled down the top rope so Shane would go flying over it to the floor. Spanky pounded Shane on the floor, then rolled him into the ring for a two count. Spanky hit a snap suplex for two count. Spanky hit a series of knees to the head, then sent him reeling with a forearm. Spanky charged into a Shane forearm, then Shane hit a somersault senton off the second rope for a two count. Spanky came back with punches, as shane shouted at him for more. Spanky delivered a series of punches, but Shane came back with a forearm and lariat. Shane backdropped Spanky over the top rope, but as Spanky held on and went to skin the cat, Shane dropkicked him in the face. Shane hit a tope on Spanky, but back in the ring, Spanky managed a second rope stunner for a two count. Spanky went for a superplex, but Shane fought him off, shoved him to the mat, but apparently was too weak to keep his balance on the top rope and tumbled into the ring. Spanky went for a stunner off the ropes, but Shane blocked it and hit a superkick for a two count. A series of reversals ended with Spanky hitting his walking the ropes flip into a reverse DDT (sort of like an Acid Drop, but flipping over the opponent into a DDT) for the pin. Michael Shane is eliminated.

American Dragon was out next. It ends with Spanky vs. Dragon. They locked up and reversed front facelocks and side headlocks on the mat. Spanky went for a headscissors, and Dragon went into a headstand, but Spanky drive him head first into the mat. Dragon escaped and got a Texas Cloverleaf, but Spanky made the ropes. They had a test of strength, with Spanky forcing Dragon down, but Dragon turned it into an armdrag and applied a side headlock. Spanky grabbed a side headlock, but Dragon turned it into a headscissors. Spanky grabbed a front facelock. They broke on the ropes, and Dragon hit a chop, followed by a shoulderblock. Dragon slammed Spanky, then hit a pair of elbowdrops for a two count. Spanky clotheslined Dragon over the ropes throat first. Spanky went for a slingshot, got caught in the ropes, and Dragon kicked him in the head. Dragon charged Spanky, and Spanky sent him over the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring, Spanky hit a slingshot into a forearm across the back of the head. Dragon responded with forearms and chops, then got a sunsetflip for a two count. Spanky got out, and grabbed a headlock, but Dragon flipped Spanky across the ring with a beel throw. Dragon hit an enzugiri, and when Spanky went to the top rope, he jumped right into a Dragon forearm. Dragon hit a chop, and a back suplex, and got a two count. Dragon hit some chops, but ran into a boot. Dragon blocked a tornado DDT, but Spanky hit a dropkick for a two count. Dragon tried for a rollup, but Spanky turned and dropped a knee into his ribs. Spanky hit a snap suplex for a two count. Dragon tried for a Dragon suplex, couldn't get it, so he switched to a German suplex and hit that instead. Spanky kicked out at two. Dragon hit two forearms, had a rolling elbow blocked, but hit a kick to the head for two. Dragon hit a powerbomb for two. Spanky reversed an armbar into the move he used to finish off Shane, but only got a two count. Spanky ran into a boot, and Dragon hit the roaring elbow, then a Dragon suplex, but Spanky got his foot on the ropes at two. Dragon went for a back superplex, but Spanky flipped over him into a top rope reverse DDT, and got the pin.

Spanky wins the gauntlet. After the match, Spanky got on the mic and yelled at Dragon to shake his hand. He said this was only the first step on his road to the Ring Of Honor championship. He asked Dragon if he had anything to say to the "showstopper". Dragon said that this was the first time on a major show that Spanky ever beat him. Chris Daniels walked out to ringside as Dragon said he, like Spanky, was going to enter the ROH title tournament. Daniels told them that they were talking about something that did not concern them. Daniels said he did not have to nominate himself, because he will be in the tournament, and will win it. Scoot Andrews then came out, and took the mic, and announced that since they were all in the tournament, he would put his name in as well. Daniels grabbed the mic back from Scoot and blasted him for taking the mic from him. Scoot said they could wrestle in the first round then. As Daniels responded, Xavier came out, and he took the mic, and threw his name into the tournament. Jay Briscoe was out next, and announced he was going into the tournament. Prince Nana was out next, and he ripped on everyone, including the crowd, saying he should be in the title tournament, it was him. Low Ki came out, and Nana was annoyed that Low Ki came out while he was talking. Nana slapped Low Ki, and Low Ki decked him. Prince Nana headed to the back, as Low Ki addressed each of the wrestlers in the ring, putting over their abilities (although when it came to Spanky, he just shook his head). Low Ki got to Daniels last, and talked about his lack of honor, and told him that he would not be the champion. Daniels and Low Ki exchanged insults, and Daniels left. Low Ki talked about the title tournament, which will begin on June 22nd, and told the remaining wrestlers in the ring to be ready.

Time for the main event, as the SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo) take on The Amazing Red and WWF Intercontinental Champion Eddie Guerrero. Huge ovation for Guerrero as he came out to the ring, wearing the Intercontinental Title belt. Guerrero started the match with Joel. Red wanted to start though, so Eddie tagged him in. They locked up, and Joel backed him into a corner. Joel hit a shoulderblock, but Red came back with a rana and a dropkick. Eddie tossed Red at Joel, who took him down with a headscissors. Eddie then cleaned house on the SAT. When order was restored, Eddie went to work on Jose's arm, but Jose grabbed a leg, only to have Eddie reverse on the mat by grabbing his leg. They went for a test of strength, then Jose hit a shoulderblock and a rana for a one count. Jose went for a backdrop, but Eddie took his legs out from under him and put him in a Texas Cloverleaf. Jose made the ropes for the break. Eddie hit a back suplex, then a slingshot splash for a two count. Eddie applied a chinlock, but Jose escaped and hit a dropkick. Joel tagged in and they hit a double drop toe hold on Eddie, then Jose put him in a surfboard while Joel pulled back on his chin. Joel then dropkicked him while he was still in the surfboard for a two count. Joel applied a chinlock on Guerrero, but Eddie battled up, only to get caught in a German suplex for a two count. Joel then hit a Northern Lights for a two count. Joel went to the top rope, but Eddie met him there and hit a top rope superplex. Eddie made the tag to Red, who came in and hit a standing moonsault on Jose for a two count after taking him down with a spinkick. Red went for a rana, but Jose planted him with a powerbomb. Joel tagged back in and pounded Red, then hit a vertical suplex for a two count. Jose came in, snapmared Red and dropkicked him in the face for a two count. Jose hit a spinebuster for a two count on Red. Red flipped over a Joel backdrop, but got caught by a superkick. The SAT continued to work over Red, with Jose putting Red in a Boston Crab, and Joel hitting a slingshot legdrop across the back of his head. Red hit a spinkick on Jose as he came off the second rope at him, and tagged Guerrero. Eddie went to town on Joel, but missed a charge in the corner. Eddie took back over with a knee to the gut, and hit a brainbuster. Eddie went for a crucifix powerbomb, but Joel turned it into a rana for two. Joel got another victory roll for two, but Eddie hit a lariat and went to the top. Jose went and stopped him. They went for the Spanish Fly, but Red broke it up. Eddie tossed Red into Joel, who was still on the ropes, and he took him down with a rana. Red then hit a dive from the ring on Jose. In the ring, Eddie set for the Frog Splash, but Joel moved as he dove, so Eddie went into a somersault, got to his feet, and grabbed Joel in a crucifix powerbomb for the win.

The fans chanted "Thank You Eddie" and the SAT took the mic and told Eddie how they respected them. Brian XL came to the ring and complained that the SAT got to step in the ring with Eddie, when he deserved to be in the ring with him. Eddie took the mic and asked if he was "Little Bow Wow". He said the SAT got the match because they asked for it, and earned it. He said Brian XL could have a match right now. XL slugged Guerrero, but Eddie returned fire, hitting him with rights, powerbombing him, then hitting a brainbuster. Eddie went to the top rope and hit the Frog Splash to a huge pop, and a pinfall was counted. The fans chanted "We Will Miss You" at Eddie, and he said he would miss them. He said all characters aside, this was very personal for him. He said he has been fighting a lot of demons in his life, and that people have been hearing about it on the internet. He said he officially lost his family in court this week. He said through his problems, he had a new relationship with God. He said he his kids will always be his kids, he will always have his brothers and sisters, but this was his other family, the wrestlers in the locker rooms and the fans. He said that when he first came to the U.S., he wrestled in Philadelphia, and that Philly would always be home to him. He said the fans were always there for him, and that he was grateful for another opportunity to entertain them. Eddie said he wanted to thank Rob Feinstein, saying that when he was fired from the WWF, Rob helped him get booked on shows. The fans chanted "Eddie" to end the show.

ROH Night of Appreciation for Eddie Guerrero can be ordered at

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