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By Mike Johnson on 2004-12-21 11:00:00


by Mike Johnson

Ring Of Honor ran in Wakefield, MA at the Americal Civic Center on 11/16, drawing a reported 500 fans for their sophmore effort in the market. Full results of the show saw:

*Mark Briscoe and Dream Partner Christopher Daniels defeated Jay Briscoe and Dream Partner The Amazing Red. Daniels announced before the bout that Mark had joined his heel faction The Prophecy. Daniels scored the pin on Red with The Last Rites.

*Alexis Laree pinned the Christopher Street Connection's Mase in a mixed match.

*ROH champion Xavier pinned Jeremy Lopez in a non-title bout. This was said to have been a solid wrestling match.

*Da Hit Squad defeated Tony Mamaluke and Matt Thompson. Thompson is a Texas Wrestling Academy (TWA) trainee. The storyline was that Mamaluke gave him a tryout as his partner. Mafia pinned Thompson with the death valley driver.

*In a ten man tag team match, The Amazing Red, The Maximos, Chris Divine and Quiet Storm defeated Special K of Joey Matthews, Izzy, Slim J (NWA Wildside), Deranged (NY and NJ indies) and Angel Dust (Azrael on NY indies). This was said to have been an amazing aerial bout. J was knocked out during the bout and was taken to the hospital. He was told he did not have a concussion, was released and is OK.

*Samoa Joe defeated The Ring Crew Express (Dunn and Marcos).

*Paul London and Rudy Boy Gonzalez defeated Michael Shane and Bio-Hazard in a Street Fight. This was the blowoff of the Shane vs. London feud.

*The Carnage Crew of HC Loc, Tony Devito and Masuda (TW trainee) defeated Fast Eddie (TWA), Don Juan (TWA), and Alex Arion (NECW)

*Homicide defeated Samoa Joe in what was described as a hard hitting bout.

*AJ Styles pinned Christopher Daniels to retain the #1 contenders trophy and earn a championship match against ROH champ Xavier at the promotion's 12/7 debut in Hamburg, PA. The Prophecy attacked Styles, who was rescued by Jay Briscoe, The SATs, and Amazing Red. They shot an angle backstage where Styles asked Alexis Laree to be in his corner on 12/7 (to offset Prophecy valet Simply Luscious) which led to Th Prophecy laying them out in the back.

*In a 30 Minute Iron Man Match, American Dragon Bryan Danielson defeated Doug Williams by scoring the only fall in the bout. The promotion is planning a Best of Three Falls rematch.

Notes: Despite drawing 500 fans on two consecutive occasions, the promotion will not be returning to the Americal Civic Center. The local township has banned pro wrestling events from the building, stemming from issues with a Billy Graham benefit show that was run in the venue. There were no problems with ROH and the building, but it was over the management's hands as it's a township issue. ROH plans to return to the market when they can secure a new venue....The promotion debuts in Hamburg, PA at the Fieldhouse on 12/7 with Abdullah the Butcher & Homicide vs. The Carnage Crew and ROH champion Xavier vs. AJ Styles.

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