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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-06 19:48:05

Alex Reynolds vs. Tony Nese with Mikey Whipwreck as the special referee.

They did some nice back and forth wrestling early on.  Reynolds shoulderblocked Nese down but Nese came back with a spinkick.  Nese wanted to come off the top but Reynolds rolled out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Reynolds cut off Nese and worked him over, yelling at Whipwreck as he did. Nese went into this awesome series of offensive maneuvers and hit a great tope to the floor.  The place erupted and went nuts.  They chanted, "This is awesome" and "HOH."

Nese tossed Reynolds in and went for a double springboard moonsault but Reynolds pulled his knees up.  He tossed Nese rudely to the floor and worked him over, then brought him back in for a two count.  Reynolds hit a hangman's neckbreaker for another two count.

Reynolds went for a roll up off the ropes but Nese held on.  Nese still caught him with a kick for a two count.    They continued back and forth with some great wrestling.  Nese hit an awesome back suplex with a bridge for a two count.

Nese began drilling Reynolds with a series of kicks to the chest.  Nese powerbombed Reynolds into the corner and hit a big boot for another two count.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome" and they were right.

Nese missed a 450 splash.  Reynolds drilled him with a forearm and nailed a lungblower to the chest for another two count.   Nese was worked over but nailed a reverse rana and then drilled him with a flying knee to the face.  Nese went to the top but Reynolds crotched him.

Reynolds had words with Whipwreck who finally nailed him with the Whippersnapper.  Nese hit the 450 splash and scored the pin.

Your winner, Tony Nese!

Excellent match and since the majority of the audience didn't know who these guys were, it really was a "star is born" moment.

Scott Steiner came to the ring for a promo.  He said that he wanted to know where his freaks were at.  He said that he wanted to thank everyone for following him on Twitter.  He said he's been telling the truth about what p***ies Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are, so now he's in a lawsuit.

Out came Luke Gallows with Eddie Kingston.  Gallows and Steiner began brawling and they rang the bll.

Steiner clotheslined him over the top to the floor and had words with Kingston.  Steiner hiptossed Gallows over the top and back into the ring.  He worked him over with chops in the corner and clotheslined him down for a two count.  Steiner did push-ups to mock him.

They battled to the floor and around ringside.  Gallows was whipped into the guard rail.  Steiner nailed him over the head with a hard plastic chair (not a bendable one) and grabbed a cane from a fan at ringside and nailed Gallows with it.  He then nailed him with the ring bell and rang it on his head.

They continued brawling around ringside until Steiner tossed him back into the ring.   Steiner's leg was grabbed by Kingston, allowing Gallows to worked over Steiner with punches and choked him against the ropes.   Gallows nailed a guillotine legdrop off the apron on Steiner, who's neck was exposed.

Galllows worked over Sreiner on the floor.  He returned the receipt, nailing Steiner with the chair.  Rick Steiner came out and checked on Scott.  He chased Kingston around the ring.

Back inside the ring, Gallows continued to work over Scott and nailed a sideslam for a two count.  He dropped an elbow but Scott rolled out of the way.  Steiner mounted a comeback with a series of rights and clotheslines.  He smashed Gallows into the buckles.  Gallows reversed a whip but was kicked off and nailed with a belly to belly suplex.

Gallows drilled Steiner with an elbow as he charged and came off the ropes.  Steiner caught him and nailed an overhead belly to belly suplex.  Gallows caught him with a DDT for a two count.

Steiner went for a suplex off the ropes but Kingston nailed him.  Gallows came off the top with a big elbow for a two count.  Rick chased Kingston into the ring and the Steiner hit stereo Steinerlines.  Scott pinned Gallows and celebrated with his brother.

Your winner, Scott Steiner!

Entertaining brawl.  Funny to see Scott rip on Hogan and Bischoff while he's being sued.  He really has no fear.  Really entertaining with everyone doing their job well.  Kingston was a hell of a corner man.

MasterLock Challenge

Chris Mordetsky took the mic and ripped out on Poughkeepsie.  He knocked a bunch of fans and picked someone, an African-American fan named "Adam" for the Challenge.  Mordestsky made a lot of comments about the "Hood."

The crowd began chanting "Bullsh**" over the guy picked.  Masters put it on and wouldn't let go.  Hale Collins, who is a local star from the area, came to the ring and said he wanted to take the challenge.  Collins got a nice reaction.

Masters locked him in the hold and Collins fought hard to get out.  The crowd got really behind their local hero.  Collins almost broke it so Masters blasted him from behind and stomped the hell out of him.

They started wrestling and went back and forth.  Masters nailed a side slam for a two count.  Masters picked him up a delayed vertical suplex.  Master blasted Collins in the back and worked him over with a backbreaker.

Collins mounted a comeback with a series of kicks and an enziguiri and a Famouser for a two count.  Masters drilled him into the turnbuckles back-first.  Collins fired back and went to the top but a masked man came out and shoved him off the top.  Masters hit a spinebuster for the pin.

Your winner, Chris Mordestsky!

Good match, although they probably went a little long and lost the crowd towards the end.  Collins was really over as the local guy and they had some good exchanged.  The masked man was likely Vik Delicious who is "banned" from wrestling in Poughkeepsie after losing a stipulation match for NEW, which ran here last year.

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