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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-15 19:57:57
King of Trios Quarter-Finals: Team ROH - The Young Bucks & Mike Bennett (with Maria Kanellis) vs. Team Extreme - Jn & 2 Cold Scorpio & Tommy Dreamer

Team ROH blew off a handshake.  The crowd chanted "Kill the Young Bucks."  Lynn started off with Nick Jackson.   They went back and forth trading holds and reversals.  Lynn grabbed a side headlock but was shot into the ropes.  He dropped down and was caught with an inverted atomic drop.

Scorpio and Matt tagged in and went back and forth.   Matt nailed some chops but they weren't effective.  Scorp nailed some great dropkicks and an awesome dropkick taking out the Bucks.  He teased a dive and danced instead.  The crowd loved it.

Matt returned to the ring and locked up with Scorpio.  He used a head scissors takedown and a series of armdrags to gain control.   Dreamer and Bennett finally tagged in and faced off.  They locked up and Bennett grabbed an armbar.  Dreamer reversed it and worked him over but was reversed again and snapped down.  They continued into a nice series of reversals until Dreamer locked on an armbar.

Dreamer nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.  Nick Jackson tagged in and nailed a bodypress.  Dreamer caught him and nailed a Fall Away Slam.  Matt Jackson hit the ring and went for a kick but was caught and nailed.  Nick attacked Dreamer and the Bucks nailed a double dropkick and backdrop.  

Lynn hit the ring for the save and drilled Matt.  He nailed a rana off the top into the ring for a two count, then nailed a wheelbarrow into a facebuster for a two count.   Lynn was maneuvered into the corner and triple-teamed by Team ROH.

Bennett and Scorpio tagged in and they went back and forth.  Bennett dared him to fight.  Scorpio tried to work over an arm but was nailed.   Team ROH triple teamed Scorpio, tagging in and out.  They worked him over for some time.

Dreamer finally made the hot tag and cleaned house, knocking down the Bucks and drilling Bennett into the buckles.  Dreamer nailed a spinebuster for a two count.  He went to tie Bennett to the tree of woe but was overwhelmed.  He backdropped Matt and nailed a stunner and neckbreaker on the others in stereo.  Dreamer hit a top rope splash for a two count.

He and Bennett battled back and forth.  Bennett went to the top but was nailed.  Maria got on the apron, distracting Dreamer, allowing Bennett to nail him.  Scorpio and Lynn battled in the corner with Team ROH, setting up a Tower of Doom spot.  Dreamer was recovering and was laid out in the melee. Some fans chanted for ROH while the rest of the venue booed that.

Lynn nailed a dive to the floor on Bennett.  He then held Bennett for Scorp to nail a dive.  The Bucks kicked them and nailed a dive.  Dreamer went to the top and dove into the pile below.  That got an ECW chant.

Back in the ring, Scorp and Lynn worked over Bennett.  The Bucks took control on Scorp with a series of double team moves including a running powerbomb into the corner for a two count.  Bennett grabbed Lynn and they laid him out.  They went after Dreamer and he pulled out a remote and hit pause, a play off a funny spot ECW did last night.  They froze and he walked around them as if they were frozen, then hit play.  They charged for superkicks but he was nowhere to be found.  They turned around and ducked his clothesline then superkicked him and nailed More Bang For Your Buck for the pin.

Your winners, Team ROH!

Really good hard hitting back and forth match.

The ECW team received a standing ovation on the way out.


Grand Champion of CHIKARA Eddie Kingston vs. Tadasuke

Nice reaction for Kingston.     They locked up and went into a test of strength.   Kingston was forced down to the mat and worked his way back  Tadasuke worked over his arm but Kingston reversed.  

Tadasuke worked over Kingston's back and arms, trying to surfboard him but Kingston reversed.  It was a big struggle between powerhouses early.    They went back and forth until Kingston gained control.

Kingston locked on a rear chinlock, forcing Tadasuke to make to the ropes to break.   They faced off again and locked up.  Kingston grabbed a side headlock.  Tadasuke tried to force him off but Kingston held on.  Kingston was sent into the ropes but rolled through with a big shoulderblock.

Kingston and Tadasuke began exchanging chops back and forth in the ring.   Kingston applied a dragon sleeper.  Tadasuke went to the floor to escape and Kingston hit a dive through the ropes to the floor. 

Kingston drilled him with a stiff headblock.  They battled back to the ring and then onto the ramp.  Tadasuke drilled Kingston with a big clothesline and began hammering the back of his neck.   He drilled the champ with a series of chops.

Tadasuke drilled Kingston with a series of knees and stiff shots, then choked him against the ropes.  Kingston fired back with a hard chop and several headbutts but was cut off.  Tadasuke dropped a legdrop for a two count and locked in a side chinlock.

Tadasuke continues to beat down Kingston, but he fired back with some stiff as hell shots and chops.  They battered each other back and forth with some crazy forearms shots.  Tadasuke laid waste to Kingston who came out of nowhere with a crazy lariat for a two count

Kingston went for the running backfist but was blocked and drilled with a lariat for a two count.    They just killed each other with these massively stiff shots for two counts.

The crowd is chanting.  "This is wrestling."  "You don't say?"

Tadasuke nailed a F5 for a two count.  He went for a Torture Rack but Kingston slipped out and nailed a spinning backfirst.  He nailed a pair of backdrop drivers for the pin.

Your winner and still Grand Champion of CHIKARA, Eddie Kingston!

Tim Donst came out and cut a promo and said that ever since he lost his hair to Hallowicked, he's been miserable.  He thought he didn't deserve to be happy but then he saw Kingston laying there bruised and beaten, and no a smile is on his face.  He said that Kingston is everything that is wrong about pro wrestling.   He said the carnies, the backstabbers and the politicians rise to the top and not him like people.  He said Kingston is a violent monster.  Kingston went to nail him but Donst laid him out and said that he made Donst do that.  He said that karma doesn't exist but Tim Donst does.

Donst left.  Kingston began to recover as the announcers tried to sign off.  Kingston told everyone to shut up.  He then apologized and said he was sorry and asked for a mic. 

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