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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-15 19:57:57
Osaka Pro's Ebessan & Takoyakida vs. Green Ant & Fire Ant 

Ebessan and Green Ant started out and went back and forth.    There was some comedy early.  The Colony controlled early, sending Osaka Pro to the floor to regroup.

They battled back and forth with lots of nice multi-man spots and comedy bits.  The Ants nailed some nice dives and hit some double team spots.  The Colony actually whipped the referee into onto of the Osaka Pro talents and ended up hitting a flying head scissors.

Ebessan finally sprayed hairspray in the eyes of Green Ant, leading to the finish.

Your winners, Osaka Pro!

King of Trios Quarter-Finals: Team Sendai Girls, Sendai Sachiko, Dash Chisako, and Meiko Satomura vs. Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw & Manami Toyota

Quackenush and Satomura kicked off the match with some really good chain wrestling and reversals.  Satomura nearly wiped out Quack with a kick to the head but he ducked in time.  Quack took her to the mat and showed some real aggression against her. Satomura came back with a flurry of kicks, so Quack tagged out.

Jigsaw and Sendai Sachiko went back and forth  She hit a rana off the ropes.  Dash Chisako and Toyota went back and forth.  Dash was dropkicked to the floor.  Toyota hit a dive from the top to the floor.  Quack followed up with a moonsault to the floor on everyone.

Back in the ring, Quack and Toyota double teamed Dash.  Dash came back with a rana into a rollup on Toyota.  Toyota nailed a big German suplex with a bridge for a two count.   Quack tagged in and locked her up in several submissions.  Quack went for a backbreaker but Dash turned it into a armdrag and tagged in Sachiko who nailed a DDT and a flip splash for a two count.

Totoya tagged in and drilled Sachiko with a dropkick and a crazy big boot to the face.  She tried up Dash in the ropes and dropkicked her to the floor.  Toyota nailed another missile dropkick for a two count.    Sendai caught Toyota with an insane DDT for a near fall.

Quack hit the ring but accidentally nailed Jigsaw with a palm strike.  The Sendai Girls triple teamed hm.  Quack was nailed with an insane Pele style kick and pinned.

Your winners, Team Sendai Girls!

Just an excellent match from start to finish.,  So great that it was impossible to keep up  This is one you will want to get the DVD of from

Sugar Dunkerton vs. Tatanka

Tatanka got a monster pop.  They locked up and Tatanka worked over his arm.   They went back and forth.  Icarus came down to ringside.

They continued battling back and forth.   Dunkerton locked on an armbar but Tatanka chopped him to get out of it.  Dunkerston screamed as he staggered around and it was awesome.

Dunkerton came back with a running headbutt and knee to the face.   Dunkerton   Tatanka made a comeback and continued beating Dunkerton.  Tatanka nailed a suplex for a two count.  The crowd chanted "Defense" since Sugar is a throwback basketball gimmick.

Dunkerton worked over Tatanka who made the big Indian War Dance.  Tatanka nailed a series of chops.    Tatanka went to the top and came off with a missile chop.

FIST got involved and tried to interfere but Dunkerton shoved them away.  Tatanka grabbed him in a Samoan drop for the pin.

Your winner, Tatanka!

OK match.  It was a nice showcase for Tatanka.  Dunkerton had some memorable moments.

The crowd chanted, "Please come back."

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