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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-15 19:57:57

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of CHIKARA King of Trios Night Two from Easton, PA!

They announced that the Submission Squad still has not arrived after missing last night.  The crowd popped.

King of Trios Quarter-Final: F.I.S.T. - Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano & Icarus vs. Team JWP  - Commando Bolshoi, Kaori Yoneyama, and Tsubasa Kuragaki

Yoneyama and Taylor were going to start out but Taylor immediately tagged out to Icarus.  Icarus controlled her early with several power spots and slams.  She slipped out of the corner and nailed a big kick before tagging in Bolshoi.  Gargano tagged in as well and they locked up.  He forced her into the corner and let her go, grandstanding.  The crowd chanted for Bolshoi.

Gargano shoved her down and each time she leapt back to her feet.  Bolshoi hit a series of armdrags that sent Gargano scampering to the floor. Kuragaki tagged in as did Taylor.  This time it was Taylor getting sent flying due to her power.

They locked up and again she out muscled him.   FIST began triple-teaming her but she came back to wipe them out with big running clotheslines.   Team JWP began triple teaming F.I.S.T with Kuragaki superplexing her own partners down on FIST from the ropes and then coming off with a big splash.  FIST ran to the floor to regroup as the crowd chanted "JWP."

Back in the ring, Gargano took control on Yoneyama but she quickly fired back with chops before getting cut off with a stiff kick for a two count.   Icarus tagged in and came off with an double axehandle to the back.   He picked her up for a slam and tagged back in Taylor.

Taylor continued working over Yoneyama.  Gargano joined the fray and drilled her with several kicks to the mid-section.   He slammed her down for a two count and held her for Icarus to kick.  Icarus suplexed her over and slammed her down, before laying a knee down on her for a two count.

Icarus took off his shirt and kissed Yoneyama.  This incensed her she leapt up and over during a charge and nailed a German suplex.  The crowd clapped for her to make the hot tag and she did to Bolshoi.  F.I.S.T. charged the ring and JWP met them.

Bolshoi cleared the ring and nailed an awesome Asai moonsault to the outside.  Icarus and Gargano tried to double team Kuragaki but she ran through a double clothesline attempt and drilled them, then suplexed both for a two count.    Yoneyama nailed a running sliced bread #2 off the ropes for a near fall.  Bolshoi locked an Octopus on Taylor for a near submission.

Everyone went into a great series of near falls.  Kuragaki locked Gargano in a Torture Race for a near submission.  Sugar Dunkerton, who was in FIST's corner got involved and was shoved into Yoneyama, knocking her down.  Taylor locked her in a Boston Crab and she submitted.

Your winners, FIST!

Really good opening match as everyone worked their rear ends off.  The crowd gave JWP a standing ovation after the match.

Mister Touchdown with Veronica vs.  1-2-3 Kid

Touchdown does a football gimmick obviously.  Kid is Shawn Waltman, obviously.

Touchdown mocked Kid early but ended up eating a series of karate chops.  The crowd was really into Kid early.  Touchdown did a lot of stalling early.  Kid grabbed Touchdown in a side headlock.  He was sent into the ropes asnd reversed a hiptoss into one of his own.  Kid sent Touchdown into the corner but missed a Bronco Buster.  That allowed Touchdown to take control and garner several near falls.

Touchdown grabbed a front facelock but Kid fought his way out and drilled him in the mush with a roundhouse kick.  Kid tossed him to the floor and nailed a slingshot pescado to the outside.  Kid brought him back into the ring and peppered him with punches.

As Kid nailed punches, Touchdown lowblowed him in the groin and covered him for the pin.

Your winner, Mr. Touchdown!

The match was decent.   The booking here was actually really smart as Touchdown gets the win over a name via nefarious means while also working with a veteran who he can learn from.

Waltman took the mic after and said that he wanted to apologize because he didn't feel like he gave everyone their money's worth tonight and fell for such a dirty trick.  He asked everyone to return so he can do his best tomorrow.

King of Trios Quarter-Final: The Batiri (Obariyon, Kodama, and Kobald) vs.  The Spectral Envoy (Ultramantis Black, Hallowicked, and Frightmare)

They started out hard with lots of fast paced Lucha spots.  Lots of chanting for Ultramantis early.   Mantis nailed a series of Lucha armdrags followed by a flip off the apron on one of the Batiri.

Hallowicked and another battled back and forth with punches and chops until Wicked nailed a running knee in the corner.  The Batiri soon overcame him with a series of double and triple team maneuvers.  Wicked tried to battle his way out of the corner but was unable to and brought to the mat with a side chinlock. 

The Batiri continued to maul him while mocking and tricking the Envoy to try and get into the ring to help.  Wicked finally broke free and tagged in Ultramantis Black.  He cleaned house on the Batiri and nailed a nice monkey flip out of the corner on one of the them, then swept the other's leg, forcing him into dropkicking his partner.

It broke down into a brawl with everyone battling.  Frightmare was knocked off the ropes to the entrance ramp (they have the old school WCW ramp to the ring).  The Batiri double teamed Hallowicked but he kicked up.  Frightmare and Wicked came back and defeated the Batiri.

Your winners, The Spectral Envoy!

The Batitri laid out the Envoy after the bout.  

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